What results are obtained by mesotherapy for hair?

By Admin | Beauty
16 March 2016

Often a girl's life there are moments when the hair condition is poor, and walking with hair "three feathers" sad and unattractive.In these cases will only hair transplant or some beauty treatments.Mesotherapy for hair - is the latest cosmetic procedure that restores the hair splendor, shine and reduces loss at times.

content of the article:

  • Indications and contraindications
  • Action
  • Stages procedure
  • result

Indications and contraindications for mesotherapy hair

Mesotherapy hair (or rather the scalp) -This procedure is performed by injecting a specific "cocktail", which includes useful for hair follicle ingredients that promote hair growth.So, what have indications and contraindications in this procedure?

Contraindications for mesotherapy hair:

  • menstruation.
  • Pregnancy and lactation.
  • malignant and benign tumors.
  • Chronic vascular disease.
  • Allergy to the individual components of the drug.


Indications for mesotherapy hair:

  • Early graying of hair.
  • Focal hair loss (in some areas of the scalp).
  • To eliminate the effects of the negative impact on the hair (coloring, chemical / perms, extensions, lighting).
  • Splash damage the structure of hair after childbirth or breastfeeding.

Action mesotherapy for hair - drugs

Mesotherapy is divided into two types: allopathic and homeopathic.These types differ in the composition of injectable drugs and their effects.It will also be different and the cost of these procedures.

  • allopathic cocktail

The composition of this "cocktail" includes both chemical and natural ingredients (vitamins, lipolitiki etc.).The choice depends on to shake the problem they want to solve with it.Most often in such cocktail may include hyaluronic acid or oxygen.These components help accelerate the growth of hair and to improve the condition of hair follicles.

  • homeopathic cocktail

homeopathic cocktail helps with slight hair loss, or if you want to give your hair a little volume and shine.Wait fantastic results from this procedure should not be, because the concentration of nutrients in homeopathic cocktail is much lower.However, the severity and duration of action of homeopathic cocktails at more than allopathic.

Stages mesotherapy for hair salon - videos

Many fear this kind of procedure, because they are afraid of injections.However, it is worth noting that the shots that make during mesotherapy, virtually painless, since the scalp a little nerve endings.The procedure itself mesotherapy lasts about one hour.

How is the process itself, and that is provided?

  • first dermatologist in detail to ask you about your health, to prevent the possible consequences of the procedure option.It is also possible to be done allergy test.
  • Then the doctor offers to stay in a special chair.
  • Then I place the injection is treated with alcohol or chlorhexidine.
  • introduce a cocktail, which was tailored specifically for you.For this purpose, disposable syringes with the finest needles (these needles is almost no trace).

result mesotherapy for hair - in the photo before and after


After the first procedure can already see the first results - hair perked up, there was a small amount. What else can we expect results?

  • full course of mesotherapy for restoration of the hair can last 5-10 sessions.Of the number of procedures will be enough to result lasted up to 8 months.
  • stop split tips, the hair will stop falling out, will become silky, shiny and voluminous, and the scalp is not itch.
  • After the procedure, the whole day you can not take a bath, but her head is better not to wash for 2-days.