Universal presents the top 10 women on March 8 - and that are giving you?

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21 March 2016

Not far off on March 8, but not all countries have identified men with gifts for the lovely ladies.Of course, you can present your favorite bouquet of tulips, box of chocolates and a bottle of toilet water, but is not it better this year to surprise dear to people's original and memorable gift?

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Today we look at ten universal, but at the same time - for original gifts to women on March 8.

Universal presents on March 8

  • Present your own hands, or hand-made finished products
    Even at school we are all as one asserted that the best gift - is personally done!Certainly, executed with an open heart and soul gift, sure to please the dear heart of man.But what if the time to autograph the art there, and the International Women's Day is coming soon?In specialty stores
    attention of buyers presented gifts hand-made, that is,handmade products from fabric, wool yarn.Needle women from all over the country are working to creat
    e stunning masterpieces that would later become one of the best modern gifts for celebrations.It can be jewelry, toys, boxes, quilts, handbags, pillows.
  • Long live the soap fragrant: fragrant handmade soaps
    gentle soap made of natural ingredients with essential oils - nice and useful gift woman on March 8.
    Universal presents on March 8
    When selecting important not to lose with the scent as a variety of skin friendly soap is great: fruit, honey, floral, chocolate, extracts of herbs.
  • fruit or candy bouquets - delicious gifts
    original gifts for women can be a sweet song.Bouquets are made from fresh fruit or chocolates.The bright and tasty we launched sure will please the fair sex, regardless of age.
  • Capture the moment: photo session in a gift
    Elite photo studio on the eve of International Women's Day offer their customers certificates for holiday photographs.Spring photographing with loved ones, family or girlfriends would be a universal gift for every woman!
    Universal presents on March 8
    pleasant moments spent with loved ones, not only remain in the memory of a lifetime, but also decorate the home environment enchanting photographs.
  • romantic dinner on the roof - a special March 8 for two loving hearts
    unforgettable adventure on the roof of his house can be arranged not only in the Valentine's Day!Melodious music, reddish-purple hues of sunset, sparkling champagne and affectionate embrace of a loved one - a secret dream of a romantic nature.The unique features of the original Leisure International Women's Day offer most agencies.These services include the modest furnishings of the roof wicker chairs, table with organization of fruit and wine, optional custom musician.Get yourself lucky organized an evening stroll on the roofs too real.Have a look at his beloved boring cityscape during sunset with a bird's eye, and she will tell you definitely "yes"!
  • horseback riding, swimming with dolphins - full of creativity on
    Horse riding instructor - know-how among the gift ideas for women.Invite your lady love a trip to the park, away from the noise, crowds and annoying exhaust cars.
    Universal presents on March 8
    And if want even more drive and creativity, while Call it in to a private dolphin swim with the intelligent mammals - dolphins!The charge of energy, positive emotions and good mood is provided for the year ahead.
  • Classics of the genre - Fashion Accessories
    high quality jewelery in a beautiful performance absolutely deliver genuine pleasure to all women of the planet.Luxury earrings decorated with semi-precious stones, beautiful necklace with natural pearls, commemorative ring with engravings - diverse selection of jewelry.Spring Festival will be truly warm, if a jewelry gift will be warmed with love and reverence, which can be expressed in an extraordinary gift giving.
  • realization of a dream - the original and the most important long-awaited gift
    Every woman has a secret dream, which she might have shared with her man.March 8 - a win-win time for its implementation!Someone wants to see the world - give a ticket to the cruise.
    Universal presents on March 8
    Someone wants to become an artist - a course record of artistic excellence, because never too late to start.Or maybe someone like to fly - jump with a parachute favorite.Enthusiasm, excitement, emotional outburst at the time of the long-awaited dreams guaranteed.
  • Makeup is not enough: are presenting high-quality cosmetic kits
    women Dressing table and the contents of her purse constantly go on about love female to different sets of cosmetics.Of course, to choose men cosmetics is not recommended, but recourse to specialized salons professional advice welcome.
  • Go for healing!Gift certificates in SPA-salons
    a holiday to forget about all the problems, relax and enjoy - not this the dream of all women?
    Universal presents on March 8
    remarkable gift on the eve of International Women's Day will be a certificate for a trip to the SPA-center.Fish massage, Thai massage, Floating, peeling will give an unforgettable feeling of rest, rejuvenate the skin and beneficial effect on the female body.

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