Love can not use - how do you know a man loves you, or uses?

By Admin | Relations
18 March 2016

Any girl or a woman in a relationship, at least once - but I doubt the sincerity of the feelings of the elect.Sinister man can easily create the impression of love - to pay compliments, look, give gifts, but the "spark" that ignited in his mind, maybe just sexual desire.But love involves deeper feelings: affection, spiritual closeness, tenderness and warmth.

Maybe he was just using me?Such thoughts creep into his head spontaneously.
And really - to understand what feels to you partner is difficult.But - it is still possible.There are few true
symptoms that prompt the nature of his feelings:

    • features of the first - if a man suddenly appears in his life, and just as suddenly disappear.
      At the meeting, he is tender and attentive, but after sex as a substitute for it.It turns into a cold and indifferent person.Or, worse yet, once out, referring to the very important matter.
    • Men love eyes.
      If you catch his rapturous gaze and notice that he is looking for your eyes, and catching looking, no
      t looking up - is love.

Love can not use - how do you know a man loves you, or uses?

    • Symptom third.A loving man takes care of his woman.
      It excites her comfort, convenience.Fixated on themselves and do not love a person thinks only of himself.He did not ask how health and well-loved, what movie she wants to see, where to go.If this man was going to go to the bar - it is, regardless of the desires of others.
    • his words with deeds.
      He says he longs for you - but it does not ring, wants to see - but not coming, swears that he loves - but a good time with friends on the side - all this is a bad sign.Also included are empty promises, false recognition and other "noodles to the ears."
    • Chosen more often in a bad mood in your presence.
      He is irritable, harsh, overly critical.Maybe you're just tired of it.He has served its purpose and you are not interested in him anymore.
      But perhaps it is - just temporary trouble at work, health problems and other everyday difficulties.You need to call the elect to call and find out the reasons for its coldness.
    • Inattention to your problems.
      ¬ęDarling you got sick?- Well, let's get well.I have friends. ""Your beloved grandmother died?- Call is freed. "A loving person will try to support in difficult times and will not leave you alone.
    • Meeting with friends
      If he hides you from the familiar - a bad sign .After all, for a man of his company a lot.No shows - so long it is not going to talk to you.
    • Prolonged courtship
      candy buketny period - is not only a courtship, it is the first manifestation of feelings.If the partner is already on the second date has forgotten about a bunch of cute trinkets, it could be interpreted as lack of attention, or the greed that is even worse.
    • If a man puts you behind the wheel of your own car, it shows high trust you
      After a strong half of humanity are very sensitive to their cars, strangers and access to them is prohibited.
    • Meet the Parents - a very serious step
      If a young person meets with you for a long time, but are not familiar with their parents - so do not believe your relationship is serious enough.

LOVE DO NOT USE - How to understand a man loves YOU OR USE?

But the fact that the man is not calling down the aisle, another is not a sign of dislike. Men often simply afraid to make a serious step, and want to live in a civil marriage - and thus be relatively free.

    • another sign - a friendly chat
      If a guy is in love, he will be kept on the mat, even if in a normal company, he gushes abusive epithets.If the young man simply pleasant to spend time with you, he does not hide his nature and not trying to look better.
    • Each person has their own special places, and the associated strong emotions
      This can be a simple tree in the meadow, under which he, as a child, has launched airplanes or grandmother's old house, where he spent half of his childhood, andcan - the main square in the former city. If a person is in love, he wants to open up fully to your loved one .Trusting him the secrets and mysteries.Love wants to give you a special place.Indifferent even talk about its existence.
    • loving person remembers everything asked
      And even in a few months will be able to recall details of the conversation special.And recall why this is important to you teddy bear, and why you are afraid of snails.
    • By the way, if a man forgets your birthday -
      is a serious offense and a clear sign of dislike and lack of attention to you.
    • man in love does not walk with the girls - even if it is - his childhood friend
      After all, he is so cherish your relationship , that he was afraid of compromising himself unworthy of communication.
    • Love a man who loves his girl, treating her gently
      gave her hand in front of the car, opens the door, not slaps on the shoulder, as the sidekick.

Women often tend to invent man.They confer tucked cavalier nonexistent qualities assigns missing feelings.And then they themselves believe in it and hold on to the painfully unnecessary relationships.
therefore useful time to sober up your mind and look closely at his handpicked successor. Suddenly it turns out that he does not love you, but simply uses?