How to part with nice guy - we master the art of correct part with man

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24 March 2016

Parting - is unpleasant and painful process.And sometimes it's hard to say which is less pleasant: when you throw, or when you throw.However - to smooth unpleasant situation, in any case, you can use the methods of civilized separation, which will be discussed.

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content of the article:

  • How to leave, if the initiator - You
  • nicely to leave, when the initiator - he
  • How to part with a man?

How to part with a man, if the initiator of parting - you

matter how sad it may sound, but not every love - forever.Relationships deteriorate, flowers wither, once ardent feelings are.

If your feelings have cooled down to a guy, do not torment yourself and, find the strength and tear aggravating relations .


learn how to do it correctly we will explain below.

  • not delay the separation in a dark box. It will be the harder, the longer you'll walk with unloved man on a date, make love and respond to kisses.Pulling parting you will be
    tormented.The guy most likely to feel your "other" attitude toward it, and this will bring him pain and suffering.If you have decided on parting, do it immediately.Choose the right moment for a serious talk, considering how your own emotional state and mood of your partner.
  • correctly pick the place.To leave best on neutral territory, does not cause your partner any associations.Do not choose the place, a lot of meaningful for your former lover.A great place would be a cafe or park.It is desirable that the chosen option was not too crowded and very noisy.
  • Think carefully about the upcoming conversation. best to focus on a few meaningful sentences that clearly will understand your chosen one, that there is no turning back, and will not be a second chance.In order not to listen to his apology and promise not to try to talk about the cause of the break.During a call, do not flirt and flirt.
  • During the conversation, controls emotions. Do not suddenly talking about his decision, if a person violent and nervous.To talk with subservient and flimsy man should gain strength to resist the pressure on the conscience.If you are accused of heartlessness and callousness, keep a straight face.
  • Man is not encouraging. Do not give him false hopes, do not offer to remain friends and not take from him similar offers.Keep the conversation calmly and avoid misunderstandings.Be firm, or a vicious circle and the false reticence will not leave you.
  • Ignore Man after breaking , do not give him a chance and try to explain that in your relationship put the final point.Do not be rude or offend a person, because when you felt affection for him.

Arts nice to leave when the initiator of the break - he

If your beloved has initiated your separation, understand for yourself that everything that happened is already a fait accompli, and not plagued by endless expectations.He's gone - but, apparently, it was necessary, find the strength and accept it with dignity .

Brighten up your suffering will help simple and useful tips.


  • If you leave, try to keep calm and show self-esteem.
  • Ask your partner to explain the reason for such a decision. Experience shows that men are lost from the peaceful conduct beloved and sometimes even try to re-establish relations.In no case do not cry, do not throw to fight or beg a man to change his mind, these senseless acts will have no effect.
  • Share your trouble. In psychoanalysis, this method is called dispersion of grief.As a result, soon you will feel the soul is not so strong severity.
  • Keep a journal , which will help get rid of resentment and intrusive memories, help relieve the severity experienced rupture.Attorneys paper hurt feelings, sufferings, will soon become an unpleasant past, and lived and described the emotions cease to put pressure on the heart and gradually released.See also: Why do I need a personal diary the woman?
  • engage in any business - cleaning, laundry, do permutation in the room or go to aerobics.Physical labor is good cure mental suffering and anguish.
  • not keep their emotions in yourself , release them at will, otherwise they will destroy you from the inside.
  • During plunge headlong into a career. Broken personal life is not a reason to let the rest of the slope.Success at work will inspire you and energize.
  • frequent, for yourself holidays , read your favorite book, your favorite movies.Spend more time with friends, play sports, go to parties.

How to part with a man that was not bitter and ashamed - important advice from psychologists

  • first rule of separation - let the man himself and the news first. In this issue excluded sms and calls, emails.Do not tell anyone parting before it happens.
  • communication strategy for the last meeting requires careful consideration. Both participants in the fateful hour of conversation should be in a calm and pleasant mood.


  • Straight Talk acts as the most humane and simple solution to the problem.Tell a partner why your relationship ended, thank them for the pleasant time spent together, wish a happy future.For beautiful parting can be arranged as a surprise guy walks followed by a romantic dinner, and in the evening with a slight sadness to announce the news about the separation.Home complete your sincere love story.
  • If a woman does not dare to say aloud a decision about the separation, can write a farewell letter , but to pass it in the hands of a former lover, personally told about the separation.
  • people there are different, and ex-boyfriend after breaking up can not only throw you emails or smskami, but also threats. woman should not give in to such provocations .Just let us know what your partner everything and go away quietly.In this case, silence is expensive.
  • At parting do not say nasty things to your partner , is not disrupted to part with dignity.
  • Never tell other people's secrets , even after breaking up with a man keep his mouth shut.
  • Do not rush into the arms of another guy. Give your former partner at the time of calm, let the bridges burn down your former relationship.
  • in any case no blame yourself for the past feelings .The separation is necessary for a person to be able to arrange his life differently.Everything that happens to you, destined.
  • And most importantly - never disappear without a full explanation with your man about the separation.This will be the worst way to end the relationship.Do not hide, do not put everything in its place.Bring it to the end, and with a clear conscience start a new life.

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Has your life situation like parting?And as you come out of them?Share your stories in the comments below!