Rights and obligations of the child's father after the divorce, or the care of all the incoming pope

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25 March 2016

Rights and obligations of the father coming From childhood, each of us believes that he too somehow, despite all the examples around, be happy and complete family.Alas, this dream is not always fulfilled.And worse, often the parents after a divorce are the real enemies.When you can not agree with the Pope amicably, we have to remember the rights and duties of his father after the divorce.What rights have the Pope on Sunday, and what are its obligations to the child?

content of the article:

  • duty of the father after the divorce
  • Rights father of the child after divorce
  • participation coming of the pope in the child's upbringing

duty of the father after the divorce - that coming Pope is obliged to do for your child?

Even after the divorce, my father left all his obligations to the child.
Rights and obligations of the father coming

cometh shall Dad:

  • participate in education and full development of the child.
  • Care for Health - mental and physical.
  • child develop spiritually and morally.
  • to ensure the child a complete secondary education.
  • provide child financially monthly order (25 percent - in the 1 st, 33 percent - for two, 50 per cent of their salary - for three or more children).Read: What if the father does not pay child support?
  • provide monetary help mother the period of her maternity leave.

Neglect father entails the application of measures provided for the Civil Code.

Rights father of the child after the divorce, and what to do if they are violated

Coming dad is not restricted in their rights to the child, unless the court has not made a different decision.
Rights and obligations of the father coming

In the absence of such decisions, the pope has the following rights :

  • Get all the information about the child , from both the educational institutions and of medical and others.When providing information to the pope refused, he can appeal it in court.
  • see the child indefinitely .If the former wife of a barrier to communication with the child, the question is also solved through the courts.If after the court decision wife maliciously violates the right to see the child, the court may decide on the subsequent transfer of the child to his father.
  • participate in education and content.
  • address issues relating to a child's education.
  • agree or disagree on the export of the child abroad.
  • agree or disagree to replace the names their child.

That is, after the divorce, mom and dad retain their rights to the child.

Sunday Pope: the moral aspect of the participation of the Pope coming in child

only depend on parents as their child go through a divorce - separation perceive mom and dad, as a new life stage, and will carry through life a deep psychological trauma.To minimize the fact of such injury to the child in a divorce, you should remember the following:

  • Strongly can not be adjusted against the child's father (mother) .Firstly, it is simply dishonest and secondly illegally.
  • Think not about settling accounts - the child. That is, from the building of your new relationship depends calm child.
  • not allow any quarrels and scandals during their child and do not use it in their conflicts.Even if one of the partners permits himself aggressive attacks should remain calm.
  • go to extremes not be .Do not try to compensate for the performance of any child to divorce his whims.
  • find in their new relationship that middle ground that will allow you take care of children, avoiding a showdown .
  • Participation incoming pope should not be a formal - the child must always feel the support and attention of his father.This concerns not only the holidays, weekends and gifts, but also participate in the daily life of the child.
  • Not everyone agrees with the pope on Sunday he determined schedule of visits ex-wife - a man is treated as infringement of his rights and freedoms.But for mental calmness child such a scheme more beneficial - child needs stability .Especially - in the context of such a family crisis.
  • With regard time that dad should spend with the child - is a matter of an individual.Sometimes more benefits bring some happy days in the month spent with my dad than a Sunday service.
  • territory for meetings also selected based on the situation, attitudes and interests of the child.
  • Be careful in discussing the divorce with the child or with anyone in his presence.Do not speak negatively about the father of the child or to show your feelings - "all the horrible life is over!".On this depends the peace of mind of your child.

Rights and obligations of the father coming
And try to keep their claims and claims below divorce.Now you - just partners in the education of the child .Only in your hands the foundation of a strong relationship of support, which, anyway, will come in handy in the future and both of you, and most importantly - your baby.