10 ways to check the compatibility of a guy and a girl - if we come together?

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17 March 2016

huge number of girls dream to find exactly his "prince" and build a happy family life.However, not everything is going well, because she was not sure that her boyfriend fit.There are certain ways to check the compatibility with your partner.If at least half of the signs of our list can be seen in your relationship, you can be sure you will - the perfect couple.

Check Compatibility guy and girl

  • synchronous motion
    Try to carry out the experiment.Reach for a drink - correct hair, scratched her wrist.You thus provoke a partner to repeat your dvizheniya.Esli very nice person to another person, it will be fully or partially repeat his movements. If you notice that your guy really repeats some of your actions, you can be sure - the relationship can last long.
  • relatives
    Acquaintances and friends say that you are very similar , as parents try to find out if they had also a son?Then we can say for sure that you match each other.Nature itself seemed to hint that you're a perfect match.On a subconscious level, people choose
    a partner with those in whom they see the familiar features, as it means that the offspring will be healthy.
  • We
    This pronoun is very important in the relationship between man and woman.If you are communicating with relatives, acquaintances or friends, eat at the same «we", "us", etc ., It may indicate that you have a strong enough relationship and an alliance could end in marriage.
  • Change voice
    If you notice that your voice young man changes when he speaks to you, you can be sure that you fit together. man like adjusts its voice under the partner.The guy is trying to make his voice softer and higher, and all roughness disappear.One gets the feeling that your partner, even a gentle voice.This shows his sympathy for you.
  • Same speech
    How often do you meet people who are using the same turns of phrase, as you do?If your guy refers to such people, you can be sure that your union will be long enough .It is also worth noting that if you like a person, he soon begins to unconsciously repeat your words and phrases.
  • «yawn with me»
    Practice shows that people who are in a pair of very thin feel each other .If you yawn and your guy does not yawn behind you, it is very likely that among you there is nothing serious.If your partner yawned with you, we can safely conclude that a close relationship between you.
  • same tastes
    And it is not the will of the love of a cheese sandwich or a cocoa in the winter evening.It's about what you like same people, their character traits, their appearance.Very often, you start talking about the same man who passed by.He is interested in you as well as you are interested in each other.It speaks about your compatibility with the guy.
  • speculate on the fingers
    Pay attention to your partner's hand.If he short fingers , you can know exactly what a person is inclined to finish his affairs as quickly as possible, and not very patient.If your partner has long fingers , you should know that he was more patient and able to do the job for a long time, which has a large number of parts.
  • Gait
    If you think that your man you lost interest and that it does not suit you, then invite them to walk.If a person is comfortable with you, and he's really in love with you, he will not somewhere in a hurry. He will try to stretch the moments of happiness to the family man, and his gait is slow enough.If the young person is a girl who is indifferent to him, it is likely he will be always somewhere to hurry a bit to overtake his companion.
  • last step
    If you look at the young man, you immediately realize it is suitable for you or not.Look at his face.As facial features, you can tell a lot about a person.For example, the sharpness of features, sharpness - always indicate of severe, and even stubbornness some nastiness.

Check Compatibility guy and girl

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