Lamination of hair salon - video prices, the use of lamination hair and contraindications

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24 March 2016

Lamination of hair - a unique procedure, which allows to restore damaged hair.If you over-dried hair from a hair dryer, ironing or unsuccessful painting, this cosmetic procedure can restore your hair to its former beauty.

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  • Benefits lamination hair
  • Contraindications laminating hair
  • lamination step hair salon
  • Price lamination hair salons

Benefits laminating hair - is there any harm?

first and most obvious question to ask - what is the use of this procedure and whether there is harm from it?


What gives this procedure?

  • favor.All hairdressers unanimously assert that this procedure is harmless.Moreover, the use of this procedure is very much, as a means for laminating consists entirely of natural ingredients.The composition means no hydrogen peroxide or ammonia which makes it absolutely harmless.Natural substances care for the hair - this property fits perfectly girls with any type of hair.
  • harm.If experts hair care say that the procedure for laminating harmless, many doctors think differently.They believe that any covering for the hair - it's bad.According to doctors, the composition means for laminating eventually falls off, taking with them the scales of the hair.This weakens the hair shaft, and your hair is rapidly losing luster.Also, doctors say that after this procedure hair become brittle and dry, so do lamination have to constantly.Also do not forget - any interference with the natural processes of the body is fraught with troubles.But part of the means for laminating a very gentle, so this procedure - the right choice.

Contraindications laminating hair - who does not need to do the procedure?

Lamination of hair - this is a very important procedure.So first find out whether you can do it.


What are the contraindications to the procedure?

  • Lamination increases the weight of the hair by means of the composition. If your hair is dry, and hair loss, you know from experience, it is necessary to abandon the procedure.If the hair follicles are not sitting very deep, there is a risk of rapid and abundant hair loss.If you do decide to make a lamination, the advance go to the salon and walk procedure for the treatment of hair loss.
  • If you have very long hair (below the waist), it should not be Laminated , as this can lead to hair loss.
  • should also forget about the procedure lamination, if you have skin disease head .This is necessary to consult a doctor and then sent to the interior.
  • Do not forget that if the color are open sores, scars or bruises , it should abandon the lamination for a time until all the damage to the skin will not heal.

Stages procedure lamination hair salon - videos

procedure lamination hair is carried out from an hour to two hours.


consists of what stages this cosmetic procedure?

  • cleaning hair. First you need to clean the hair with a special shampoo to hair in the scales did not have any contamination.Use a regular shampoo, it is suitable for your hair type.
  • hot phase. Once hair is washed and dried, they applied a special regenerating means, which opens the hair scales and filling the gaps between them.Also during this phase the scalp dilate vessels.After that, put on the head of a warming cap, which allows nutrients to penetrate deeper into the hair structure.Typically, this step takes about 15 minutes.
  • oil. At this stage are applied to the hair, special oils as well as booster (adjuvant for increasing the rate of penetration of nutrients).These funds will restore the hair from the inside and create a protective layer.This step helps to quickly restore damaged hair.
  • cold phase. At this stage, is applied to the hair regenerating agent closes the hair scales.Also, narrowing the vessels on the scalp.This stage usually lasts less than five minutes, but the result you get elastic and silky hair.
  • Lamination. This step is directed to drug penetration elements into the porous portions of the hair and the alignment of its structure.Hair instantly get shine and silkiness.Time of this phase depends on which drug is used.
  • Finals. most recent step is washing and laminating sushkagolovy.Also do some traditional styling, not to damage the newly restored hair.

Price lamination of hair in beauty salons of Moscow and St. Petersburg

We are to understand what lamination, and how it is carried out.


But how much will it cost so much pleasure, and what determines the price?

  • In any salon will tell you that the price depends on the length and volume of hair (the thicker the hair, the more expensive cost procedure), as well as the quality of the mixture for lamination.
  • Prices for lamination Moscow range from 1,500 to 5,000 rubles , depending on the length of hair.Many girls with hair below the waist, coming to the salon, cut them to the blades to the lamination procedure was cheaper and did not cause harm.
  • In the salons of St. Petersburg you can make the lamination is cheaper than in the salons of Moscow.Prices range from 800 to 2500 rubles .It depends on the level of beauty and prestige.

Photos (before and after lamination)

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Photo lamination process:

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