12 Rules applying tanning without stains on the face and body - how to apply self-tanning?

By Admin | Beauty
23 March 2016

Pale transparent legs are no longer popular, so the girls have resorted to various methods of tanning.If your skin reacts negatively to UV rays, that is another way to get a bronze tan that does not look like a white crow on the beach - tanning.

But how competently apply tan without streaks?


  1. First you need to choose the right tool for tanning

To test how the chosen tool you like, apply a little mixture on the back of the hand, and wait 12 hours.If 12 hours have not found allergic reactions such as rash or irritation, you can safely use this tool for tanning the whole body.

  1. next step is waxing

This must be done in order to get around the hair has not been flocked tanning, otherwise the skin will be spotted.It is better not to do hair removal procedure on the same day, but one day, as a day pass irritation after epilation.

  1. the morning, before the application of self-tanning, the skin should be thoroughly cleaned

Take a shower with an exfoliating gel or with scrub

.You can also use anti-cellulite washcloth to exfoliate the skin of the buttocks and thighs.


  1. Next, wipe the skin and give it a "cool down" (to soothe irritated skin)

This will go tanning evenly.

  1. Then apply a skin moisturizer that contains oil

It is also necessary for even distribution of tanning.

  1. To lay tan without streaks, should be applied to the means, starting with the feet and gradually move to the shoulders
  • Apply tanning should be very fast, because otherwise you can leave some areas moredark.
  • very carefully apply suntan on the knees, elbows, ankles and neck region, that the effect of the sun in these areas is very noticeable.
  • It is best to apply the tan paired with someone else, as on the back and the back of the thighs is very hard to put on their own means.
  • Do not forget that the back of your neck and ears, too, need to work out the tanning.
  • There is one secret - Apply tanning wet sponzhikom.
  • If you mix tanning cream for the body, you can get a lighter skin tone, avoiding the spots "cheetah".


  1. to tan evenly on the face, use a cotton swab, otherwise there is a risk of getting tan striped with divorce.
  • Mix day cream and means of self-tanning in a 1: 1 - that will help you get a lighter shade of tan.
  • Leave unspoilt area under the eyes, eyelids and lips.
  • very well need to work out the part where there is a shift from the cheeks to the ears and the chin to the neck, otherwise you risk to get the effect of the mask on your face.

  1. After the procedure, wash your hands very well with soap and nail brush clean, otherwise you will go with the color of the next few days.
  2. 1,5 hours after you are dealt a means for self-tanning, you have to walk around the apartment naked , since put on clothes and can not sit down.
  3. After 1.5 hours, do not wear bright clothing or tight-fitting clothing.

In the first case you mess up the clothes and wash off tan will be difficult.

In the second case, the seams narrow dresses or jeans can break even tan.


  1. Beauticians are advised to refrain from taking baths at least 4-5 hours after the application of self-tanning

This will help it to better absorb, but you'll be sure not to leave out of the shower leopard.

  1. better not to accept a bath and shower

better not to rub the washcloth as it's not very well affect your "new" skin.But do not be frightened if after 5 hours you take a shower and the water is brown shade - this is normal.Just coming off a coloring pigment, which is not absorbed skin.

Update tanning then have every 4-5 days , but worth it!

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