15 most anticipated concerts in Moscow in March 2014

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22 March 2016

March - the richest month of the year on all kinds of shows, which is really worth a visit to find the time and money.And this year it was no exception that confirms the poster in Moscow in March 2014.

of the most significant concerts in March 2014 may be advisable performance legendary band Depeche Mode, or famous Americans 30 Seconds to Mars .

But - all in good time.

Concerts in Moscow in March 2014

  • Three concerts chanson quality of Grigory Leps 4, 6 and 8 March will be held in the building of "Crocus City Hall."His throaty contralto strikes and performances are always a positive charge and power!After all, he always sings the last time - in the face with an open mind.It will please its fans new and old hits.
    approximate alignment of the price of tickets from 3000 rubles.
  • most anticipated band Depeche Mode will perform on March 7 in a promo tour «Delta Machine».If it's summer tour proved a runaway success - tickets for 40 events tour sold out six months before the start of the show, but now fans have a great
    opportunity to see the band again with a winter repertoire in 2014.
    Show will take place March 7 at 19:00 at the indoor sports complex "Olympic".
  • On anniversary concert Alessandro Safina come from all over the world because of its unique voice is recognizable around the world.Best contemporary opera singer, his songs, many have learned from the Brazilian TV series "Clone.
    Speech by Safin will be held March 9 at the State Kremlin Palace.
  • for a gift grandparents can offer tickets for Jose Carreras , which is expected in "Crocus".The famous tenor arrives in Russia to 14 March to sing popular pieces of classical and popular music.By the way, the reception conductor will be none other than David Gimenez.They have many years of touring together and it is no surprise that their collaboration unusually harmonious.
  • few grand concert in Moscow March 2014 will be held in the Kremlin.March 19 will perform well-known Dmitri Hvorostovsky accompanied by the Symphony Orchestra.Svetlanov .Viewers will be presented compositions of the series "Hvorostovsky and Friends", and New Artist of the opera world.
  • Famous los andzheltsy "30 Seconds to Mars» will present his new album «Love Lust Faith + Dreams» in the world tour March 16 at the stage of "Olympic."
    Come for a unique performance at 19:00.
    Ticket prices range from 2,000 to 12,000 rubles.It is understandable, Muscovites have been waiting for this event, so tickets will be sold anyway.
  • Humorous Duet them.Chekhov."BEST of-BEST»
    Anton and Andrew Lyric Milk will joke that is called "One Day."Jokes they are always in fashion, although a little "black."Incidentally, the political issues they are not afraid to sanctify.So, if you want to laugh, you are welcome on March 29 at 20:00 at the Crocus City Hall.
    Ticket price from 800 to 15,000 rubles.
  • Jazz Quintet "Edelweiss» - one of the most recognizable teams in Moscow.His repertoire includes great jazz arrangements of popular music and original compositions.
    Come to the club "B2" March 9 at 21:00 the value of your enjoyment of the 400r.!
  • Shrovetide view in the park of Arts Museon , addition to traditional amusements, offers a neo-folk festival, which will feature the real genius of his craft.Psihofolk ethnic accent, progressive rock and electronics present Inna hope.Will lead the people to the fiery folk artist Yoki, a folk master Sergei Starostin your fancy because of virtuoso playing on old instruments like gusel, zhaleyka, Kalyuk and lyre.
    This concert is expected on 1 March at 13.00.
  • Presentation Shrovetide will begin on 1 March at 12.00 in the territory of Gorky Park
    huge "KoleSolntse" two of the solar disk will spin non-stop, playing beautiful optical modulations.Creative idea "Ogogon" summon the spring with their multi-colored pipes.A scarecrow Shrovetide will be very original and allegorical - will burn art creation "Fire, water and copper pipes."It will serve as a symbol of getting rid of the negativity and the emergence of a new life.
    throughout the park will treat pancakes, and kids can learn to play the folk music from real musicians.
  • « Baroque: the rise and flourishing»
    lovers body in the first days of spring will be able to enjoy the unique music performed Lesovichenko M. and A. Shevchenko.Of course, for the spring mood chose the repertoire of baroque style such important musicians like J. Bach, Charles Byrd, and others. Do not miss the March 1 at 15:00 in the building of libraries Arts.Bogolyubov!
  • Roast show "Spanish Passion» planned creative cafe "Durov".Here you will find the romantic idea of ​​love flamenco.
    Prepare for unrest and passion of March 1, B19: 00.In conclusion
  • series of concerts in Moscow in March, March 23 you can go to Max Raabe and the "Palast Orchestra» .What can we be surprised?Perhaps inimitable manner of execution - contemporary hits will sound retro, but still with an unusual, like "meow" a man's voice.That only stands to sing «Oops I Did It Again» by Britney Spears or «Sex Bomb» Tom Jones performs if Max Raabe and the Palast Orchester.
  • elegant vocal group "Quattro» will perform the best songs of Russian and foreign music.
    Venue - Crocus City Hall, time - March 9 at 18.00.
  • Speech charismatic Vitas expected on March 7 in the Crocus City Hall.The organizers tried, feelingly vocals will be complemented by a symphony orchestra and ballet bright.

Tickets for performances above can buy online mega-bilet.ru, concert box office or book by phone.(495) 902-54-64.