Tanning in a beauty salon - stages of the procedure, the result, the price of tanning salon

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24 March 2016

At the beginning of the last century pallor ceased to be a sign of aristocracy.Today all dream about tanned skin as tan visually slim figure, allows the use of different makeup.But what about those who are not on the wallet expensive resort coast, and who can not stay long in the sun?

On comes in tan.

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  • Benefits tanning salon in
  • stages of tanning treatments in the beauty salon
  • results in tanning salon tanning
  • Price in beauty salons in Russia

Benefits of tanning in the salon -Are there any contraindications to the tanning salon?

Many of the girls have a problem skin, which is why they can not stay in the sun or in the solarium.Here they help and comes to tanning salon , no negative effect on the skin.So, what other advantages are tanning performed in a beauty salon?

  • If you can not sunbathe because of what some systemic diseases , the tanning - a good choice.
  • number tanning shades allows choosing the desired tone without difficulty.
  • If you do the procedure bronzing in the cabin, you can not be afraid that the skin will remain unsightly smudges or uneven areas as quality pollination ensures even distribution of the composition on the skin .
  • Save time .Inside a couple of minutes you can get a tan acquired by people in the resorts of 2-3 weeks.tanning

Contra tanning:

  • sores or cuts in the skin.
  • Skin diseases (neurodermatitis, eczema, psoriasis).
  • Pregnancy.Applying bronzer funds can be bad for the state of the fetus.

stages of tanning treatments in the beauty salon

Despite the fact that tanning is almost no contraindications, should be very well prepared for this procedure.The steps of the procedure in a beauty salon tanning include ...

  • Cleansing .Usually there is a shower cabin, so you can take a shower, using a special washcloth - to avoid flaking skin and even distribution of tanning.However, do not rely only on the interior.Alone in the morning, take a shower with a washcloth to remove dead cells of the skin.We advise not to use exfoliating before and after the procedure, tanning, or sunburn will hold much less.
  • Next - you wear special cap and swimsuit (in some salons tanning procedure can be done without a bathing suit, a tan to be uniform throughout the body).In this case, it is better not to wear expensive swimsuit as to wash it from the bronzer will be very difficult.
  • Of special spray you will applied staining solution , which is absorbed in 3-4 minutes.Typically the dye is created based on bamboo, so it is practically non-allergenic.
  • Then you take a shower without soap and washcloths , otherwise active soaping not even give you a bronze tan and leopard coloring.

tanning results in the cabin - as he keeps?

Tanning, done in the salon professionals, will be held 1-2 weeks .You get a nice even tan that will be envied by all your colleagues, who have not yet relax at the resorts.

Coming off a coloring pigment together with dead cells of the skin, so do not be surprised if during the shower water is brown tint.

Price tanning beauty salons in Russia

Despite the fact that the effect of tanning in a salon is held long enough, the cost of this procedure is not so high. cost tanning salon in Russia varies from 700 to 2000 rubles.

Price tanning procedure depends on the professional masters level salon, tanning solution composition and other factors.

However, if you stumble upon a lounge, which serves to carry out the procedure for tanning, for example, for 300 rubles - it is worth to think twice before agreeing to the proposal.Many salons do discount on tanning in the case if the means for bronzing the deadline date.

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