Salon keratin hair straightening - Video how to make keratin hair straightening , the cost of the procedure.

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22 March 2016

Almost all holders of curly hair thought about to straighten your hair, but few want to stand every morning in the mirror with a rectifier.Today, there are a huge number of cosmetic procedures to straighten unruly "mane" for a long time.One of these ways is keratin straightening.

keratin hair straightening

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Kinds of keratin hair straightening in the cabin - a keratin straightening suit you?

Keratin Straightening - a unique procedure allowing even straighten hair permed.Types of keratin straightening:

  • Brazilian keratin straightening. This kind of rectification will dull and brittle hair become more smooth and healthy.The protein and keratin contained in the composition of the rectifying means, fill the voids hair cuticles and protect the hair from the negative influence of the environment.One of the main advantages of the Brazilian straightening is considered to
    be its longevity.After the procedure, you can not worry about 5 months for his curls, as they will not be at all!Even after the rain or fog during your hair will remain the same lines as in dry weather.

keratin hair straightening

  • American keratin straightening different from Brazil that does not have in its composition formaldehyde.This method allows to improve the straightening of the hair and fill them with life.However, compared with the Brazilian straightening, the US is much more expensive and lasts a shorter period of time, so after a couple of months will have to refresh the effect.

keratin hair straightening

How does keratin hair straightening - mechanism of action of substances in the keratin straightening hair.

Today keratin straightening treatment - the most effective treatment for hair straightening.The uniqueness lies in the use of natural products based on keratin.It consists of keratin hair.So, how is keratin straightening?

  • Under the influence of high temperatures (up to 230 degrees) keratin begins to curl up very quickly and envelops the hair, creating a protective film around the hair.

keratin hair straightening

  • porous places and tips "sealed," which gives the hair a gorgeous shine and smoothness.
  • As part of the preparations are no chemicals, which certainly is a plus, because that chemicals can damage the hair and the destruction of hair follicles.
  • keratin molecules penetrate into every hair, improving its structure and eliminating the fluffy hair.
  • Also, this procedure will help get rid of static electricity, so the hair will be perfectly smooth and hair scales will be sealed.
  • Because of keratin, the hair cease to be afraid of smoke, exhaust fumes, dust and ultraviolet rays.

keratin hair straightening

procedure salon keratin hair straightening - video description technology keratin hair straightening.

This procedure is performed for a long time, but the time depends on the skill of the master and the length of the client's hair.Most often, keratin straightening takes 3-4 hours, but there were times when the client was sitting in a barber chair for about 7 hours.How is the salon keratin straightening:

  • Shampoo. To the hair shaft was more receptive to the keratin, the head washed with a special shampoo deeply cleanses the hair and scalp.On hair eliminate all pollution in the form of dust, sebum, precipitation and other exhaust gases.

keratin hair straightening

  • application of the drug. Once the hair is a little dried out, apply a special agent on keratin basis.As a result of this treatment, each hair is coated with a thin layer of protein, which straightens curly hair.

keratin hair straightening

  • drying. After rectifying means caused the hair to be dried.The most frequently used a hair cap, which dries the hair at the higher temperature.

keratin hair straightening

  • binding. Next comes the most important stage.Keratin is sealed with a special ironing temperature reaches 230 degrees.This step takes the most time, as the study of a single strand takes 5 to 7 minutes.

keratin hair straightening

Price keratin hair straightening in beauty salons Russia.

  • Price US keratin straightening in Russian showrooms will range from 1,500 to 7,500 rubles.depending on the length of hair.
  • In the view of the Brazilian keratin straightening you give in the salons of Russia from 1000 to 6000 rubles.Price also depends on the length and condition of the hair.

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