10 of the best restaurants in Moscow - meet beautiful!

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18 March 2016

If you do not often go to restaurants, you know that the most popular in the capital are the following specialties: European, Italian, author, Russian, Japanese and French.There is nothing unusual, it is - a classic of world cuisine.

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Which restaurants of the city of Moscow - the best? If you are asking this question, then, this article - for you.

Among the variety of restaurants in Moscow, you can select the most popular 10:

  • restaurant-cafe "Pushkin» - is an example of aristocratic dining culture.It recreates the atmosphere of an aristocratic mansion.The entire room is literally shrouded in a veil of the 18th century. Cafe settle like a noble house, consisting of several rooms of traditional rooms.So in the "Pushkin" hall presents "Drugstore" room "Cellar", "Fireplace Room" room "Orangerie", "Summer terrace" rooms "and a mezzanine library."A meal accompanied by live music - instrumental orchestra or flute and harp duo. definite plus of this restaurant - a graceful interior, polite staff, nice atmosphere and great food.Serve here, by the way, classic dishes with a French aristocratic cuisine "streaks".There is also a non-smoking room.
    average check is 1500 rubles.
    Address - Tverskoy Boulevard, 26a.


  • trendy restaurant in Moscow Vogue Café. menu includes dishes of the institution of different nations, so everyone will find something to your liking. Cafe interior is not something very special and elegant.But inside the cute enough and somehow at home warm. A main advantage of the restaurant - it was his chef, who creates incredible dishes.Despite the fact that all of them are plain, their tastes are inimitable and fresh.In addition, the menu appears regularly news.
    Vogue Café Average bill 1,800 rubles.

    address Restaurant - street.Kuznetsky Most, 7/9


  • cafe-restaurant chain "De Marco". This - the popular metropolitan restaurants in the Venetian style.The interior is amazing its refinement.Subdued light coffee and soft colors create a romantic mood, and a children's room allows you to relax with your child - it is great to spend time without disturbing their parents. Cook serves European, Japanese, Italian and original cuisine. In addition, the restaurant keeps up with the times, so it can be treated with meatless dishes, Easter treats and other national delicacies.Chain restaurants "De Marco" has 8 schools, and they all work around the clock.
    Average ticket - 1500 rubles.

    Address - Street.Gardening Chernogryazskaya-Str. 13 CAO District Basmanny District


  • Mexican restaurant "El Gaucho". following representatives of our list, too, is a network restaurant.But it is the Latin American cuisine."El Gaucho" Paveletskaya - a distinctive atmosphere that transports you to distant Mexico with its original piquant dishes. situation does not hit its colonial chic, but in "El Gaucho" is ready to excellent steaks.It is for meat dishes here comes the majority of visitors.And here work great sommelier, who will provide you with the best drink. «El Gaucho" suited more for business meetings and evening visits than for a romantic rendezvous.Although, if you're a fan of Mexico, then your choice is already defined. Pleases helpful staff - from the assistants to the parking lot to the cooks and hostesses.
    where you can spend an incredible amount of money, but the average check is about 1600 rubles.By the way, the cheapest steak - 1800 rubles.

    address this institution - st.Zatsepsky Val 6


  • Cafe «Raguot» in our list, perhaps - the budget option.And «Raguot» - is not just a restaurant but a cafe, and a cooking school and shop.The creators of the culinary world has its own special concept.They believe that a good restaurant - it's not ultra expensive and exclusive place, and the kitchen, which is tasty and inexpensive feed and restaurant, where you can be happy to bring family and friends. you do not smoke and are allowed to bring your own alcohol, however - with the exception of strong liquor. Cafe always have highchairs and crayons.You can come with your child.
    Average check out some 1,100 rudders.

    address Restaurant - street.Most Georgian, 69


  • Restaurant "Gallery of artist» impresses with its scale.It is located in the building of "Art Gallery" Zurab Tsereteli. restaurant presents Russian and Georgian cuisine.Visitors are given the most beautiful halls: Italian, Slavic, bronze, flower, and the pride of places - "Winter Garden" for 500 people. Area places and very interesting interior attracted an impressive audience.And the prices are very decent, so this institution is suitable rather for special occasions.
    Average ticket - 2500 rubles.

    Address - Moscow, Prechistenka Street, 19, 1st floor Central Administrative District Khamovniki


  • Cafe - Restaurant "Manon." Initially - the place of French cuisine, which was reconstructed on a new rhythm of life, and now that day is a sophisticated restaurant with famous chef, and at night - a disco club with famous DJs.Not surprisingly, it was chosen by the representatives of Moscow's fashionable youth. Another distinctive feature of the restaurant - it's a smart terrace.
    Average ticket - 1200 rubles.

    places Address - Street.1905 2


  • Zolotoy restaurant impresses with its interior. Connoisseurs will appreciate the well-crafted design of a country house with its classical details and soft, light tones. Interior determines cuisine.Here are the best French cuisine in the new version.So "Guinea fowl in red sauce" - it is an analogy olive "rooster in red wine." the morning and in the afternoon - this is the place for business meetings and romantic dates, and in the evening - a place of temporal dislocation in Moscow, which fascinates unique gastronomy and exquisite interior.
    Average ticket - 1900 rubles.

    Address - Kutuzovsky Prospekt, 5/3.


  • best seafood restaurant La Maree. This - the only restaurant that every day buys the freshest fish.Here prepare all that swims in the seas and oceans.Any fish that you can remember, you will present in a few minutes after ordering. Skate this restaurant, of course - Mediterranean cuisine.A signature dish from the chef - a fish in the eastern spices brioche with lobster and duck foie gras with quince jam.Be sure to visit La Maree, if you like fish and seafood.
    Average bill 2,500 rubles.

    address Restaurant - street Petrovka, 28/2 Tverskoy District Central Administrative District


  • Buddha-bar for fans of the east. In the middle of the room stands a large golden Buddha statue.The entire interior is just packed with oriental items: pillows, wrought iron details, textured fabrics and wooden decor. In addition, there is tasty food.Here are the European and Asian cuisine, as well as the direction of newfangled fusion, which connects nesoedenyaemoe and makes this masterpiece.
    average bill - from 2300 rubles.

    Address - Color Boulevard, 2, 1st floor;BC Legend of Tsvetnoy Central Administrative District of the Tver region.


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In choosing a restaurant matter cuisine and atmosphere of places .After all, you can just eat at home, and have a good time - only in the restaurant.