How to save on buying and decorative's Skin Care - rules for cost-conscious beauties

By Admin | Beauty
26 March 2016

In today's world, women are spending huge amounts on cosmetics.Foams, scrubs, creams, cosmetics - it's all very swipes on the wallet.

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How is it possible to save on the purchase of cosmetics?

  • Do not buy too much
    It often happens is that you come into the store cosmetics for a facial wash, and go out with a package of new cosmetics.It may be a good cosmetics, but you absolutely do not need.To avoid this, make a list of cosmetic products that you really need.This can be a standard set is suitable for all occasions.


  • Buy more
    But we're not talking about the number of your favorite lipstick, no.Instead of buying 200 mL favorite shampoo for 300 rubles, it is better to buy a 500 ml of 400. It is a great way to save money.However, if you are going to use any means once it is not necessary to buy a large box / jar.Suffice probe.
  • very often the price of the goods due to wind the packing way
    Spend time in the store to study t
    he composition of the same funds from different companies.Usually, branded products is much cheaper products the average price, although the composition is identical.
  • Highlight a certain amount per month for the purchase of cosmetics
    This will help to avoid unnecessary costs and excessive dam cosmetics.


  • The biggest mistake many girls - means savings's Skin
    This leads to skin problems that women are trying to disguise decorative cosmetics.It is better to buy quality cosmetics, you buy everything and then "lick their wounds".
  • If you over liquid eyeliner, you can replace it with a conventional ink extension
    To do this, just take a brush for eyeliner and a dip in the mascara.The result will not disappoint you.
  • Buy a lip liner shade universal
    He will quickly touch up makeup lips without using lipstick.So you save both time and finances.
  • Eyeliner can replace the usual dark shadows
    To do this, soak the brush for eyeliner water and then put on her little shadow.This will help create a clear and vivid eye contour.
  • trick "life extension" eyeliner
    Eyeliner will last you much longer if, before sharpen, you hide it for 10 minutes in the freezer.This will make the pencil harder and pencil will not crumble.


  • Adjust the color tonalnika
    If you bought too light concealer, you should not just throw it or to give to someone.Just add a little bronzer powder tonalnik.This will make darker color, and you can find your tone.
  • What can replace blush?
    To buy blush, suitable for every lipstick, you can use lipstick coloring properties as liquid blush.In this way our mothers used when cosmetics were in short supply.
  • cleanser with their hands
    If diluted baby shampoo with water, 1: 5, you get a great cleanser.
  • Restoring dried ink
    The dried ink can be easily restored if to hold it in a mug with hot water (not boiling water in).
  • Second Life - nail polish
    Add a little nail polish remover in the paint dries.This will help prolong his life for at least a week.
  • How to save on scrubs?
    If you are a lover of scrubs, we recommend you switch to natural skrabiruyuschie substances that are in the house of each family.Scrub can be made from sugar, coffee, salt, oatmeal. See also: Recipes best home scrubs.
  • Where to buy cosmetics?
    Do not think that an expensive cosmetic store and supermarket goods of varying quality - as a rule, they are the same.But to buy cosmetics in crosswalks and benches, not credible, is not necessary.
  • We are looking for an alternative to the shadows!
    Blush can sometimes replace a good shade.If you use blush peach, they are perfectly suited to the blue and gray eyes.

How to save on buying cosmetics you?Share your experiences in the comments below!