Features of the girls in the men's team - the rules of survival

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23 March 2016

For many women's team is associated with gossip, strife, competition and other "pleasures."And it seems that much in the men's team, the will be no problems, because around - solid knights, powerful men support is provided in the five-day operation, much of the attention from all sides and can not speak!However, most of these expectations prove to be erroneous.

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What you need to remember a woman working men?

content of the article:

  • Features male staff to women
  • main mistakes of women in the men's team
  • rules of survival of women in the men's team

Features male staff to women - by any illusions should get rid of?

women tend to dream and believe in their illusions.And, the less realistic woman comes to the analysis of the situation, the more difficult then to part with these illusions , and the greater the disappointment.


Therefore, get rid of illusions advance ...

  • «Man always insure, substitute stron
    g shoulder to protect from the evil boss»

    illusion.No need to compare male colleagues and male fans.The men's team has its own "male" atmosphere and its own rules, and you will forgive weakness no one will (although there are exceptions, and).That is, no one will wipe away the tears, give an error "on the cap," and your migraine and critical days no one cares at all.
  • «Woman in the men's team is surrounded by attention»
    illusion.Men in their team is only interested in the work.Your beautiful dress, plume fragrance of expensive perfume and a super makeup, maybe even appreciate, but barely.How nice sign - passed and forgotten.
  • «One only languid sigh, and immediately dropped everything to flirt and vied with each other to offer a hand and heart»
    illusion.Search husband in the men's team - a hopeless case.Not just zahomutat and even ohmurit colleague from the "brotherhood of men" is almost impossible.Man aiming for success and busy affair, sees a woman in a group only as a colleague.See also: Roman at work - worth it or not?
  • «The only way to join the men's team - to become" your kid »
    Of course, if you are a professional racer, deftly throw knives and able to work 48 hours without sleep - colleagues will appreciate it.But dressed in a men's style, spit through his teeth, smoking, strong language and respond to portray "the guy in a skirt" is not necessary - male counterparts deter such behavior and turn away.A woman should be an under any circumstances.
  • «With men it is easier to find common language»
    illusion.Firstly, men asserting themselves on the job and not looking for - who to make friends.Secondly, you will not be in the men's team for a cup of coffee gossip about boss parasite or complain about the problems in the family.Community workers is limited to questions and masculine themes.And third: the emotional monologue woman man always perceives as a request for help.Therefore, emotions at work place there.
  • «If you yelled, and you cry - you all will forgive»
    illusion.Male staff - men's rules.You can not work on an equal basis with everyone - quit.One hysterical men still able to forgive, but the following is already perceive how your inconsistency, weakness, inability to work in their team.
  • «I will become their" natural mother ", they will get used to care, and without me will not be able»
    illusion.Of course, they will thank you for the homemade cakes, made of coffee cups washed and wiped tables.But no more.This "feat" will not be counted either in the work book, any special merits, no particular relevant to you.
  • «Men think a woman in the men's team a man of second grade»
    It happens.But in most cases, male colleagues - quite adequate people.The main thing - do not make mistakes and classic women to follow the rules of the game.

main mistakes of women in the men's team - avoid them!

most frequent mistakes in the men's team make unmarried girls .However, it is not necessary to give in married euphoria.


Mistakes can cost not only jobs, but also the reputation of

  • «Treat the lady a cigarette (a cup of coffee, etc..)»
    Flirting at work - a phenomenon unacceptable.Your token (even unconscious) can be interpreted and perceived wrong.Protect reputation, avoid compliments men, personal conversations and the "accidental" touches his hands.
  • «This one - the most honest and courageous, should stay near him»
    Be impartial, do not attempt to create a coalition with some colleagues against others.Men will always be for one another, and in certain situations you may find yourself at.A dishonest behavior or intrigue men did not forget and do not forgive.
  • «Well, I - a woman!I do not excusable »
    Primarily, this flirtation (See above.).And secondly, the position of "oh, I'm all so sudden and contradictory" or "spring brought me crazy" - is the position of a person incompetent and unprofessional.Even in an elegant suit, shiny jewelry and elegant make-up you have to be a business partner - no less and no more.And annoying male colleagues manicure at your desk or on the phone in a loud discussion of the sale of underwear, of course, should not be.
  • «manage itself!»
    Do not go too far in its attempts to self-affirmation and to work with colleagues on an equal footing.Hold the golden mean and not mechites to extremes.No need to do more than you can, and what you are supposed to, respectively duties.Again, if you see that do not manage, and you offer to help, do not snort, and take it politely and gratefully.And do ask for help only when really cope alone can not.Please, for example, to "make some coffee" will be perceived as flirtation.
  • «And I tell you, boys, brought the pies.Home.Another cushy »
    your colleagues - no small children.They do not need to feed and take care of.It is one thing - to bring a cake in honor of the holiday, and quite another - to fatten adult men who have their own wives and mothers.And naive that woman who dreams so to win men's team.The phrase about the way to a man's heart and his stomach has nothing to do with everyday life in the men's team.While it may be a couple of colleagues and lures you on your head.Take your own niche and position in the team.And do not try to please anyone on purpose.If you have something to appreciate, you will appreciate.
  • «Well, guys?How is Zenit played yesterday? »
    If you do not understand the" male "subjects (fishing, cars, hunting, soccer, etc.), It is not necessary to specifically watch a football match on the eve of the zenith and then all night cramming names of players - all of youstill will bite!Another thing, if you are good in the issue - it is an occasion to keep the conversation and quietly, unobtrusively join the team.Especially now that many women who are professionally managed car, crunching nuts watching football and whistling spinning on weekends at the lake.If you are good only in cosmetics, fashion, soup and upbringing of children, just learn to listen to - men like to be listened to.
  • «A drum do not want?" Or "All of you guys, its a ..." (crying)
    Any extreme emotions - is undesirable.And even the emotions are undesirable.Men are always lost when a woman cries or gets angry, and getting lost, they are irritated.And your credibility will drop in proportion to the manifestation of your weakness.Briefly - learn to control emotions.Otherwise, you will become a major irritant in almost "Buddhist" oasis of the Y-chromosome.
  • «I believe that we need to do differently!»
    Remember - you are working among men.A man will never give his "palm" in the issue of intellectual superiority.And not out of spite, but simply by nature.If you think that you're right, it does not hand out advice to his master's shoulder, and gently and quietly "remove chips" and "Saw."Feminine.

How to work the girl or woman in the men's team - the rules of survival

girl in the men's team can become an equal player , but only if it is played by men's rules ...


  • Dress properly - flashy, not defiant, modest and tasteful.No deep cuts and moles zavlekalochek-sectional view of the skirt.Make-up - and, accordingly, the minimum working conditions.Poured from head to toe perfume is not worth it.
  • not flirting , do not make eyes and look for "the path to the heart" by the professionalism and success.Men like strong people, regardless of their sex.Increase skills, not make mistakes in the work, believe in yourself and move forward as an icebreaker "50 Years of Victory".
  • Be wise woman , learn to adapt to the situation.Nature has endowed women charm, resist that men can not.Use this "weapon" wisely.
  • Forget gatherings during lunch under the latest gossip and leave your emotions at home.
  • not ship his colleagues problems.Firstly, they are not interesting, and secondly, it unprofessional.And someone else's personal life is also careful not to get involved.
  • If you have to fend off - do it quietly. raising his voice, you provoke the interlocutor to aggression, and slowing the tone, make him listen to you.The golden rule: the quieter, calmer and less you talk, the better you listen.
  • immediately mark their position on the issue of vulgar jokes and allusions. tough, but without coarseness stop any "encroachments" and "insinuation" in the address, even if you are free and are not averse to someone to flirt.Otherwise - good-bye, work and reputation.If someone with a special stubbornness is your chocolate, coffee brews and meaningful winks aside a separate room, polite and categorically explain that flatters your attention, but the meaning of these courtship not.Ideal - to inform you that you already have the only one who wears a chocolate and coffee brews to you in the morning.
  • strictly adhere to the work schedule. Do not stay up late and do not leave in its legal holiday.Firstly, sooner or later you just sit on the neck, and secondly, his colleagues will have a reason to suspect you careerism (or affair at work), and third, if you are married, you run the risk of spoiling relations with her husband.

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work in the men's team - it's easy.Harder to be what you are not.Therefore just be yourself, smile , feminine smooth all sharp angles and learn to listen and hear.

Has your life similar situation?And as you come out of them?Share your stories in the comments below!