Types of teas and their properties - which tea is the most useful and delicious?

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15 March 2016

Tea - is the most common drink that drink, and adults and children.It is good for the health, rejuvenates and helps to reduce weight.This excellent drink to drink as hot to warm and cold - to cool.Tea is classified in several species and varieties.

content of the article:

  • Types of tea in color - black, green, white, red
  • best teas of the countries
  • Types of tea on the type of tea leaves and processing

Types of Tea

Types of tea in color - black, green, white, red, Puer

  • Black tea

He is known throughout the world.This tea may be as additives and without any additives.

especially black tea in that it is subjected to complete oxidation. Oxidation tea can take two weeks or even a month.

leves in dried form are brown or black.

When brewing tea can be orange and dark red.Sometimes black tea is tart taste.
Types of tea
How to use black tea:

This wonderful tea can be consumed with sugar, without sugar, with a slice of lemon.And in black tea can be added to low-fat cream or milk.

  • Green tea

Unlike black tea, green is not subjected to complete oxidation.Plucked tea leaves are left outdoors so that they slightly wilted.They are then dried and rolled into small lumps.With this method, there is no strong fermentation of tea.

Useful than green tea:

Green tea - a very useful, it contains a lot of vitamin C, PP and Group B. Green tea improves mood, eliminates bacteria, displays the body of heavy metals (lead, mercury, zinc)and even helps fight cancer.
Types of Tea
Brewing green tea:

to brew green tea, you need to pour the tea leaves in the cup, pour boiling water.It is recommended that the water temperature did not exceed 90 degrees Celsius . Brewing need no more than five minutes.Tea turns yellowish-green color with a pleasant smell and a mild taste.Green tea consume substantially no sugar.

  • White tea

White tea undergoes fermentation at more than green.White tea - a tea buds , which are covered with white fleece.

This tea harvested in early spring, and the people engaged in the assembly of tea are not allowed to use the work of the onion, garlic and various spices, not to spoil the flavor of the leaves.Once they collected young leaves, and dried them podvyalivayut - first sun, then the shade.Then put the leaves dry in the oven.They are then packaged.

feature of this tea - is that it does not twist.
Types of Tea
Useful than white tea

White tea, like green, has useful vitamins C, PP, B and many other useful substances.This tea is recommended to use the people who have reduced immunity and chronic fatigue hurts.

Brewing White Tea:

White tea has a delicate and mild flavor.To brew white tea is better to choose china.The water should be clean, fresh and brought to a boil.The water temperature should not exceed 85 degrees Celsius .In 150 ml of water is necessary to take from 3 to 5 grams of leaves.

  • Red tea

to top of red tea leaves are collected early in the morning.After the tea leaves were collected, they were dried, then they were laid out in boxes, and fermented for 24 hours.

Useful than red tea:

Like all kinds of tea, red tea is very good for your health - it improves the immune system, has a good restorative effects on the body.This beverage contains a large amount of potassium . tea drinking is recommended to those people who have reduced pressure.
Types of Tea
Brewing Red Tea:

to brew tea, you need to boil a little water - the temperature of boiling water should not exceed 90 degrees Celsius .
then pour water into a cup, which is tea leaves, and then drain it, to remove the smell of damp.After these steps again.Fill the cup with boiling water and cover the pan with a towel.To the tea lost its taste, pour the tea leaves through a strainer into another bowl.

After brewing tea is a deep red color and unusual taste - he sometimes even sweet.

  • Puer

This beverage has come to us from the Chinese province of .Through fermentation and storage features, tea acquires an unusual taste and smell.The more it has a shelf life, so it becomes tastier.

tea prepared by sophisticated technology.First collect tea leaves Chinese plant called ¬ęCamellia".

tea leaves are required to handle certain infusions.With the addition of special bacteria fermented tea.But that is not all.To get a real Puer, it is put in special pits with the infusion of a few years, then compressed into round or rectangular cake.

How useful Puer tea:

Puer very good invigorating, so it is possible to drink instead of coffee . This tea not only increases efficiency, but also improves health , lowers high blood pressure, detoxifies.It is believed that Puer helps remove excess weight.
Types of Tea
Brewing tea Puer:

First you must choose the right dishes - glass, porcelain or earthenware. If you choose dishes from clay, then the brew is always there only one kind of tea, as it greatly absorbs odors.

Take plitochki tea, separated from it by a small piece - no larger than three centimeters - and put it in a teapot.

Puer to simply heat the water, but do not boil, the temperature should not exceed 60 degrees Celsius .For the first time to brew tea, you need to wait just 30 seconds , and the rest of the welding can be discharged immediately.

Puer Tea becomes a delightful red color and unique taste.

best teas of the countries - the largest manufacturer

  • India
    India - world's largest producers of black tea.There are many types of Indian tea, and an assortment of very diverse.
    example, in India and make leaf tea "orthodox" and strong granular tea (CTC), which gives an unusual and strong tart taste.Also in India, it made green tea with a mild taste and aroma.
  • China
    in this wonderful country, like China, producing unusual teas with different flavors.China - a major exporter of green tea.It was here first appeared tea tradition, which later learned the whole world.All kinds of Chinese tea are unique and diverse.
  • Sri Lanka
    It produces varieties of Ceylon black tea, but mostly, as in India, leaf tea "orthodox" and granular CTC tea.In our time, the manufacturer delivers and black tea, and green.
  • Taiwan
    in Taiwan tradition of tea cultivation has come from China, but now the region is called an independent tea.It produces an unusual high mountain oolong tea with a pleasant taste and aroma, as well as black and green.
  • Japan
    Japan - is a major producer of only green tea, but still his choice varied.Japanese tea can vary the taste and aroma.

  • Kenya Kenya - is the largest exporter and manufacturer of high-quality black tea.However, tea production in Kenya has recently engaged at the beginning of the twentieth century.Thanks to good conditions, raw material is considered environmentally friendly.With proper care Lean tea plantations, tea acquires a nice tart flavor.

  • Indonesia Indonesia is also considered to be the largest producer of black leaf tea as well as tea and green beads.The ideal climate in this country creates excellent conditions for tea cultivation of good quality - and, thanks to this, the tea acquires subtle taste.

Types of Tea

Types of tea on the type of tea leaves and processing

Tselnolistovoy tea premium

  • Tipsovy tea (T) - unblown tea buds.
  • Pekoy - long leaf tea (P) - the youngest leaves.Pekoe - it collected the leaves, which have villi.
  • Orange (O) - Whole youngest twisted leaves.Orange - the name comes from a dynasty of princes of Orange.Holland in the sixteenth century was the largest supplier of tea, and the most good and high-quality teas were going to the court of Stadtholder.
  • pekoy Orange (OR) - Orange Pekoe may not contain tea bud (tips).Yet, with the addition of orange pekoy kidney is considered very good, and is divided into categories:
    1. FOP (Flowery Orange Pekoe) - collected sheets with tips (uppermost going closer to the kidneys)
    2. GFOP (Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe) - great content TIPS
    3. TGFOP (Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe) - contains more tipsov
    4. FTGFOP (Finest Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe) - a very small amount of tea leaves and a lot of tips
    5. SFTGFOP (SuperFine Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe) - More Tips, than FTGFOP

Types of Tea
Tea average grade

Tea average grade - this tea from the leaves of broken lines.Sometimes these leaves can simply be milled and may be waste in the manufacturing process of tea.But tea is usually brewed this version is faster and gets rich tart taste.

The classification of tea mid-grade international quality labeling in the letter is added (broken - Broken):

  • BP - Broken pekoy
  • BOP - Broken Orange pekoy.Categories Broken Orange Pekoe:
  • BFOP (Broken Flowery Orange Pekoe)
  • BGFOP (Broken Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe)
  • BTGFOP (Broken Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe)
  • BFTGFOP (Broken Finest TippyGolden Flowery Orange Pekoe)
  • BFOPF - bought medium tea, the letter F - fine - cut tea
  • BFTOP - leaf tea, which contains a high content of TIPS
  • BOP1 - tea with long leaves
  • BGOP - the best tea leaves

Types of Tea

shredded tea inferior

shredded or broken tea - waste is the production of various grades of tea or specially shredded tea leaves .

Classification crushed tea inferior:

  • Granulated tea (CTC) - leaves after fermentation is placed in a machine that crushes and twists them.Granulated tea has a strong and rich tart taste than other types.
  • Teabags - obtained from the dust resulting from the production of other kinds of tea.The crumbs or dust placed in bags and packaged.Tea bags brewed very quickly, but has a less intense taste.The tea may be black or green, and sometimes - flavored.
  • Brick tea - pressed tea.In most cases, it is made from the oldest leaf.Brick tea is black and green.Outer material should be at least 25%, and leaves - 75%.
  • Tea tea - this tea is only black.It differs from the brick tea in that it is made from tea crumbs.First, fry it a little and then float at a temperature of 100 degrees Celsius.
    Instant tea - is a powder, which does not need to brew.Tea just need to dissolve in water.It is convenient to take and on the road and on the job.

Types of Tea

by the degree of fermentation tea is:

  • fermented tea - is black tea, which takes full fermentation (oxidation up to 45%).
  • unfermented - tea, which hardly undergoes oxidation (white and yellow).The degree of oxidation of tea reaches 12%.
  • semi-fermented - tea, which is subjected to partial oxidation.For example, it may be a green tea (degree of fermentation of 12% to 35%).

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