What if the best friend is jealous of you - we look for the causes of jealousy and get rid of her girlfriend

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24 March 2016

uncommon for the best friends among the Chinese wall grows envious.

How rid of this lady, and - unbeknownst to his own girlfriend?

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content of the article:

  • Why girlfriend jealous?
  • How do you know that a friend is jealous?
  • What if a friend is jealous?

Why girlfriends envy - envy of the main causes of girlfriends

Envy - a psychological feature of every human being that has plagued us since childhood.We can see that someone is more expensive toys, beautiful dress, and her hair is longer.That is what is the cause of origin envy .

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Why can envious girlfriend?


  • fun at work. often women whose careers are not very well formed unconsciously jealous of his girlfriend, get a promotion or a higher salary.Also can be jealous and that you have a good relationship in the team or just a prestigious job.
  • Life. Who would not say that, but the girls are almost always enviou
    s of the best relationship of his girlfriend.It can be as white envy, and the most aggressive.If the girl does not arrange her personal life, and friend successfully married and had lovely children, envy can become not only the cause of the break in relations between the girls, but also outright mischief.
  • good looks . Alas, pyshechka almost always be jealous of her friend with a perfect figure and good looks.
  • talent. Often girls secretly jealous of his more talented friend, who unlike them capable of, for example, draw well, sing or dance.It is a common cause of quarrels between friends (even among the best).

How do you know that a friend is jealous - learn to see jealousy best friend

often envy from the best friend could be confused with any other emotions.

envy How to distinguish friend from other feelings and emotions?


  • If during a story about your career or personal life girlfriend bored, annoyed, or sitting with a "sourĀ» , it can be considered a wake-up call that your girlfriend is not very much andglad to hear about your successes.The exception - when a friend just a bad mood, and she did nothing at the moment does not want to hear.
  • girlfriend always deliberately underestimates the significance of your achievements , adjusting them for good luck, rather than explaining it to your hard work, perseverance and talent.
  • If after a walk with a friend, you feel guilt for your own happiness , it is a chance to step back a little from a friend, and as little as possible to talk to her about their success.
  • girl who is jealous of his girlfriend, imitates her .This may be an imitation in appearance, lifestyle, demeanor.Sometimes it can happen unconsciously.
  • Girlfriend actively discourages you from making , which subsequently lead you to prosperity.Here, in the course can go plenty of pretexts, which sometimes are simply absurd.
  • girlfriend who is jealous, is more interested in negative aspects of your life .All the positive aspects of it will not be worried.
  • Your girlfriend may publicly compare you with. And it will focus on its superiority to drop you in the eyes of others or friends.

What if a friend is jealous - how to behave and how to get rid of envy girlfriend?

If you are sure that your girlfriend is jealous of you, you have only to deal with this problem.Do not immediately terminate the friendship with a friend who was there for many years.

But girlfriend rid of this awful feeling?


  • First, talk with a friend. If you do not know how to do it correctly, then arrange a bachelorette party and set up a conversation on the subject of envy.Learn how it relates to this, and that it moves.Do not rub it with his fists because she is different from your point of view.
  • If a friend is jealous of your looks, do her compliments. says she lost weight, prettier, tell that she had beautiful hair.If she bought some new clothes, be sure to praise her choice.
  • There are times when a friend is jealous of your success at work or in the family.Then just not affect these topics when speaking.
  • Use debarred threads , and if she wants to learn about these moments of your life, the answer superficially, so as not to cause negative emotions in it.

If all else fails, and the envy of your friends you start to suffer, not only mentally, but also feel every time like a squeezed lemon, it's time to think - and whether you need all this girlfriend.

Has your life similar situation?And as you come out of them?Share your stories in the comments below!