Shugaring at home with the best means of Start Epil

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19 March 2016

secret of body hair removal golden sweet weight (professional term "shugaring") gave us the oriental beauties.They did shugaring at home thousands of years ago.Since the procedure is not particularly changed, only it purchased modern technological features.

Especially for those who like to take care of the skin leading manufacturers shugaring pastes and cosmetics "Arabia" released a series of procedures for self shugaring home «Start Epil» , aimed not only at the immediate removal of unwanted hair, butand provide comprehensive care and necessary care of your skin.

Tools for home shugaring Start Epil

Ingredients sugar paste start epil

hair removal used absolutely natural sugar paste , which consists of glucose, fructose and water.

There are several options of varying density pastes , which is selected depending on the method, the treatment zone, the temperature of the hands, as well as room temperature.

denser paste designed to remove hard and previously shaved hair, softer paste designed for soft and vellus h


in cosmetic products before and after depilation includes only natural active ingredients , obtained from plant extracts and essential oils, vitamins and amino acids.All products are excellent and complement each other, providing gentle care and care for your skin.

Lotion before depilation with lemon balm extract and sweet almond oil, 200 ml.

Features funds shugaring Start Epil

Sugar waxing efficiency comparable to wax, but - less painful .The main difference - that the paste is applied to the skin against hair growth and is removed by a sharp increase in their movement.This is a method for removing organic and avoids severe irritation and redness.

Sugar paste is easily soluble in ordinary water, so after the procedure skin without problems cleaned tonic or saline (thermal) water.

Series «Start Epil» designed specifically for home shugaring - independent of the sugar hair removal at home without any special training or skills.

Sugar paste depilation Universal 600g

Benefits Home shugaring

Shugaring at home has many advantages.

  1. Firstly, home shugaring can be used without special training , knowledge in the field of cosmetology or skills.
  2. Secondly, procedure can be performed at any time in a comfortable and familiar environment.
  3. Thirdly, cost home shugaring significantly lower salon treatments.

Lotion 2 in 1 against ingrown hairs and slow down hair growth with walnut oil and tea tree extract , 160 ml .

Stages shugaring at home with pasta start epil

  1. Skin preparation
    Before using sugar paste skin should be cleaned thoroughly and degreased to remove the remaining moisture.To cleanse used to choose lotion with lemon balm extract and sweet almond oil , or tonic with aloe vera extract and rosemary oil (for sensitive skin), which, in addition to cleansing the skin, moisturize and further weaken it.
    Tonic before waxing for sensitive skin with aloe vera extract and rosemary oil, 200 ml.
    Next - always used talc without fragrances and additives , which removes residual moisture, invisible to the eye, and provides a secure grip hair and sugar paste.
    Talc without fragrances and additives, 140 g.
  2. Hair Removal
    the second stage is applied to the prepared skin sugar paste shugaring against the hair growth and removes in the direction of growth.
    Sugar paste depilation average 300 g
  3. Completing the
    With mineralized water and swipe a rapid removal of residual paste from the skin.
    Thermal water after depilation, 160 ml
    mineralized water has a calming effect, reduces redness, refreshes and cools the skin, leaving a feeling of ease and comfort.
  4. Care
    to protect the skin after the procedure, use one of the two tools «Start Epil» - regenerating cream with α-bisabolol , enriched with vitamins A, C and E (ideal for dry skin) or moisturizing lotion with an extract of white lotus and silk proteins (for normal skin).Both tools are ideal for the daily care of the body.
    Moisturizing lotion with an extract of white lotus and silk proteins, 160 ml.
    Cream with restoring a-bisabolol and vitamin complex A, C, E, 160 ml

to slow down hair growth and ingrown hairs combat use special "Lotion 2 in 1» .This tool contains an extract of tea tree oil and walnut.Due to its composition of glycolic acid, it provides peeling effect and prevents the hairs grow.It is used daily within 10-15 days after depilation.

Shugaring home «START EPIL» - professional results at your home!