What biorevitalization person - indications and contraindications, the results biorevitalisation

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20 March 2016

in every woman's life there comes a time when the mirror wants to hide away - the skin on your face becomes inelastic, the first wrinkles appear, the former lost a young complexion.Many have resorted to plastic surgery, although you can do cosmetic procedure known as "Biorevitalization."What is known about it?

biorevitalization persons

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  • What biorevitalization
  • Indications for biorevitalisation
  • Contraindications biorevitalisation
  • preparations biorevitalisation

What biorevitalization - unlike biorevitalisationby mesotherapy, biorevitalisation types.

mistaken who thinks that this cosmetic procedure can get rid of wrinkles.No!This technique is able to return to the old skin elasticity, firmness and color inherent in a healthy and youthful skin.This procedure improves the appearance of the skin, as well as slow down the aging process.What else you need to know about biorevitalisation?

  • This method is based on intradermal injection of natural hyaluronic acid, restores moisture balanc
    e, thus creating ideal conditions for the life of cells.As a result, the tissue regenerative properties and appearance enhanced.

biorevitalization persons

  • In this procedure is "fast" and "slow" result .First, the patient sees smoothing wrinkles and folds that occurs immediately after the procedure.After 7-14 days, comes "slow" result when cells begin to produce its own hyaluronic acid.That's when the skin begins to "restore" and look more youthful.
  • Many biorevitalisation confused with mesotherapy, but these procedures are fundamentally different from each other.In preparation for mesotherapy with vitamins and trace elements, badly produced in the body.Mesotherapy can be done, starting with the 25-year-old, while biorevitalisation better not to do up to 35 years.It should also be said that the course of mesotherapy procedures carried out once a week and once a month biorevitalisation, which saves money.
  • There are 2 main types biorevitalisation : injection and laser.Injection is more popular as girls see the result immediately.The entire procedure lasts an hour, during which time the problem areas on the face of a certain amount of injected hyaluronic acid.When laser biorevitalisation applied to the skin a special gel, which included have hyaluronic acid, which changes its structure when interacting with the laser.

biorevitalization persons

Indications for biorevitalisation - biorevitalization interested?

Biorevitalisation person can do all women, ranging from 35-40 years (this is the age of the skin is already beginning to show the first signs of aging).So, what are the main indications for this procedure?

  • Dry skin. If your skin - dry and dehydrated, this procedure would be for her thus sip of water.
  • Reduced strength and elasticity.
  • pigmentation on the skin. If you have a large number of moles appear or other spots, then Biorevitalisation help resolve this issue.
  • Restoring skin condition after various plastic surgeries.
  • If your skin has been damaged by UV rays , then this procedure will help you get rid of all the consequences of a long stay in the sun or in the solarium.

Contraindications biorevitalisation - biorevitalisation possible complications.

As with any cosmetic procedure, there have biorevitalisation contraindications.So, under what conditions it is impossible to go to biorevitalisation, and what can be complications?

  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding. During pregnancy, any interference with the functioning of the body women should be performed only when necessary.Skin care is not a necessity, so it is best to wait with this procedure.biorevitalization persons
  • colds. If you jumped right temperature before the procedure, it is best to cancel the session.During exacerbation of any disease carrying beauty treatments is also undesirable.
  • cancer.When entering hyaluronic acid can stimulate the development not only of healthy cells, but tumor.
  • intolerance hyaluronic acid. There are isolated cases, when a person has an individual intolerance of the drug.Consult with your doctor before the procedure to avoid this risk.
  • autoimmune diseases. in autoimmune diseases also can not visit the salon for biorevitalisation, since the body is able to begin to actively produce antibodies against its own cells.


preparations biorevitalisation - what will suit you?

There are 5 basic and most common drugs used to biorevitalisation.So, how do they differ and how to choose "their" drug?

  • two most common drugs that are "gold standard biorevitalisation" - is drug IAL System and IAL System ACP , produced in Italy.These preparations are characterized by their safe handling and absence of side effects.These drugs are used 2% -ayagialuronovaya acid moisturizes the skin, corrects wrinkles and creates a lifting effect.After a full course of treatment, the result is stored for 4-6 months.Suitable for girls of 30 years and older.
  • Next comes the preparation RestylaneVital , consisting of stabilized hyaluronic acid.This drug is suitable for women of 40 years and for women with signs of photoaging.If you combine the use of this drug with the introduction of Botox or contouring, the effect will be especially noticeable.
  • Skin R - a new drug having in its structure a 2% hyaluronic acid, and amino acids that affect the synthesis of proteins.This drug has a strong lifting effect on the skin.You can apply to girls from 30 years of age or older.
  • Meso-Wharton - a unique combination product that combines 1.56% hyaluronic acid and a large amount of additives in order to prolong the effect biorevitalisation.The product is best applied to patients from 40 years of age.