My boyfriend looks at other girls - what is the reason and how to fight it?

By Admin | Relations
23 March 2016

If your favorite man looks at other ladies, it does not mean that his feelings for you are cool.Look at the men of the fairer sex - quite natural and normal.

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However, touching the subject, it is necessary first of all to understand - for what reasons a man begins to look at other ladies.

content of the article:

  • reasons why men look at other
  • How to respond when her husband looks on others?

your husband or boyfriend is looking at the other girls - the reasons why men look at others.


  • lost interest in male to female. This can happen for two reasons.Either man gradually lost interest in the lady and realized that no longer wants to live with her;or originally a woman is not aroused strong interest in the person.
  • woman does not cause more than a man of positive emotions and feelings. guys need to feel close to the girls comfortable and easy, if not, the man could escape.
  • woman showing disrespect to the man. It can be an expression of discontent, open insults, discussion of men behind him.This feminine behavior will not be tolerated, no self-respecting man.
  • position of women in a relationship, and demanding the indictment , ie, a woman requires care of his men, gifts, compliments and ensure fully comfortable life.If a man can not cope with this task, a woman requires the lover of their duties.
  • Man feels unnecessary.
  • The man had the feeling that they are. That is a woman does not need a man, she needs from the convenience of their life together.
  • Man looking for diversity. vanity of boys rises high, if he can conquer the growing number of female hearts.
  • undue influence of alcoholic beverages. For most of the change occurs in a state of intoxication, when a man loses control and is not responsible for the consequences.
  • Influence bad company , where women and men do not differ devotion and loyalty.
  • woman stopped for a monitor, and a man is tired of it. In this case, the guy goes in search of a woman who pays enough attention to yourself in any situation, not their desire, sexuality and beauty.

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How to react correctly when the husband looks at other ladies, so as not to destroy the relationship?


  • If you notice that the attention of your lover falls for another woman, first of all - not panic and hold back from open resentment .Catch yourself thinking that your man is not a certain particular admires and even female beauty.
  • Do not show fear of the likely rivals. Do not close your eyes beloved permanent resentment and discontent.Instead, pay attention to his comely ladies, and soon you will understand his views do not mean anything.
  • If your husband is in the company pays attention to another woman, keep their own emotions. In this situation, the right tactics will become natural behavior.Try especially knowing your lover to predict his actions.Begin to talk and chat with friends, have fun and dance.If you notice your man in the company of another girl came to him, kissing, smiling asked if he lost you.
  • If a woman is painfully aware of the views of men to other women, need to try to tell your loved about their own feelings. correct to do so in a calm atmosphere, when a man does not take care of business.Men often do not realize that their ladies are suffering from such behavior.Hearing such a request from his wife, the husband to comprehend the situation and will monitor their own behavior.

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