Do you love at a distance, and how to maintain it in the long separation?

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24 March 2016

about the sense of the unknown, surrounded by an aura of mystique and mystery, everyone knows a lot - and do not know anything.All very clear, we are talking about love.But love at a distance impossible to say definitely - each of us has his own perspective on this phenomenon, which forms certain stereotypes - such love is possible or not.

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How to keep love in a long separation

content of the article:

  • Is it possible to love at a distance?
  • How to keep the love in the distance?

problems and difficulties long separation from loved ones - whether love at a distance?

two loving hearts are created to be together forever, but there are situations when distance separates the lovers.Many romance after a long separation grow to incredible proportions sensual experiences and emotion .

All long-distance relationship can be divided into two types

  • For the first case, consider a couple who met online network .By supporting interactive communication, peop
    le are building their relationship.However, there is no opportunity to meet.The main key to success for these relations will be the ability to talk about the importance and personal, the ability to talk to each other.The ability to candidly discuss topics in this situation will be an important moment for each partner.
    How to keep love in a long separation
    Immediately it should discuss the possibility of immediate personal meeting, future plans and attitudes to family life, to talk about marriage and the creation of readiness change their place of residence.Answers to these questions are of great value only if they are given a full revelation and honesty.The falsity to strengthen relations are not the best assistant.The already vulnerable relationships can easily destroy the hypocrisy and falsity of the partner, but the recovery process is not a simple relationship.In ordinary relationships disagreements and quarrels can redeem proximity, attention and affection, which it is impossible to do in a relationship at a distance.
  • second situation relations at a distance - this is when an established couple forced to part .The relationship, then, is not so fragile and have under a joint past.But in this case may have other problems, for example - mistrust or jealousy.The situation can be saved only through a long dialogue with your loved one.

How to keep love in a long separation

negative side parting with a loved one

  • Prolonged separation may appear an illusion that the person before was lonely. wean people from living together and start to care only about themselves.Some painlessly pass this stage, but for others - it is a reason for future depression.
  • The lack of intimate relationships. For people who are unable to adapt to conditions of forced, this may be the beginning of the end.In such situations, it may appear an affair on the side.
  • One of loving people, remaining in constant, monotonous environment, and is waiting for the return of the partner. The other falls into a new environment, make new friends and connections.It is possible - not only business, but also romantic.See also: Why do men we change - the most common causes.

How to keep love in a long separation

positive side to parting with her beloved is also available

  • especially useful short-term separation , after which everything happens, like the first time.
  • In the case of the inevitable parting all the energy should be focused on becoming self , which will be interesting and special.
  • can start a new hobby or career .Someone I love certainly will appreciate your desire.
  • Moreover, ordinary relationships sometimes need a shake-up. not always routine home brings harmony and comfort in your home.

How to keep love in a long separation

How to keep love at a distance and not to lose the thread of communication - guide for lovers

lovers who expect a long separation, you should follow the simple rules of communication to save the love relationship.

  • First of all, we should clearly define the period of separation. partners who have to expect it will be much easier to accept and move the separation, if it is at least roughly know the time and date of the return of its second half.
  • Every day should be full of full communion. Even if there is no time for a phone conversation, you can do caressing gentle message or mail to e-mail.It helps lover feel important and necessary.
  • short meetings can be an ideal option for long separation. For example, you can spend holiday together, or holidays.Partner in moments of loneliness will be something to remember.
  • partner should get a sense of intimacy and love. Talk about what happens every day in your life, new ideas and experiences.In the context of the possible declaration of love.
  • to feel greater affinity for distance, partners may agree to go to the movies in the same time on the same film , via video dinner together, talking about everything that excites and interests.Videophone allow for even a romantic rendezvous with candles and a glass of wine on either side of the monitor.

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In what situation would not get your relationship, remember: the cause of all the problems occurring is not the distance, but the people themselves .Pay more understanding and attention to a loved one, spend more time together, and then your feelings will not be afraid of any distance and interference.

What do you think about love at a distance?Perhaps you yourself have gone through a similar situation?Share your stories in the comments below!