How can respond to a compliment self-respecting woman - the art of properly responding to compliments

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19 March 2016

All women, from time to time, hear compliments in his address.Some of compliments - from the heart, sincere, others - banal flattery and sycophancy, and others - from timid fans, the fourth - cheeky and shameless, and so forth. The response of the fairer sex compliments depends not only on the emotional send "flatterer", but also from the innerattitude woman.

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What should be the response to a compliment to the woman, and what is our fault?

How to respond to compliments men

content of the article:

  • Errors of women in response to compliments
  • reasons for incorrect responses compliments
  • How to correctly answer a compliment?

Common mistakes women in response to a compliment - learning to manage emotions!

Each lady has its own reaction to the praise - confusion, resentment, confusion, and others. We women are responding to compliments by virtue of its upbringing, character and other factors , but the main thing - do not allow errors in this case.

How to respond to compliments men

Namely ...

  • Do not mind
    If you have a compliment, do not just "running horse" to stop, saying, "You thought!", "There are better!" Or "Whatnonsense!You might think I am myself in the mirror did not see! ".This way you putting down herself, her talents, her dignity.Moreover, this reaction are you did not raise in the eyes of men, and even, on the contrary, to embarrass him.
  • Do not make excuses
    your beautiful dress, a good figure, unearthly eyes and all the ammunition of talent - is a reason for pride, not shame.No need to immediately tell that this tan you've spent a lot of time in the solarium that Amazing smooth legs cost you six months of sessions in the cabin, and this amazing bag with all second-hand.If you do not respect yourself, do not expect respect for themselves from others.
  • not ignore compliments
    Do not turn away from the ostentatiously contemptuous mien world and is the inaccessibility of their space, even if you are extremely confused and want to sink into the beautiful tiles in the store.It's just ugly, uncivilized and does not paint a woman.Of course, we are talking about a normal man with normal compliments instead of "Hey, chuvikhi where did you get such curves tights?" From the bench to the local Gopnik, or "Madam, you are so elegant, that could add me 10rubles for beer? "erring on the" specter of communism "with a couple of lights on her face.Normal man is your behavior hurts, insults or just cause rejection.If you already have children, you probably know that ignoring - the terrible reaction.
  • not express contempt
    even in unpleasant circumstances described above.Be above the woman's behavior that puts arrogant bow lips and twitching nostrils fastidiously looking through man.
  • If you have a compliment, do not jump for joy, clapping, throwing around his neck "flatterer" and express delight in other ways too emotional
    It - extreme.Abandoned by the phrase "How beautiful you are!" (For example) does not mean that now you have something to this man or obliged, as a minimum, give back a compliment.You owe nothing.We noted your beauty, talent, action?"Thank you," and "Ran go on."The more confusion in response to the praise, the more your unjustified nothing "sense of duty", the brighter the emotions of the (mostly) meaningless words - the more vulnerable you are to manipulate you in to men.And these goals are usually - not stamp in the passport and the villa for you in the Caribbean.See also: How to identify pikapera men - important advice for women.

How to respond to compliments men

reasons that do not allow a woman beautiful and correctly answer a compliment

random in our world does not exist.Everything is connected, and everything has a cause and effect.No exception - and the reaction of the woman compliments.

Why are we not able to respond adequately to praise , and the reason for embarrassment, anger or desire "to send his compliments to the bath?"

  • rejection of human
    The first and main reason.People just do not like it, frankly unpleasant or is he just a stranger to you, and my mother taught you not to respond to "unscrupulous" compliments beautiful and brutal strangers (on the principle of "Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf").
  • low self-esteem
    second most common cause.For some reason you believe (or have someone assured, "drum", forced to accept as fact) that you - a terrible, legs you do not like Cameron Diaz, and the place from which they grow, wrong.A hand - so do not nailed there, and even the sky deprived talents.Why did you decide that you do not deserve a compliment?Why do you think that some Jennifer Lopez and some were not?Yes, it has insured part of the body, which for many years drooling men from all over the world, but none of the "ass", even the insured, not resist the influence of pregnancy, the time and old age.Especially that one only the smell of your borscht men go system, as if hypnotized, and barely noticed your smile stunning fall stacks.Spit on their prejudices and complexes and already start to respect yourself.And love.
  • embarrassment and guilt
    Repetition - the mother of learning: if your merits recognize it does not mean that others are living in a world of illusions or bad you know.This means that your talent (appearance, beauty and so on.) Appreciated.Except when you frankly lie, and you know it."I like you - I'm" in the case of compliments will be like "cock praises kukuha."Be natural and learn to accept compliments feminine wisdom - a little condescending, with a half smile, and then throwing them out of my head.
  • high self-esteem
    next extreme.Women in this category usually are offended that their praises enough hard or not for.Or spotted only "tops" while the "roots" are more attention and praise.In this situation, one board - look at ourselves and engage their self-correction.Exaggerated self-love is called selfishness.
  • Pathological suspicion
    Of course, if at 2 am, returning from the guests, you suddenly hear from the bushes threatening - "You - my prelesst!" Then ponder "how to answer him ..." not worth it - to sprinklemuzzle villain from a gas cartridge (or deodorant), hit his knee on a causal place and gets away with all haste.But every man, make you a compliment, to see the scoundrel, maniac and just a mercenary type - is the path to a psychologist (if not - to a psychiatrist).Because the installation of "Peace - it's evil," "all men - free ..." "Yeah, I again made a compliment, so I attract too much attention, it's time to put on the veil and gown of sacking" or "I - a nonentity, and unworthypraise "- originally come from problems in the inner psychological balance.Beware - it's good intuition - even better, chronic ill-founded suspicion to all - pathology.Blessed with such an installation can not be sure.

How to respond to compliments men

How to respond to a compliment to the men - instructions for self-respecting women

you a compliment. How to react, what to say? Joy, blush or flee without looking back?

  • to start - turn intuition
    women, it rarely fails.If you feel and see that you are shamelessly cheated that "out from under you" want something, hoping for the return nod, trying to soften, put in an awkward position - do not show their emotions, politely nod and go about their business.If your beau prilipchiv too - follow the advice in how to discourage the obsessive boyfriend.
  • imagine - sometimes people say compliments just to please each other!
    Accept this fact and rejoice in the fact that you love and appreciate.And even a little flattery of a good man not hurt.
  • not convince "flatterer" in reverse
    Everyone is entitled to their opinion.This is for you your talent does not mean anything, but man can not see anything surprising in their lives.And in general - with the more obvious.Thank you and forget about the compliment (tormented because of it, do not sleep at night, weigh its "validity" and look for the pitfalls to anything).
  • If your heartfelt emotions in response to a compliment not match expectations "flatterer" - do not worry man
    Keep your emotions to yourself.Sincerity, of course - that's fine, but it is possible and finally "finish" man.Smile - your best answer.Only a modest smile - not Hollywood, not encouraging, not ingratiating.And fewer words."Thank you" or "Thank you" is enough.If the sense of humor is no problem (both, of course) - you can reply to praise in a joking tone.And the situation is discharged, and an awkward pause is over, and besides - laughter prolongs life.
  • no mistake
    Do not fill compliment some global sense, that there did not invest.Maybe yours, for example, a colleague at work just wanted to please you - well, that's his mood is there.And you, blushing and turning pale, flounder, perceiving his words for the invitation to closer communication (especially dangerous if you feed him feeling).Such reactions may cost you spoiled reputation and disappointments.Try to distinguish between polite gallantry of a real flirt.

compliment, when it comes from the heart - it is an additional piece of "Sun" for any woman. Take it with dignity , like a small gift, and return man back to his positive energy.

Remember, please, various situations of compliments in your life, and share your stories in the comments below!