12 differences from the love of love - how to define love and protect themselves from errors in feelings?

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21 March 2016

At the heart of almost all the songs, films, poems and books is true love.This sense of the poets sing and portray artists of all time.True, true love is often confused with a different sense - with love.

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How to understand - if your feeling now, and how to distinguish it from the passions of love and affection?


What attracts you the most and care about in a person?

  • Love. Typically, in this case, you are most concerned about the physical data partner - reliefs figures, eyes become oblique seven feet at the shoulders, a courageous person, and so forth.


  • Love. you care about the identity of a partner in general.Physical attraction and desire for a man is present, but only in conjunction with the personal characteristics and qualities of a partner.True love - this perception at all levels of human qualities.You care about him a light unshaven, strong back, the way to drink coffee in the morning and to com
    municate with colleagues, pay at the store, and to chip wooden figures on the balcony - all, without exception.


What would attract you in a partner?

  • Love. In this state, the number as a partner, whom you admire, is very limited.Perhaps they are on you and act so that the earth was slipping from under his feet, but these "factors-dizzying" limited winning smile, or walk, for example, the aroma of perfume.


  • Love. True Love - is when you love a man not only "every crack» , birthmark and convexity, and all his qualities and actions of the parties (admiring the good and indulgent bantering not the most positive).Any negative loved one immediately turns into a plus or simply perceived as fact and accepted as is.


Start your novel

  • Love.Feeling flashes instantly - from accidentally thrown glance, hand touch, a short dialogue and even a chance encounter, for example, in the company of friends.Similar to the obsession.Once a match from one crimson smiles partner feeling can quickly extinguished by the wind of change, almost revealed the nature of man.


  • True love. She always comes gradually.In the understanding, awareness and total acceptance of human needs time.You can not fall in love with all my heart the person about whom you know nothing.You can, of course, deceive ourselves - "I love it and all, whatever he may be," but the true love always requires the test of time.


Persistence interest partner

  • Love.In this sense interest to partner the glowing hot flame, then subside for days or even weeks.One reason - love does not differ deeply rooted feelings, it is superficial, and below it there is nothing that would have fueled the permanent interest to the person.


  • True love. It does not subside ever.Not a day goes by (and sometimes even hours), so you do not think about the partner.You always want to see him, to be there to hear the voice.And if love parting transferred quite easily, then truly loving person even parting day - unbearable.


Impact of feelings on your personality

  • Love. primitive passion partner (proven fact) disorganize.It relaxes, reduces the concentration displaces rational thinking.Love is known for the spontaneity of action and romantic flair, for which, in most cases, only the illusion of hiding.


  • True love. genuine deep feeling - a phenomenon creative.Loving man strives for self-improvement, all the time to "turn off the mountains', and the sea goes," wade ", showing the most positive aspects and violently struggling with the negative.


relationship with people around

  • Love."To hell with all of it!Is it only "- if briefly. all fades into the background, friends and parents "do not understand anything in this life," outsiders interfere, things do not matter.Do not you have a sense of control and a feeling of control you.Lost value of all the values ​​that you have lived, you piously believe that you can be everything, because you have a good reason, and besides feeling anything else does not matter.Outcome: friends "break off" and disappear, to spoil relations with parents, problems begin to work.But it later, but while love reigns.


  • True love. course, he loved and mother - the most important in the world.But you will not put it above the parents.You will not leave friends in the backyard of his life.You'll find time for everyone, because in your big heart settled true love, which is more than enough for the whole world.Your love gives you wings to the development of relations with the outside world, and illuminates the way to prospects.


What do they think about your relationship around

  • Love. Most of friends and acquaintances, and relatives (and especially parents) do not approve of your relationship.Blinded by feeling a woman does not want to see even obvious shortcomings and defects, idealizing the object of his passion.From the outside, however, it is always visible.And if every other requests come to their senses, or at least take the time, it makes sense for a moment to stop and cool down - perhaps enlightenment will come to you sooner than disappointment.


  • True love.If feeling really deep, and decisions are taken seriously, carefully and with a sober position, the people around you do not resist and did not try to impose their views.Or they simply approve your choice, or they are clearly aware that your love will only grow stronger, in spite of everything.See also: What if parents are against your relationship?


separation and feelings

  • Love. woman enthusiastic enough 1-3 months to fully "cured" of love.Physiological longing for the partner lasts a maximum of 3 months, after which come the thought of parting, the senselessness of relations and that the blue-eyed hunk in the next office is even nothing.


  • True love. This feeling is not an obstacle nor distance nor time.We truly love each other do not rush to tie the strings, even across thousands of kilometers and years later.They will write to each other SMSes to communicate via Skype, wrote long letters the old fashioned and bored, bored, bored ... waiting for a call at the door.Because true love - is when the partner becomes part of you, and two souls are woven so tightly that there can no longer apart.


feelings and quarrels

  • Love. The more time passes since the dating, the more and more serious quarrels are.Why is that?And because a love - only emptiness.No spiritual connection, no common themes, there is no basis on which to create strong alliances.As a result, after a while it turns out that you do not even what to talk about, and scandals somehow "diversify" relations.See also: How to quarrel - the art of argument with a loved man or husband.


  • True love. deep sense of disagreement - not a hindrance.On the contrary, they reinforce a relationship that was originally built on mutual understanding and compromise.Love - it means to give each other.A quarrel in a strong alliance never affect the relations themselves.So, for example, a husband and wife who have lived side by side for many years, can quarrel to the nines while wallpapering and then sit drinking tea, laughing and making fun of each other.While "love" a girl can "send to hell" his partner just because he bought the bed is not that system.


Your perspective on your relationship

  • Love. two of you - it is individuals."I-it", "my-it" and so forth. In your relationships, in addition to passion, there is almost nothing in common.The words "we" - it's not about you, it is not even in the vocabulary of your relationship.You can easily go on vacation without him, have dinner, without waiting for it to work, or to fly to Italy to her friend when he needs your moral support.


  • True love begins with the word "we." Because you - the two halves of the same whole, and even individually you perceive each other only as "we", "us", "we".You are not inconvenienced spent holidays together, and even work together, you dine, climbing under a blanket in front of the TV, and stir for a cup of sugar until it cuts the sausage sandwich for you.


Selfishness and feelings

  • Love. for the interests of the partner and their passion is self-interest.For example, because we are close to this broad-tanned hero with credit card plump and shiny expensive car - it is prestigious (such new fashion).Or, because "even better this than nothing."Or for a more respectable gentlemen drooling at her, this is no longer available.Etc.Regardless of the option, you will always remain "the girl, which in itself", and any interference with a partner in your personal space perceive as a personal insult.
  • True love knows no greed. You just give yourself wholly to his handpicked successor, throwing open wide the doors of the heart, a house and a fridge.You do not assert themselves at his expense, and just love for what it is.


between earth and heaven

  • Love - the feeling of "earthly», suggesting the most part, earthly pleasures, thoughts and actions.
  • True love is always hovering over the "ground". For her there are no barriers, all the tests are divided in half and double sunrises and intimacy more than all earthly goods.

In this case, we are talking about love, as enthusiasm and passion temporary .Which, of course, has nothing to do with the love that is the beginning of true love.

What do you think about love and love - how to distinguish one from the other?Share your thoughts in the comments below!