Pros and cons of the relationship with a divorced man - whether to marry him?

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18 March 2016

His previous marriage - not the best.He has - a divorce and "suitcase" first experience of family life.

Perhaps even painful experience with divorce on a "half a spoon" and "out of sight, out of mind."And like the man he is free - there are no obstacles for a new relationship, but something sucks in his stomach - but is it worth?

content of the article:

  • Pros and cons of divorced men in relationships
  • Why divorced man wants a new relationship?
  • What we must remember meeting with a divorced man

Pros and cons of divorced men

Pros and cons of divorced men in relationships.

rare woman says that divorce in the biography of her man - nothing.At the very least, a bad experience of his family life is viewed with alarm.

After divorced man - is, on the one hand, a lot of positive things, but on the other - a lot of difficulties for the woman who is about to become his new second half ...

Disadvantages relationship with a divorced man:

  • in life luggage divorced man - a whole set of impressions of life with a
    woman.And remember the most (by tradition) bad.That is, tantrums, whims, different characters, "where the money is, Wan?" "I want a new coat" and so forth. And the parallels with the past life of this dilution was a man instantly.In order not to suddenly hear "all you women ..." and not become another "former", we have to carefully choose the words and cautious in his actions.
  • burned once a man reluctant to enter into a new relationship. And if entered - to rush into marriage proposal will not.Relationships can occur for a long time on the stage indolent "and today I'd better come to you."
  • If he was the initiator of the divorce, that will haunt you long thought - "and suddenly, and this to me."
  • If the initiator of the divorce was his wife , that this "sore spot" will be a long time to heal, and your task - to heal it so that even the scars left.Unfortunately, the frequent situation when the new "love" - ​​is only a means to forget the old.Such a relationship, except to a dead end, may lead nowhere.
  • If marriage were children, you have to come to terms with his frequent visits to his former wife, as well as the fact that children will occupy a rather impressive part of his life - always.
  • Divorced man accustomed to a certain way of life and the role of women in it.If the former wife was washing his socks, clasped their bulavochkoy, and you just toss them in the washing machine, it will not help you to compare.And not always in your favor.
  • If you regularly complain to the former and looking for sympathy, but you indulge him and this most generous sympathy paved spoonful, then sooner or later it will start to look for a woman who sees it not namby-pamby with his ex-wife, contagionand macho.

Pros and cons of divorced men

advantages relationship with a divorced man:

  • He knows the value of a serious relationship. He will not take the time, but if the relationship zavyazhutsya, the bundle will be strong.
  • He knows what a woman wants, how to comfort her, what pitfalls you want to crawl, where to put captured socks and clean the cap on the toothpaste.
  • a painful sexual experience. According to statistics, a divorced man for sex - more liberated and "talented" than the first married.
  • He concluded from the first family experience. rare case when a man again comes on the same rake.Therefore, he will make mistakes extremely rare, and you do not give - he was able to "predict" the weather in the house, to tame personal "dragon" in a skirt and treat women angry kisses.

Reasons for divorced man wants a new relationship with a woman.

for divorced men «fresh» relationships can be as a way to "forget» , and all of a sudden had come true love.

Feelings can not be classified, so the second option is not being discussed (so if you love - that love, in excess of the "philosophy" does not make sense).
Pros and cons of divorced men
So why divorced man looking for a new relationship?

  • Finding compassion . Men need moral support "to lick old wounds" and jacket, which can be "porydat."This situation does not paint a man and did not give him a new woman whom 99% are expected to attend an abandoned wife.
  • Finding housing . Sometimes it happens.Ex-wife is gone, and with it - flat, and all that is acquired back-breaking labor.A live somewhere you need.Well, do not shoot well in the end.And if this still free housing and a bonus in the form of a nice woman who will feed, regret and sleep tuck - it's just a "bingo!"
  • man - the usual trimmer. a habit - to live at the expense of women.First, due to my mother, then his wife after divorce - at the expense of that which falls in front of his unearthly charm.Only got to economic, non-greedy, quiet and submissive - that on her neck was comfortable to sit on.
  • Fallen self-. When his wife, packed up, goes into the night, through his teeth something unpleasant and touches the man's feelings, the desire to involuntary self-assertion will pursue a divorced man, until he was convinced to the contrary.With the new woman he realizes that there is still irresistible, devilishly charming, not greedy and "still a-go-go" and not as the former said.
  • banal revenge. In this case, the new woman is unlikely to be a legitimate favorite wife.It will remain one of the pages of life divorced man, which will be ticked - "two or three, and I have been avenged."Moreover, most of the women are new girlfriend ex-wife - if to bite, the more painfully.

What we must remember meeting with a divorced man, and when it is not necessary to marry him?

pops married a divorced man is not worth (although it makes sense to wait and look) if ...

  • His feelings for his ex-wife not cooled.
  • you feel that you use.
  • together tightly quiet (even burned) man you see before you irritable whiner, which from morning to evening complaining to you that he is "all life on it wasted," and awaits your approval and support.

Pros and cons of divorced men
important to remember:

  • Divorced men really hard to go through divorce, unlikely to complain about his new woman.And indeed real men do not discuss their problems and answer uncomfortable questions do not like.
  • Do not hold his hand, if he suddenly open up - «That is because an infection, well, it was necessary to plunge so!".Observe neutrality and be a listener.Talk of his ex-wife for the benefit of your relationship will not go.
  • Do not try to outdo his ex-wife in the culinary and other arts. If he really loved you, not for what you cook soup better than his former.Get him.
  • If a man speaks ill of his former half - is characterized by at least he was not at its best.
  • not jealous man to his past. If love is real, it does not matter what and with whom he had a - this is a closed book.And you - their own, from scratch.
  • Divorced men inwardly always ready to divorce. This psychological "law", which can not escape it.First, a man in advance ready for the problems in the relationship, and secondly, it will not be long to weigh the "pros and cons", if there is the thought of parting (experience already).
  • Do not rush to take on all the problems of your men. This applies to the "psychological assistance to divorced men," and to the material problems.Take the time to hand him the keys to his apartment, to give salary and ... get married.Time will tell - your prince or whether it is simply a divorced man who needs a house, "vest" and nice comforter.
  • Find out the cause of the divorce and note the voluntary and involuntary behavior of men.Divorced men may be eternal, "child", which can not exist without the "mother" - without buns for tea, soup, ironed shirts and soup in a jar with you to work.Or the despot from which the ex-wife just ran off in the middle of the night.

Pros and cons of divorced men
course, all individually - the pros and cons of all the "features" of divorced men, their reactions and feelings.In most cases, divorce men - only one of the stages of his life , which does not affect his relationship with a new woman.

hurry with the "legalization" of relations is not necessary ( time puts everything in places ), and distrust of their half, though divorced - the first step towards separation.

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