To marry not for love - the pros and cons marriage of convenience

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25 March 2016

Today quite common to hear the phrase "marriage of convenience".And it seems that over the years the number of such "artificial" union increases.In another way, arranged marriages are called "interference in the affairs of the heart of the mind."But it is worth considering - whether or not such a bad marriage, all the talk about it?

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answer the question can only be understood in itself, and carefully consider the pros and cons of such a marriage .The key in any case is considered to be relevant to your partner and intent, which is the marriage .

To marry not for love - the pros and cons marriage of convenience

impetus for the marriage of a person may act for reasons such as:

  • desire to have a legitimate family relationships.
  • fear of being alone.
  • necessary foundation of family and upbringing of children.
  • Obtaining registration.
  • Improving the financial well-being.

marriage of convenience should be called an alliance of two people, which one wealth puts in place real feelings .Such a marriage is based on finding the perfect candidates to clearly inherent in the requirements.

For the set of the fairer sex ideal of genuine men directly associated with its ability to earn big money, and as a consequence - create comfortable conditions for family , provide and maintain it.

To marry not for love - the pros and cons marriage of convenience

Others ladies prefer to marry a kind, faithful and stable in their preferences of the person;or marry a good and nice guy.And it should be noted that all expectations present calculation .

If we consider the real situation, married with effective and reliable person there is nothing wrong , because quite often the male social welfare means that the man has realized himself, for which he deserves credit.Almost always vital "lack of success" indicates quite the opposite.

The Union is not a love of the spouses does not dazzle a burning feeling that talking about their tendency to put an objective assessment of his handpicked successor, considering all the advantages and disadvantages.First of all, a marriage of convenience - a winning trade , where everyone understands that everything can be bought and sold.

To marry not for love - the pros and cons marriage of convenience

consider the positive aspects of a marriage of convenience:

  • excluded quarrel , related to financial issues and everyday problems.
  • eliminate the risk of complete love.
  • possible, avoid big fights through mutual respect for all the agreements. See also: The marriage contract - the pros and cons of whether to enter into a marriage contract in Russia?
  • Spouses do not expect from each other reverent attention and tender feelings, do not require a mandatory loyalty.
  • Both spouses live in the real world and not build for yourself any illusions.

There are cases when marriage of convenience turns into a "love unionĀ» .Being attached to each other, between the people erupted strong feeling called love.Nothing is impossible and it is possible to try to achieve a positive result.

To marry not for love - the pros and cons marriage of convenience

But despite all the advantages, marriages of convenience and have obvious flaws

  • First of all, can always be present thought that the calculation is not justified.
  • In case of violation prescribed in the contract conditions, the culprit is not nothing.
  • present a risk to human relationships, how to acquire things.
  • constant presence and control hard keeping friends, behavior, money, time.
  • solution to all financial problems remain in the hands of a wealthy spouse.
  • lot of unpleasant emotions from an intimate relationship with the unloved man.

To marry not for love - the pros and cons marriage of convenience

Marriage without love is not just.Tom is preceded by specific reasons, including:

  • Marriage of
    In this case, a pretty young bride marries elderly groom.But do not judge strictly a woman, for her desire to live beautifully on other people's money.Though, most likely, it's not even married, and some commodity market relationships where the woman simply sells itself.Fear of women in such marriages plays a huge role.
  • Age
    All girlfriends already married, the younger sister brings up the first-born, and you have not even a lover.In this situation, there is a desire to marry the first comer, unloved, just to catch up to menopause to give birth.
  • Fear not meet their "soul mateĀ»
    She is not sure of himself, and experiencing that never meet the man of her dreams.She doubts in love, despair and marries "anyone anyhow."The result - two unhappy people living under one roof.

If you have something to say about a marriage of convenience or a union without love - we are grateful for your opinion!