How to choose a hair dryer - the types of hair dryers and hair dryer secrets right choice

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19 March 2016

Some girls choose hair on the principle - which is smaller, and he'll take it.However, not all are aware that the hair should be suitable for you, otherwise you risk to spoil your hair and not achieve the desired result.There are a lot of nuances when choosing a hair dryer, which should pay particular attention.

How to choose a hair dryer

content of the article:

  • types of hair dryers
  • Selection by material dryer and heater
  • Choosing a hair dryer power
  • How to choose a hair dryer with the right functions

types -Professional hair dryers, household, compact

There are three types of hair dryers - compact, professional and personal. And each of them in his own good and for the girls who need it in the pros data devices.

So, what different data hairdryers, and what is preferable?

  • Professional hair dryer
    This hair is most often used in beauty salons, as well as hairdressers, but today it is very often take girls bereguschie their hair.Professional Hair Dryer is different from the others in that it h
    as more power and it can dry your hair faster.There is also a professional fenam normally attached various tips to help make an interesting styling, straighten your hair or tighten curls.Professional Hair Dryer is suitable for all hair types, and you can be sure that your hair is nothing bad will happen.
  • Household hairdryer
    This model is different from the professional, as it has a completely different parameters.Power household dryer is small enough, and it means that drying will have to spend a lot more time.It is also worth mentioning that household hair dryer heats unevenly, which means that there is a risk of burning hair.Household dryer suitable only for women with healthy hair, which is sometimes necessary to dry the hair.To always use the hair dryer is not suitable.
  • compact hair dryer
    compact hair dryer is suitable for women who are constantly on the move.As well as household hair dryer, compact does not have a high capacity, but it has a retractable handle.This design allows the dryer wear it even in a small handbag.The nozzle of the dryer usually have not, but tips are not required if you are on vacation, and you urgently need to dry your hair.There are also compact dryers with rechargeable batteries.This is very useful if you are traveling to a place where there may not be electricity.

How to choose a hair dryer

Selection by material dryer and heater - what better to choose a hair dryer?

Dryer is to choose not only in appearance, but also on the quality of assembly , as well as on the details that make up this unit.

Housing material and a heater is of great importance in the dryer.

So, it pays to know when choosing a hair dryer?

  • Housing material
    dryer housing must be made of high quality material.Cheap plastic tends to melt from the high temperatures, so after 10 minutes of drying, you can feel quite bad and the acrid smell of burning.
  • metal heater
    metal heater is typically used in low-end models (domestic and compact dryers), and it is heated unevenly.This can lead to that the hair is heated part and it will adversely affect their condition.Hair dryers with metal heating element long enough dried hair.
  • ceramic heater
    This type of heating is commonly used in professional hair dryers, but it can also be found in high-end versions of the budget hair dryers.Ceramic heater differs uniform heating, which means that the hair will not overheat.

How to choose a hair dryer

Choosing a hair dryer power - how to choose the right hair dryer for yourself?

choose hair should also power , because it makes no sense to take a hair dryer with a little power if the hair below the shoulder blades.Many people mistakenly believe that the power of influence on the air temperature, but depends only on the power flow rate of air that comes out of the dryer.

So, how to choose the right hair for it yourself?

  • for girls with fragile , dry hair or short hair should choose an output not exceeding 1200 W, since greater capacity can only damage the structure of hair.Too powerful hair dryer does not give you the desired styling.
  • Thick , long or heavy hair dryer with a suitable output power of 1600 W and above.This power will be enough to provide the hair volume and fluffiness.
  • Universal version . If the dryer is purchased for the whole family, the perfect choice would be the purchase of a hair dryer with adjustable power.This function allows you to use a hair dryer to absolutely all members of the family.

How to choose a hair dryer

How to choose a hair dryer with the right features and attachments - recommendations on choosing a hair dryer

Selection of the device also depends on what results you want to achieve.If you need to dry your hair just , the classic hair tips without you is fine.

However, if you care about the health of their hair styling plan to do and want to give volume to the hair, then need to pay attention to the function and attachment devices.

  • function ionization
    With this function is neutralized by static electricity, which means that the hair will be protected from drying out.Ionization help your hair become smooth, soft and shiny as when the barber shop.
  • The "cold airยป
    Even at home hair dryers can attend this function.It allows you to fix your styling without damaging the heat.
  • replaceable filters
    hair dryer in each there is a filter designed to inside the dryer is not exposed to dust and hair.The cheaper models can not replace such a filter and a hair dryer quickly breaks down.The more expensive models, the filter can be changed, which means that your machine will last longer, and the power of the dryer will not fall over time.
  • diffuser
    diffuser is currently nozzle dryer with through holes that let in air.This nozzle will allow to preserve the hair from overheating and injury, as the flow of air that passes through the diffuser, it becomes softer.
  • active diffuser
    This nozzle is different from the conventional diffuser that incorporates the structure of the moving "fingers" that massage the skin and create volume at the roots directly.
  • hub
    This tip comes with even the most inexpensive hair dryers.It is a cylinder with a flattened end which allows pointwise direct airflow.This tip is very convenient for installation.

how to choose a hair dryer

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