Drooping eyelids?

By Admin | Beauty
15 March 2016

Not every girl has the ideal features and perfectly proportioned, but makeup is able to solve even the problem.The correct make-up is able to change the shape of the face, correct shape of the eyes and even change expression.So, how to do makeup for the impending century?

content of the article:

  • General rules for makeup drooping eyelids
  • Day make-up for the impending century
  • evening make-up technique for drooping eyelids

General rules for makeup drooping eyelids

Make-up for the impending centurycapable of performing miracles and even the most obscure faults, but you should know that will help make up only temporarily.Get rid of this lack of good can be only through surgery.

There are basic rules of makeup for drooping eyelids:

  • Eyebrows

Makeup always starts with the eyebrows, so for them should be monitored especially carefully.Eyebrows should not be too thick or dark - it will weight more look, and all the makeup will look sloppy.


  • Light

best to apply makeup

in daylight to avoid too bright colors in make-up, or uneven color distribution.

  • Feather

carefully shaded shade, or too sharp transition of color can make the look rough and dirty.

  • Open Eyes

Makeup try to do with my eyes open as with the eyes closed makeup looks different, and when you open your eyes, you risk to see is not what you expected.

  • Choice shadows

When choosing the shadows, give preference to dry shadows without sparkles: liquid shadows can be rolled into the crease.From creamy pencils and all the glitter and should be abandoned.

  • Arrows

From arrows too long denied.However, small and neat arrows will make the eyes look more open and expressive.

Day make-up for the impending century

Daytime makeup is suitable for shopping or for work.It does not stand out, but allows us to look more open.In this make-up used exclusively light shades, and the emphasis is on openness and ease of sight.

make-up arrow

So, how to do makeup for a phased impending century?We remember!

  • on the entire eyelid, apply a base under the shadow of the shadows to not roll into a crease in the evening.
  • the entire surface, apply the basic shade of the century.This may be a light shade of beige or cream colors, only one condition - they should be opaque.
  • Then the inner corner of your eyes lighten lighter tone, and the water line, move the light pencil.
  • on external eyelid, apply a darker shade of shadow and blend carefully.The dark shade is applied just above the movable century (it helps to mask impending eyelid).
  • Move the pencil line of the upper eyelid (recommendation - do not use eyeliner, clear lines of sight to weight) and silent blend.
  • lower eyelid should also take a dark color, and then connect the line to the outside corner of the century, the transition was smooth.
  • If staining is best to use eyelash lengthening mascara and tweezers for eyelashes - it will help to make the look more open.Lower lashes painted should not be to avoid a heavy look.

evening make-up technique for drooping eyelids

For evening make-up three shades require shade (1 - ivory, 2nd - in between the darker the color and the third, the darkest contrast).All shades have come to your eye color.

So, how to do makeup for the evening impending century?Instructing!

  • Apply on the entire eyelid basis under shadows and carefully blend the edges, so that the transition was not visible.
  • Next on the entire eyelid uniformly apply light shades and blend them under the eyebrow.
  • darker shade, apply only on the mobile eyelid and blend.
  • Then take the darkest color and apply it on the eyelid moving (conducting brush from the middle of the century to outer corner of the eye).Shadows should overlap slightly higher to cover the impending eyelid.
  • same tone paint over the lower eyelid, but try not to overdo it, to avoid the effect of "sleepless nights".
  • Bring a pencil or liner upper lash line.
  • paint the upper lashes 2-3 coats of mascara and tighten up tweezers.This will make the look more expressive and bright.