8 best Russian manufacturers of cosmetics brands - ranking of the best Russian cosmetics

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18 March 2016

Today, women increasingly began to prefer the Russian cosmetics.At the forefront of shoppers have come care for skin and hair.But cosmetics is still in the shadows. difficult to identify a single Russian company , which would have been a leader in quality.According to the majority of consumers, the best brands of cosmetics on the criterion of "good quality" are the following brands:

    • «Natura Siberica», or Natura Siberika
      company has become a leader on the Russian market of cosmetics among Russian manufacturers,
      and it ranks fifth among foreign.Founded in 1991 the company was godu.Kosmetika this brand differs from others in that it is based on wild plants in Siberia.In addition, means are added organic extracts and components certified ECOCERT large center in France. «Natura Siberica» - the first organic and natural cosmetics, received in Russia and abroad great praise and trust of consumers.It is 95% composed of vegetable ingredients in the manufacture of extracts and oils are not used chemi
      cal treatments, so the makeup does not cause allergii.Na brand today represents 40 care products for face, body, hands and hair. cost of production varies between 130 and 400 rubles.

8 best cosmetics brands Russian producers - ranking of the best Russian cosmetics

    • «Clean Line»
      brand belongs to the largest Russian Cosmetology Concern "Kalina".Plants of this factory produced well-known "triple" cologne back in the 70s.The date of the founding of "clean lines" can be considered in 1998, when opened the first laboratory of herbal medicine.Four years later, it was decided to open the Laboratory Institute, where experts are studying the beneficial properties of plants. this cosmetics line is a leader in popularity. It was developed according to the old Russian recipes.Today used for its creation more than 100 components of herbs grown in ecologically clean regions.Their number is growing significantly.Cosmetics the company is represented by means of skin care face, lips, hair, hands and whole body. addition, herbalists "clean lines" have developed a unique anti-aging program. Cosmetics submitted for girls up to 25 years, women 35, 45, 55 and older. cost of funds is low - from 85 rubles.

    • «Black Pearl»
      cosmetics of the brand among the three most sought-after customers.
      The stores still occasionally a shortage of products.The brand came up with Russia's largest cosmetic concern "Kalina" in 1997.Basically brand has won the trust of consumers due to the full complex for daily care kozhey.Na Today series "Black Pearl" is cosmetics for five age categories: to 25 years, 26-35, 36-45, 46-55 yearsby 56. also produces cosmetics.In its development of the company to attract foreign specialists.Producing cosmetics factories in Italii.A another brand is characterized in that the program has samoomolozheniya skin, help restore natural processes in the body at the cellular level. Price range means "Black Pearl" - 100-250 rubles. Give the same amount for the excellent quality of the products - not sorry.

8 best cosmetics brands Russian producers - ranking of the best Russian cosmetics

    • «Recipes grandmother Agafia" - one of Russia's top brand cosmetics
      It is based on a recipe of the Siberian healer Agafia Ermakova.The line of cosmetics includes plant material, are grown in ecologically clean regions of Siberia and the funds are made Pribaykalya.Kosmeticheskie really natural ingredients, but there are those, which include parabens, silicones and other harmful veschestva.Vsya produced cosmetics checked at the Russian Institute of Medicinal Plants.However, when choosing should carefully read the composition of the product. Line "Recipes grandmother Agafia" includes several series: "Seven Wonders of Honey", "Russian bath" and "kit Agafia."

      cost of funds varies from 30 to 110 rubles.It - low price, which does not affect the quality of cosmetics.

    • «red line" has appeared in the Russian market in 2001
      This series of cosmetics owned «Russian cosmetics» .The founders of the company then had an idea - to create a product of red color, in bottles of the usual classical form, which would symbolize strength, health, energy, and was of high quality.Design is engaged in the director firmy.Za 14 years of cosmetics brand that won the trust of many millions of consumers.Today «red line" is the largest manufacturer of cosmetics for body care. included in due to carefully selected raw materials from European countries, and products produced in its own factory in the city of Odintsovo, Moscow Region. Cosmetics "red lines" are not divided by age, but it is designed for both women and men. about the latter category of consumers cosmetic companies often somehow zabyvayut.Tseny product start 30-60 rubles.

8 best cosmetics brands Russian producers - ranking of the best Russian cosmetics

    • «mylovar»
      This company was founded in 2008.In the four years of existence in the Russian market, it has made great strides.Creed brand: «The main thing - what's inside!» .Cosmetic funds created natural oils, that in ancient times used to treat and rejuvenate.Also added to cosmetics plant extracts of plants and vitaminy.Segodnya "soap-boiler" represents not only the handmade soap, but also care for the body, face, hands and fingernails and feet.In addition, means for taking a bath, candles from soy wax and other aksessuary.Tak as the products are manufactured in Russia, its cost is low - 40 rubles.
    • «Green Mama»
      appeared on the Russian market in 1996.Today «Green Mama» occupies leading positions in cosmetology. Interestingly, the products are developed in Russia and abroad - in France, Japan, Ukraine and even South Africa. Cosmetics company is based on natural raw materials - Siberian grasses, sea buckthorn, plantain and essential oils.Some media content of natural substances is 99%.This indicator can boast not every marka.Na today «Green Mama» is not only consumers 's Skin Care for women but also for children and young people. average cost of cosmetics - 150-250 rubles.

8 best cosmetics brands Russian producers - ranking of the best Russian cosmetics

  • «One hundred recipes for beauty»
    Cosmetic brand operates under the leadership of a major Russian cosmetic concern "Kalina", which was founded in 1942. This brand of cosmetics, like "Clean Line", and "Black Pearl", is based on natural raw materials. brand represents funds created by the popular recipes.Cosmetics designed for a wide range of consumers.It is subdivided face care, body and hair. products suitable for any skin type, this is its advantage.The company also offers handmade soaps and gift cosmetic nabory.Stoimost varies from 30 to 150 rubles.