10 ways to find a woman's best friend - the instruction to find friends to talk

By Admin | Relations
22 March 2016

best friend at times - it's the only man who can be trusted with the most intimate secrets.After all, the second half did not tell all, mom can largely do not understand his daughter, but the best friend - will understand and support, because it is - the perfect companion, a good counselor, and the most effective psychological help in one person.

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But what if her best friend, nowhere - or, worse, never happened?


What are the reasons for lack of a better friend?

  • Perhaps a person a bad character. girl too cocky, touchy or it just an upstart or grubiyanka.And these qualities scare all potential girlfriends that makes people lonely.


  • She just got used to their surroundings , and does not see the people who want to communicate with her, but hesitated to make the first move.It is necessary to look around, suddenly close already have a soul mate.


  • Often, friends and acquaintances are many , and best friend, with whom you can talk about everything, not just about the weather there.Then you need to get accustomed to their friends, perhaps - potential girlfriend is among them.


  • Perhaps a girl or a woman recently moved to a new city, have not yet managed to acquire acquaintances.Then, with my friends - it is only a matter of time.


What can we do to find a girlfriend?

  • All the fault can be your modesty. you are afraid to speak first, to blurt out something extra, so talk stiffly and told uchavstvuete inactive.You can simply take for snob or uninteresting person.So be more relaxed, sociable and friendly.


  • to find a girlfriend, you need it, at least, to seek, instead of sitting in four walls.Visit the themed evenings, clubs, exhibitions, willingly accept invitations to birthday parties, corporate and other events.


  • If you have trouble with any of a sudden start to chat, then go where nobody knows you. Come into the new society and start life anew.Imagine yourself a popular man who often talks and proceed in the way.
  • To find a soul mate, and not just the person for the empty dialogue, need to build on your interests. Love crafts - look for like-minded people on portals Hand Made prefer Latin dances and jazz - you road to school dances.


  • In our high-tech time comes looking for help online, where can be found on special websites that bring together single people. can simply write and make friends on the Internet, and can be transferred to real life friendships.Psychologists around the world recommend the latter, because the rewriting in ICQ or Skype, the person loses skills of direct communication.It becomes difficult to look into the eyes when talking, he constantly confused and can not find the right words.So do not get carried away with the virtual worlds that creates for us a global network.Live in reality!
  • Bring back old friends. Even before communication marred various misunderstandings, you still have very many - many years of friendship and kind of trouble experienced moments of joy.Maybe your girlfriend can not remember the causes of conflict, but pride would not allow her to call first.Make yourself the first step!
  • not impose new friends. acquainted need as if you just talk, not looking hard candidate girlfriend.
  • selflessly help and communicate just like that. Not everyone will like that with him communicating only for the benefit, whether financial gain or a desire to bask in his popularity.You should not use people need to be friends with them!
  • Little raccoon in the animated film of the same name sang: "Friendship begins with a smile." So smile all the new and old friends.Be welcoming and friendly.
  • Learn to listen. During the first dialogue give the opportunity to speak of his new friend.To better understand if you qualify each other or not, and to show respect to the interlocutor.

In conclusion, I want to say that friends are different.With some need to meet every day, rest and call up frequently to avoid losing spiritual closeness, and other times it can be seen in six months - and still remain close friends.But, in any case, need to appreciate your friends, search for and select them carefully , and finding - to protect and not to lose.