As revenge beloved mistress scandal and the blood - a guide to action

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22 March 2016

Women who never betrayed his wife, really happy.But what about those who learned about the infidelity of the beloved and has ascertained the existence of a mistress?

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How to avenge her husband

content of the article:

  • How to avenge his mistress loved?
  • methods elegant and beautiful place

How to avenge his mistress loved - that do not need

Naturally, the situation is unpleasant, and themselves have thoughts of revenge the woman who stole your beloved husband.And rightly so, because it's time stop this injustice and impunity !

Get tips as gracefully, without blood and scandals to avenge her husband's mistress.


So revenge opponent, you will not only reset pairs , but show her husband the character , add honey fly in family life.

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main rule - it is not recommended:

  • Do not overdo it with the seating plan , it should be something si
    mple, and at the same time elegant.
  • In no case did not violate the law, and if possible - the rules of decency. you extra unpleasant chores completely useless.Ultimately, you are still educated, self-respecting woman.
  • Do not focus on the mistress , your main goal - not to spoil her life, and to show that your pious, just like you, it is better not to get involved.


  • Once you carry out his plan of revenge, switch on, pay attention .Go to a beauty salon, be sure to buy yourself exactly dress, which had long dreamed of, and that you look simply stunning.Your husband will definitely notice a good change in your appearance and it will intrigue him.Sure, you deserve the best attitude to yourself, and if your better half does not value your dignity, it does not mean that you do not have them.

How to avenge his mistress - methods of graceful and beautiful place

First of all, you need to find, lover knows your face or not .


If she has not seen you, the following methods for you:

  • You have to get to know her, and close fully gain the confidence to become a friend. Sooner or later, she will want to get to know your family, with her husband.And here it is, that awkward moment when the newly formed girlfriend finds out that she broke your family.The most important thing - to be a victim, so it will be a long torment of remorse - if, of course, it has.
  • Learn home address mistress, and write on the front door painted obscenity. When she wipe it or recolor the door, write the same word in a new way.You can go to church and give sectarians contact his girlfriend.After that they will call her and come home and talk about the Bible, the meaning of life and so on.
  • If the mistress of her husband have a car, then the problem is greatly simplified. you need to stock up on valerian and throw her car.Naturally, the smell of all the local cats come running, and start it dirty and scratch.And the roof can be put bread crumbs and birds (pigeons and sparrows) spoil its key cover.In winter you can break an egg on the roof of the car, it instantly freezes and when warmer - peel off the paint together.Developing a plan to take revenge on his mistress, make sure that your revenge was not like antics hurt child.


If the husband has a mistress not only knows about your existence, but you see, you can use one of the following methods:

  • inquire about the opponent, if she had a husband, even ifex. You can flirt with him in front of her .You do not need to start a serious relationship with him, make sure that common friends saw you together.If she has no husband, you can flirt with her boyfriend, ex-boyfriend or brother.And be sure that it touches mistress.
  • Additionally, you can just always gets her eyes , it in any case it will be unpleasant.However, if you are a very sensitive person, then this option should be abandoned, because you are upset more than a mistress.
  • If your spouse - a decent person, then you can permanently on weekends and in the evening to ask him to stay with children. And even better to go on a business trip or vacation, leave his wife and children to the care.
  • If you loved repulsed the one with which you are working on the same job, the best way - is get promoted and become the boss of the rival .What to do next is probably no need to explain, or even better, if you dismiss her pointedly.Or maybe when you grow professionally, you will find someone more worthy than the cheating husband.


So as you can see, you have every opportunity to carry out revenge on her husband's mistress.However, before you get down to business, properly Ponder - whether you need it ?Remember that silly girl are spying on their husbands, and smart - for themselves.

If you want the faithful did not change you, and did not even have the desire to look at other, make plans, how to maintain and strengthen feelings.

Or you went wrong attitude for a long time - it means that time to think about a new relationship!

In this case, do not need to take revenge, just to wish them the best of luck and do finding his happiness .In fact, after her husband's infidelity will be very difficult to start again, to trust him, and you'll be kept up his somewhat suspect.

In any case, do not hesitate - you deserve to be loved and the only one, and not to take a secondary role!

Has your family life like situation?And as you come out of them?Share your stories in the comments below!