8 new fraud with plastic cards of the bank - carefully scammers!

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16 March 2016

Almost every citizen of our country using plastic cards.Naturally, the development of electronic technology and methods developed fraud.Attackers are constantly looking for more and more ways on how you can steal money from honest people by cards.

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How do scammers and how to protect yourself from fraud?


  • most common fraud with credit card - is gluing the part from which the user gets the money . principle is very simple: a man comes to withdraw money from a plastic card, introduces the secret code, the amount, and the money can not get his.Of course, while he is indignant, and after half an hour goes home upset and with a desire to tomorrow morning to deal with careless employees of the bank.After leaving a person out attacker, he peels the tape, which was covering the hole and takes the money.It is worth noting that this method works only in the dark.To avoid falling into such a bad situation, try to withdraw money during the day and
    if you can not get the money, carefully inspect the outside of the ATM for any extra items (tape, for example).If everything is in order, and the money is still there, you can with a clear conscience to argue with the bank employees, because they are really doing their job in good faith.


  • Fraud offline. It may also include robbery of money immediately after their withdrawal.In addition, disgruntled employees store or coffee shop may hold your card through the card reader twice in the end you pay twice.To be aware of all the situations that occur with plastic card, connect the service information via SMS.The card, which is lost, but not blocked, may also be subject to tampering scam.Another fairly simple fraud with plastic cards - Try to pay any goods found a plastic card.Naturally, in order to avoid such situations, you should immediately after losing contact the bank.And getting a new card in the mail is not the best, and coming to the bank personally.Letters with new cards often intercept enemies.


  • Another fraud with bank cards - phishing. you call on the phone, or receive a letter in the mail box where any excuse to say or write asking for your card.It may be some action that aims to prevent unauthorized transactions.Be careful not too trusting, remember that nobody has the right to know you have such personal information, especially by phone or mail.Even employees of the bank, you should not disclose your PIN.And try not to write it anywhere, and stored in memory.


  • Phishing non-electronic. This bank card fraud related to the acquisition of goods and payment for them card, with the obligatory introduction of the owner of the PIN code.When the owner of the card to pay for their purchases, services, or vice versa, it takes your money, it is not necessary to withdraw money from the card and only then give them to the seller.To do this, use the special microprocessor cards.How do the fraudsters - they copy the magnetic stripe data tapes and record the personal identification number of the person.After that, they are creating a new data obtained fake card on which to withdraw money from ATMs of the city from the account of its true owner.It's hard to protect yourself from such scams, but we recommend not to use credit cards in questionable stores, showrooms and retail outlets.


  • Misconduct on the Internet. you can very easy to lose all your money if you make any payments over the Internet.Do cheaters have the opportunity to seize the money directly to the time of payment.Therefore, we do not advise to make any major purchases over the Internet, despite the fact that it is very convenient and also very popular.This is especially true of unfamiliar sites, better use in such cases, the virtual card.It is usually possible to set a specific limit of funds and the attackers will not be able to steal more than this limit.It is recommended to connect the card to your service Secure Code, by which any operation for the product on the Internet with the card, you will need to enter the sent SMS-Coy code.So your money will be harder to steal.If you do not know or badly know a foreign language, better refrain from electronic purchases and payments with your card on foreign websites.See also: 7 Steps to check the online store website for reliability - do not fall for the tricks of swindlers!


  • Skimming. This is another fraud with payment cards, which is becoming very common.On ATMs and payment terminals installed devices such as skimmers.They read data from the card, and after their release based fraudsters duplicate plastic cards and withdraw money on them, used where proof of identity is not necessary.To track the fraudsters try to carefully control their costs, to be sure that only you withdraw money from your account.


  • Another method - learn the PIN and also illegally withdraw money . Learn it can be in many ways, including: peep at the time when the owner of its gains, apply a special glue, which clearly shows the dialed digits, install a small camera at the ATM.Be careful not to let passersby look at the keyboard and the display of the ATM when you're shooting there money.In addition, better refrain from withdrawing money at night in an unfamiliar area, especially at a time when the streets are empty already.


  • virus that affects ATMs . It - one of the new ways of fraud, he has not managed to gain widespread, especially in our country.The virus not only keeps track of all transactions that occur on the ATM, but also conveys valuable information to fraudsters.However, do not worry about what may be the victim of such fraud.As experts say, to write such a program is difficult, for this you need to use an unusual fraudsters operating system and at the same time to communicate with banks sufficiently secure systems.


To protect yourself from unpleasant situations involving fraud, be sure to pay attention, what your plastic card - with the chip or magnetic. Chip cards are better protected from theft, forgery, etc.Fraudsters difficult to carry out their nefarious plans due to the fact that the data on the card already normal applied to the magnetic stripe, and chip - for each operation and an ATM card communicates.

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Any owner of a plastic card of the bank should be aware that there is always a very high risk that he would be one of the victims of deception and fall into the fraudsters.However, if carefully read the main reception criminals , the risk that you will get into trouble, it will be much lower.After all, who warned - that is armed.