Why am I a loser: maneuvers and systems that lead to bad luck

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19 March 2016

Remember the words of a popular song: "What would they do - not things are going.We can see them on Monday mother gave birth "?To develop a complex of a loser - easily.It is much more difficult - to get rid of him.

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Today we talk about a favorite method of people-losers and analyze - how to get rid of bad luck in life .

content of the article:

  • maneuvers losers - how to raise a complex of a loser?
  • I'm a loser - what to do, how to stop being a loser?

maneuvers losers - how to raise a complex of a loser?


  • If you are not yet holding the case, already know that do not do it - you loser!
  • Unless you splashed a passing car, you - the loser!
  • If it ends up in front of you desired item, you - the loser!
  • If you're late for work, on the bus, on a date, you - the loser!

And, if you consider yourself a failure - then the way it is.So, you like when you regret you sympathize justif

y your mistakes.

Agree - comfortable position : no responsibility, no demand.You - a loser, "loser", that you take?

low self-esteem, unwillingness to compete with setbacks

Kranks are not born, they become.

When a person is too lazy to move to the target, it just once justified : I did not get.It will not be like the ant, drag myself to a heavy load.What for? It is always at the ready excuse me - "loser", so do not even worth trying.

  • Losers-whiners. Typically, these failures do not go and wander through life in every way cultivating a complex of a loser, even his dull appearance demonstrating resignation.As a rule, they have no permanent friends.Well, someone tell me in a state of long endure this constant whining?
  • Losers wrestlers. Besides aching losers, there is neudachniki- fighters.These lion's share of spending on efforts to convince themselves and others that, despite all efforts, they have nothing.They patiently listen to the advice of friends, but I do everything on his own.They revel in their failures.Realizing this, friends just stop paying attention to their whining.

I'm a loser - what to do, how to stop being a loser?

  • Trite, but man - himself a blacksmith of his own happiness. Is fortunate colleagues, neighbors, friends do not be late for work?Do not they fall under the rain, forget the umbrella at home?Do not they "took a dirty shower" from a passing car?
  • The only difference in the assessment of the situation.In psychology loser - resignation, lucky people even temporary setbacks are optimistic.
  • did not work the first time?No problem! Lucky will try again and again until you get the desired result.
  • As cease to be a loser? Maybe we should try to relate to failures calmer?In advance to prepare for an important meeting?Just before leaving their homes in order to have time to spare?


  • Change your attitude to the world ... ... and the world will change attitude towards you. Just think: people are losers in a state of permanent low-intensity stress, they are confident that they are in a vicious circle of large and small problems.And where it says that this circle can not unlock?
  • me!Go ahead of me! See also: How to confidently and easily change the profession after 40 years - the instruction.
  • Change your hairstyle, wardrobe, hair color!
  • Smile!Smile more often!
  • Look for the positive in everything. late for transport?Not end of the world.Who will drive the next bus. Forgot your umbrella at home?So you can build a coquettish cap of a plastic bag. splattered drove a car?Look, with what compassion looks at you out the cute guy.It's time - turn the situation to their advantage.

Why am I a loser

You just important to remember that - no hopeless situations !

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And yet, the losers, often remember the eastern wisdom: road by walking .

And how you win failures in life?Share your experiences in the comments below!