Why do parents against the favorite guy and what to do when the parents do not like the groom?

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25 March 2016

situation where the parents do not like the guy's daughter, are not uncommon - even Romeo and Juliet suffered from parental misunderstanding.And in the modern world are the same unhappy couples.

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Why is this happening? After all know and accept the fact that it is - the choice of his daughter, and spend my life with the young man would have a girl, not her parents.

Parents Against groom - what to do

content of the article:

  • Why do parents against the guy?
  • What if parents are against the guy?
  • What can be done if the parents against the groom?

The reasons why parents may not like your fiance - so why parents against the guy?

there is no smoke without fire.If parents do not like the guy - maybe something really it's not.

Parents wiser life experience and therefore understand each situation differently.You may be under the influence of the strong love that closes its eyes.A parents see all the disadvantages and possible outcomes of your relationship.

They always want for your child only the best, so often have excessive demands on young people.

Parents Against groom - what to do

  • Parents may assume that girl too young , even if much of it is 20. If less than 18 daughters and a boy much older than her, such relationships can not only scare parents.After all, she still can not objectively evaluate the attitude to it from a young man, and he can use her naivete.Nothing good will come of it.
  • also may not like the groom parents, if he for many years older than even an adult woman. For example, when she was 25 and he was over 35. It is not always a bad thing, the main thing - the right to explain it to parents.See also: Relationship with a difference in age - is there a future?
  • dark past of a young man does not add to good relations to him. If he transgressed the law, was a drug addict and led an immoral life, it may be feared that nothing good in alliance with the daughter of a guy will bring.Girl namuchaetsya with him and her life, and happiness will be destroyed.
  • Since the beginning of your relationship you lead a bad life for parents .Late return home, often walk, drink a lot, or even at home do not appear.Gave up work or study.This can not but cause bad feelings.
  • possible, the young man has serious flaws, you because of "blind love" does not see.Maybe he's rude to treat you, too jealous, ruffled nerves, and parents see your suffering.Perhaps he drinks a lot or an avid gambler and spends all his time at parties, clubs and entertainment.
  • Maybe parents simply go too far. believe that a person with no education or with financial problems no match for their daughter.They want to see next to her only handsome, successful, intelligent young man who will cherish his wife, endowing her with diamonds and furs.

What if parents are against Man - become wiser and looking for compromises

  • We must try to understand the parents , because they will not strangers and only want the good.If the reason is that they do not want to give you the desired share of freedom and independence, it is necessary to explain that you are an adult and understand what can cause your actions.IeYou give yourself a full account in its actions - it will calm the parents.

Parents Against groom - what to do

become an adult - it means to be responsible for their actions .Know that if you make a mistake, then the results would have to dig itself.

  • Maybe the guy really "defective"? And you do not respect, and creates a sea of ​​problems.Then, if you want this at all?It is necessary to look at the half in new ways.
  • Parents may not notice its positive qualities. then is to tell them about it.For what you love and respect.Why are you with it, but not with anyone else.

Helpful Hint: first acquaintance with the parents need to survive.Many parents do not like the guy the first time.Because the meet on clothes, but escorted by a mind.Later, they will realize that he is a good man and a decent choice for you.You just need to give parents a cool and calm.

Parents Against groom - what to do

  • Try to talk with parents : to know what is not liked in the young man.And to think, how to fix it - if that is possible.
  • Find something in common with parents and the guy .People love a person related to them.Perhaps Dad, the guy loves fishing and loves to cook, Mom.Maybe he prefers to the same music or books that parents and loves old movies.
  • If there was an open conflict with the statement of their views with each other, need to reconcile the parties, and the first step is to make a guy , because he is at least under.

What absolutely can not do if parents are against the groom - sage advice for the wise women

  • can not fight with my parents , in spite of doing, including pregnant.Pregnancy can not solve any problem - whether it is a misunderstanding, the preservation of family disintegration, later to marry.All will only get worse.Misunderstandings escalate, and trouble will add a hundred times.
  • can not blackmail the parents , including his death, running away from home.It will not add to your parental love the guy.They will simply hate, because he is the cause of strife in the family.
  • arguing with parents , claim that they have changed their attitude: "Why you do not like?He is good! "," You have to accept it - this is my choice. "As it is impossible to love on command, and you can not change your attitude at the behest of another person.
  • can not complain about the guy parents .After a quarrel, you make peace and forget grudges, and they - no.They hate that someone brings pain to their child.The instinct of protection of offspring is triggered at the level of relations.
  • not throw guy, if you really love him. Parents can not objectively assess the human.They may simply be wrong.But, if you believe that he - your destiny, then you need to fight for it.

Parents Against groom - what to do

only "but»: If a girl is still a JNA - younger than 16-19 years, it needs to follow the advice of their parents, and not to go to them in defiance.Of course, love for all ages, but it is worth listening to the parents, because on their side - age, experience, and wisdom.

If you do not listen to their advice, you can fill a lot of cones.Stay, at least with a broken heart and a maximum - a shattered destiny .And then bitterly regret his stupidity and lack of confidence to adults who were still wrong.

What would you do in a situation where parents are against the groom?We welcome your opinion!