6 treatments for underarm hyperhidrosis in beauty salons - price treatment of underarm sweating, reviews

By Admin | Beauty
20 March 2016

Hyperhidrosis - a very unpleasant illness that brings a lot of discomfort to man.Many believe that it is impossible to get rid of it, but the problem is solved by the simple beauty treatments at the beauty salon.So, in what ways can cure hyperhidrosis of the armpits?

hyperhidrosis of the armpits

  • Botox. gipergidrozabotoksom treatment is the most common.This is due to the fact that Botox injections allow to forget about underarm sweating for six months.If the rash is not very pronounced, you can forget about the wet spot on t-shirts and shirts for the next 8 months.The whole procedure takes less than one hour.After consulting with the doctor you would be taken to a beauty parlor where do painless injections gipoallergennogobotulotoksina.On the fourth day after the procedure from hyperhidrosis will be over (literally).The cost of the procedure ranges from 25 to 30 TR

Botox underarm

  • Dysport. Dysport - a unique medicinal product, which is also made on the basis of botulinum toxin.This procedure is able to block neuromuscular transmissi
    on.Despite the fact that the product originated in the domestic market recently, it is already very popular.Dysport injections are made with a fine needle, so they are almost painless.This preparation, as well as Botox, does not cause allergic reactions due to the absence of proteins in the composition.Dysport injections can be assigned not only to adults but even children who suffer from hyperhidrosis.This procedure will cost you 30 TR

Dysport armpits

  • Xeomin. gipergidrozakseominom Treatment is one of the most effective.Experts say that the treatment with this drug is more effective than physiotherapy.Xeomin injections as painless, but the process takes a little longer than Botox injections.This method is suitable when silnovyrazhennomgipergidroze.The first time after the procedure can show weakness in the muscles, but this side effect will take place over three days.This procedure is carried out in the most reputable salons, but the effect is worth it.Cost Xeomin injections varies from 26 to 32 TR


  • neodymium laser .Few people know, but the laser is able to destroy cells of sweat glands without damaging the remaining tissue.This procedure is very effective, and the likelihood of recurrence of hyperhidrosis is very small.Perform this procedure in the cabin and did not take more than an hour of your time.Local anesthesia is used to eliminate the unpleasant and pain during laser treatment of hyperhidrosis.It should be said that not all destroyed sweat glands, and the percentage that prevents you to live a full life.After irradiation, sweating dramatically reduced by 90% and the unpleasant smell of sweat stops alarming for a long time.The cost of this method of treatment of hyperhidrosis varies from 35 to 50 TR

Neodymium laser

  • Liposuction. This procedure is very simple, but the effectiveness is quite high.In most cases, after the liposuction procedure, the problem of hyperhidrosis disappear forever.It has done a puncture depth of 5-10 mm, and then removes excess sweat glands, and a small section of the subcutaneous adipose tissue.It helps to get rid of the problem of underarm sweating immediately.Do not be afraid to describe the painful procedures as liposuction is done under local anesthetic.Repeat the procedure is not necessary, since the pot will be allocated 80-90% less and have more will not have thought to treat hyperhidrosis, because of it will be over.In a typical beauty salon, such a procedure will cost you from 18 to 30 TR