10 of the best BB cream - a BB cream you choose?

By Admin | Beauty
25 March 2016

Many women already know this cosmetic agent as VVcream.But when a woman comes unprepared to the store with makeup, then she involuntarily dazzled by the diversity of all kinds of cosmetic products.

What BB creams makes sense to buy, to avoid disappointment?

  • BB cream from Garnier - «The secret of perfection." This multifunctional magic remedy for skin care, you can hide even the largest of inflammation on the skin.This bb cream has a time action 5: gives the skin radiance, moisturizes for 24 hours, evens skin tone (regardless of color), hiding any imperfections.Also this bb cream has a sun protection factor of 15, which allows to use it in the summer, without worrying about their skin.VVcream by Garnier is available in two colors, which allows it to pick up the girls your tone.The average price - 250 rubles.


  • BB cream «Dream Pure» by Maybelline. This cream concealer to hide the flaws on your face, even with problematic skin.This VVcream available in three colors, so you can not worry ab
    out that summer on tanned skin, this means it will be bad to lie.This tool is perfectly moisturizes the skin, tightens pores without clogging them relieves the skin from oily sheen.It is also a means of reliably protect your skin from the sun's rays (SPF 15).This bb cream can be purchased at an average of 350 rubles.in every major store cosmetics.


  • BB cream «Perfect Skin" from Yves-Rocher. If you are allergic skin, the best choice would be the bb cream from Yves-Rocher, because it contains natural ingredients care for problem skin.White tea extract nourishes the skin, heals minor wounds and removing pimples.This tool removes the signs of fatigue, hide everything, even the most significant irregularities of the skin, makes the skin glow.It is also a means by Yves-Rocher protects the skin from external influences.VVcream "Perfect Skin" from Yves-Rocher is available in two colors.This tool can be purchased for 650 rubles.in retail stores Yves-Rocher.


  • BB cream «M Shiny» by Missha. If you've ever held in the hands of natural pearls, you can imagine the effect bb cream from Missha.Because of diamond and pearl powder, this tool will skin refined and aristocratic shimmer.The composition of this cream soothes the skin, removes redness, masks irregularities and protects irritated skin from external factors.As part of the tool has a lotus extract, which moisturizes, softens and strengthens skin cells.Antioxidants protect sensitive skin from air pollution and dust.SPF - 27. The official internet magazineMissha can buy this bb cream for 350 rubles.


  • BB cream «Nude Magique» by L'Oreal. White texture of the cream hides inside microcapsules with a tonal foundation.Getting on the skin, means melts and blends perfectly with the skin, hiding all the shortcomings.This tool gives you a natural result and is suitable for dry and normal skin.The skin becomes matte and shiny, thanks to light-reflecting particles.It is also a means of great moisturizes, while maintaining the effect for 24 hours.It is also worth mentioning that this bb cream has SPF - 12, which allows its use in the summer without fear that ultraviolet harm the skin.This tool can be bought for 400 rubles.almost all stores of cosmetics.


  • BB cream «IDEALIA» of Vichy. This tool will help the girls with any type of skin.Thanks to hypoallergenic composition, this agent has earned the love of the vast number of women around the world.This bb cream smoothes skin texture, refreshing complexion hiding fine lines and perfectly refreshes the skin.If you want to keep your skin radiant freshness as if you just washed, then VVcream from Vichy is a great option.Buy this VVcream possible in every cosmetic store, where there stand products Vichy.The cost of new items - within the limits of 1000 rubles.


  • BB cream from Bourjois. This BB cream meets all the basic requirements for a tonal framework.It lasts a long time, it does not drain / rolls, moisturizes the skin, not clog pores, perfectly evens skin tone.This tool is perfectly mattes, it can be used on oily skin.Also, the girls are satisfied with the package - it can throw in a bag and use in any situation, because inside the box with a neat and convenient means imeetsyasponzhik panoramic mirror.Palette VVcream by Bourjois has four colors, allows to choose the means specifically for your skin.The average cost of cosmetic stores - 550 rubles.


  • VVcream "Perfect Skin" from NIVEA. This tool has a complex effect on the skin.First, you get an even skin tone and skin moisturized all day.Secondly, all the imperfections on your face will become invisible, that will improve your appearance.Third, this tool will hide the signs of fatigue and give the skin a healthy glow, as if after a walk on air.This VVcream protects the skin from the effect of solar radiation (SPF - 10).The average price in the shops of cosmetics - 250 rubles.


  • VVcream "light skin" from EVELINE. This VVcream suitable for mature skin, which certainly needs special care.This tool allows you to hide the nervousness skin "smooth" tone, fill in shallow and deep wrinkles, pigmentation close (freckles, moles, birthmarks, blemishes from pimples).Also, this tool allows you to adjust the shape of the face and tighten the skin, ensuring its freshness and elasticity.It should also say that this bb cream protects against UV rays and brightens the skin perfectly.This tool can be purchased in every cosmetic store, where there stand EVELINE 200 rubles.


  • VVcream from Clarins. specialists from Clarins Laboratories were able to combine a great foundation, moisturizer and a lifting serum.Means perfectly hides skin imperfections, the signs of fatigue, fine lines, under-eye bags.If you are bored of your freckles, the bb cream Clarins helps them hide.This tool is very easy to apply and instantly adapts to the natural skin tone.The sun protection factor - 25. This cosmetic product is available in four shades.Buy VVcream available at all major stores of cosmetics, where there is a stand with cosmetics company Clarins.The average price - 1500 rubles.


What BB cream you choose?It is very important to know your opinion!