Effective procedures kriolipoliza - indications and contraindications, the result, the price

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18 March 2016

Cryolipolysis - non-invasive procedure, conducted for correction and elimination of fat cells using cold.Its effectiveness is proven medical research.Under the influence of low temperatures, the fat cells die and are absorbed. Krioliposaktsiya does not damage the skin , muscles and internal organs.

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  • Indications and contraindications for kriolipoliza
  • How do cryolipolysis interior
  • effectiveness and results kriolipoliza - Photo
  • Price kriolipoliza procedures in beauty salons
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Indications and contraindications for kriolipoliza - who are prohibited from making cryolipolysis?

Cryolipolysis procedure is conducted in the following areas, where there are fat deposits: the face, the abdomen, waist, back, buttocks, knees.

Indications krioliposaktsii:

  • alimentary and constitutive obesity
    This type of obesity in people who are sedentary.
    They do not like to play sports, or they do not have time for him, and love to eat, especial
    ly high-calorie desserts.From this way of life they are constantly gaining weight.
  • hypothalamic obesity type
    When the hypothalamus is damaged in some patients disrupted nerve center, which is responsible for feeding behavior.These people eat more than you need. extra calories are deposited in the subcutaneous fat.
  • Obesity is a symptom of endocrinological diseases
    This type of obesity is inherent in the people who disrupted the endocrine glands.Since they changed the metabolism, the even when using low-calorie foods, they still gain weight.
  • Obesity with mental illness
    Nutritional balance can be disrupted preparations for the treatment of people with nervous disorders.

Effective procedures kriolipoliza - indications and contraindications, results, PRICE
Contraindications kriolipoliza:

  • Allergic reactions to intolerance of low temperatures.
  • Pregnancy and lactation.
  • Severe damage to the skin - wounds, scars, birthmarks.
  • hernia.
  • Excessive obesity.
  • Violation circulatory problem area.
  • poor blood clotting.
  • Raynaud's syndrome.
  • pacemaker.
  • diabetes.
  • Asthma.

How do cryolipolysis in the cabin - stages of the procedure and apparatus for kriolipoliza

Krioliposaktsiya - a painless procedure.She an outpatient.

There are several stages of the procedure:

  • Preparatory moments
    Before the procedure, the physician must examine the patient
    and determine the presence or absence of contraindications to kriolipoliza.If everything is normal, then the specialist will photograph the original state of the problem area, as well as determine the size, thickness and direction of the fat folds.Then, the doctor will tell the patient as will carry out the procedure and what is the effect of it.If you want to remove greater number of fat cells, the doctor will select the size of a large applicator - 8.0. If on the contrary, want to just try to imagine a miracle procedure, the applicator used a regular-sized 6.0.
  • Start procedure
    on the problem area a special bandage is applied to the thermal gel.Using a special material - propylene glycol - gel penetrates the skin and moisturize.The bandage acts in this case as a uniform heat.It also s aschischaet skin, preventing it from burns and other injuries.
  • Cooling
    important stage kriolipoliza.
    doctor picks up applicator.With it turned on a vacuum that sucks the desired area of ​​skin and then cools it.During the procedure, the doctor constantly monitors the density contact with the skin and the device temperature of the patient's body. you enjoy yourself applicator will not be allowed. During kriolipoliza specialist will apply a negative pressure in the treatment zone.The cold you feel in the first 7-10 minutes. The entire procedure takes about an hour.

Effective procedures kriolipoliza - indications and contraindications, results, PRICE
There are several devices for kriolipoliza and procedure kriolipoliza them different:

  • Italian unit LIPOFREEZE
    When using such a device problem area of ​​skin is heated 5 minutes to 42 degrees, and then onfor one hour cooled to + 22-25 degrees.
  • American machine Zeltiq
    procedure takes place without heating the skin, with only a gradual cooling to 5 degrees below zero, as the fat cells are killed at this temperature.

effectiveness and results kriolipoliza - photos before and after the procedure

  • Cryolipolysis procedure is not harmful. you will not feel pain. During the session, you can easily communicate with the doctor, to watch a movie, read a book.After the first
  • krioliposaktsii you will notice effect - fat can be reduced by 25% in the abdomen, 23% - on the sides of the women, 24% men on the sides.
  • general, experts say that noticeable results appear at 3 weeks after the application of the device, as the fat cells need to exit from the body.
  • stores the results of the procedure carried out for about a year.
  • However, if you exercise, maintain a healthy lifestyle and eat right, then the duration of this period will increase substantially.

Effective procedures kriolipoliza - indications and contraindications, results, PRICE
Effective procedures kriolipoliza - indications and contraindications, results, PRICE
Effective procedures kriolipoliza - indications and contraindications, results, PRICE

Price kriolipoliza procedures in beauty salons

Cryolipolysis - not a cheap pleasure.

  • cost of the procedure using small, normal nozzle is 15-20 thousand rubles.
  • If you apply a large patch, the minimum cost of a session krioliposaktsii - 35 thousand rubles.

Doctors about kriolipoliza - what they think about Cryolipolysis experts?

  • Moysenko Rima, a registered dietitian: adipose tissue in the body plays an important role.Especially for women hormonal function it performs.Interestingly, the rate of body fat - 10 kg. When it is insufficient in girls may have problems conceiving or gestation.And women over 40 fat is necessary to maintain the hormonal levels.
  • Vladimir Boychenko, a doctor, a physiotherapist dietician: Cryolipolysis really helps many patients.The procedure is easily tolerated by most.But you should know that better than the second and subsequent sessions are carried out in a month.Also after kriolipoliza adhere to diet - drink more water, not drink alcohol, do not eat heavy, fatty foods.

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