How to live on layfhakingu easy and simple - hack life bright!

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17 March 2016

Surely you have at least one friend who regularly browses online videos a la "How to get a little bit of potato electricity" and lives by the principle of "Make your life easier and more interesting."Such a person is called and layfhakerom.The concept of "layfhaking" came into our lives in 2004, connecting and perpetuate the "life» (life) and "hacking» (hack).In short, «layfhaking" - it is quite unusual use of traditional things.

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Layfhaking - new trendy lifestyle content of the article:

  • issues covered layfhaking
  • Examples of useful tips layfhakinga

issues covered layfhaking - that really forces layfhakeru?

layfhakinga philosophy is based on sound "detour" generally accepted rules of life, and finding the most effective solution to any of the tasks - simple and fun.List all the scope of this philosophy is impossible - layfhaking applied universally , in all directions - from domestic areas to personal relationships.

Video: What layfhaking?

  • On the way to work: how to shorten the road, how to use the travel time to good use and so forth.
  • for the development of memory: how to create the "palaces of the mind" as to rememberPIN or password, how to develop your memory and so forth.
  • Layfhaking as lifestyle: how fast "liquidate" headache or hiccups as beneficial to go to the movies, how to prevent cheating the seller, a taxi driver or a bartender,and so forth.
  • At work: how to work effectively as increase efficiency, than to occupy myself with the use of the lunch break and so forth. According to the principle - "bent down to tie his shoelaces - pick up a piece of paper from the floor and pulled out from undertables rolled the ball dog. "
  • The walls of the house: how to make cleaning easier, as the rest usefully as visually enlarge the space of the room, how to optimize the housework, etc..
  • Money: how to spend the money properly, how to learn to savemeans, where better to hide the stash (and look) how to increase earnings as advantageous to take out loans and so forth.
  • Power: how to cook quick, tasty and useful, how to save on food, how to cook a meal from scratch, andpr.
  • Health: how to get yourself to do sports, quitting bad habits, how to make a beautiful figure without pain and diets and so forth.
  • Love: how to be happier, how to communicate with your partner torelations were strong, how to communicate with her mother in law, as the cheer weary husband, how to live without quarrels and so forth.
  • Entertainment: how to relax without money, how to ride for free, how to most effectively spend their holidays, and so forth.
  • my Wild beasts: how to feed pets while you're away, how to remove cat odor, how quickly bring fleas how to wean the dog to bark at night and so on.
  • Repair: as quick putty walls, removingold wallpaper, how to make wallpaper paste, moving the cabinets with a minimum of effort, how quickly to remove the apartment renovated, etc.
  • Creativity: both from the bottle to make a beautiful vase to use old things like design to close the hole in the walland so forth.

And so on. main thing - to simplify the life of , and not hard to complicate it.And while getting maximum pleasure, to save time, money, power.And not necessarily reinvent the wheel - just turn imagination and invent this wheel that is currently needed most.

Layfhaking - new trendy lifestyle

layfhakinga Examples of useful tips - to make life brighter and easier!

Often tips layfhakingu are essentially useless recommendations.For example, as a painless fall from a bar stool when you're drunk, or how beautiful faint on the beach.But mostly «life hacking" - this advice for all occasions .And what exactly is useful in life - you never know.

Some of the most popular life hacking:

  • Every time when meeting friends in cafes question - to whom and how much to pay ?Install phone program that will do it for you.
  • Afraid to twist the bursting of the bulb from the socket? cut in half potato plants a half on a plinth and carefully unscrew it.
  • suffers laundering microwave fat? Add a cup of water lemon juice (citric acid), put it in the microwave and turn on the oven for 15 minutes.Then simply wipe the oven with a damp cloth.
  • not like when a cinema near you who is sitting and shove their elbows?Take tickets via the Internet, choosing a place (they always show on the screen) through one of the nearest occupied.As a rule, people are alone in the movie do not go, and the likelihood that the sides of the one you will not be significantly increased.
  • Take care of finances? Secret for cunning and talented.We are looking for a large store network, where a large purchase can get a discount card.For cards buy any product after some time to go back to purchase.Money required by law to return, but the card will remain in you.With it, you can safely go to another store on the network and have the necessary thing to watch.
  • Want a little nap on the way to work in the train?Choose even cars.Odd - rattle.And non-solar direction.
  • to remember PIN or password phone , write numbers on paper and "transform" them into objects (eg, zero - in the wheel, seven - in ax deuce - a swan).Visual memory is always effective.
  • We decided to buy a second-hand car? first try it in the middle of the night.First, be able to check the serviceability of lamps, and secondly, in the silence of the night it is easier to hear any disturbing noise, but at the same time - to assess the sound recorder.
  • you want to sell an apartment, a car, or something else? Always wrap the top 10-15 percent above the maximum price.Buyers always nice bargain for a discount, and you will be able to get more money from the sale - or at least, not to lose in price.
  • tortured every day to collect duffel small things around the apartment? Tired of the clutter on the shelves, coffee table and a refrigerator?Put in an inconspicuous place to stack the box and all, what's stopping you.If 3-4 months none of the households did not seek things out of the box - safely take out all the trash.
  • Home Weather Center. Look into the cup with freshly brewed coffee if skuchkovalis bubbles in the center - hence, the atmospheric pressure is high and can not take an umbrella.If bubbles spread to the edges - wait for rain.
  • you want to return to their fashionable kedam brightness and novelty? Clean them with a toothbrush, a mixture of washing powder and soda.
  • To return suede shoes "former freshness and beauty» , hold them over steam and carefully treat the bread.Dirt from suede shoes can be removed (after steaming) using stale bread crumbs ("scrub" for shoes).
  • Patent leather is easy to return to normal view , if you clean it with the usual means for washing windows.
  • Removing stains on shirts and sweat shirts not be a problem for you if you sbryznete before washing all the problem areas of the fabric lemon juice.

layfhaking Choose your lifestyle and enjoy new discoveries!