8 best lipsticks Nude in 2014 - what shade of lipstick NUDE choose you?

By Admin | Beauty
24 March 2016

As in clothing, makeup, fashion is changing regularly.In the past year were fashionable red shades, and this year on the covers of glossy magazines flaunt nyudovoy girl with lipstick.Many people mistakenly believe that the lipstick NUDE has beige shade - it is not.Pick up the lipstick should be so that it coincides with the natural color of the lips.

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So what lipstick NUDE are the best in 2014?

Best Nude lipstick 2014

  • YSL Sweet Honey
    This is - a great option for a light-skinned girls, because of the warm shade of lipstick does not fit tanned girl.


    Lipstick has a matte texture of light brown color.Due to its shape easy to apply lipstick without using a brush.This cosmetic agent will help make your lips softer, align the tone of the lips and cover the wound.
    average price of this lipstick - 1100 rub.
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  • Chanel Rouge Allure Fantastique
    This tool lightens lip
    s, while maintaining a natural shade.
    Best Nude lipstick 2014
    This lipstick is more appropriate, fair-haired, dark-haired because not go sand shades.The texture allows the lipstick to go pigment tightly.Composition of Chanel Rouge Allure Fantastique caring for the skin, heals wounds.
    cost lipstick on the average 1500 rubles.
  • PUPA Diva`s Rouge
    This lipstick is perfectly suitable both blondes and brunettes who want to add luster to his own image.Natural color of the lips is emphasized by a light shine.
    Best Nude lipstick 2014
    Reflective particles in the composition of lipstick makes lips more voluminous and desirable.Convenient packaging of lipstick you can use it even on the street, without the use of brushes.
    average price - 350 rubles.
  • L`Oreal Color Riche
    This lipstick has a rich pigment that makes it indispensable for evening makeup.If you - dark brunette, then this cosmetic cold shades will suit you.
    all the irregularities of the skin and cracks on the lips filled, thanks to a dense texture.Beautiful packaging will look good in every purse.
    average price of this lipstick NUDE - 400 rubles.
  • Guerlain Garance Rouge G Lipstick.
    This lipstick is ideal for brunettes.Despite the fact that the tone of lipstick looks bright, it is - a natural shade.
    Best Nude lipstick 2014
    Shortly after applying gain the color of your skin, moisturizing lip skin, hide all the flaws and slightly increase the lips, by reflective particles.Apply Guerlain Garance Rouge G Lipstick brush better not to overdo it with the amount of lipstick on your lips.
    average price of this lipstick - 1600 rub.
  • Natural code Lumene
    In this line there are a lot of trendy shades that highlight young skin.Natural shades of this series will approach both blondes and brunettes.
    Best Nude lipstick 2014
    As part of these lipsticks have natural oils, healing the delicate skin of the lips.These lipsticks are very long and do not hold heavier make-up and high-gloss finish creates the effect of the labia majora.
    average cost of the lipstick - 250 rubles.
  • the Color sensational Maybelline
    pink, beige, brown, coral shades.Such lipstick will help you every day to change, without changing virtually nothing.
    Best Nude lipstick 2014
    As part of these lipsticks combined vitamin E, honey nectar and microparticles pearls.These ingredients care for the skin of the lips, give them volume and natural well-groomed appearance.The lips will thank you for the use of lipstick.
    average price of cosmetic products - 270 rubles.
  • Long Lasting Artdeco
    Lipstick in shade NUDE this series are stable, have excellent texture and have a wide palette.Soft and extremely tender texture perfectly lies on the lips, it does not spread.Apply it is possible without the help of a brush and contour pencil as Long Lasting Artdeco perfectly pigmented skin.
    Best Nude lipstick 2014
    jojoba oil, beeswax, olive oil and vitamins to help moisten your lips to make them more attractive, as well as to protect the delicate skin of the lips from the environment.
    average price of this lipstick - 400 rubles.

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