What not to say to the man: the fateful words and phrases in a Relationship

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26 March 2016

What not to say to the man - the fateful words in a relationship Warm gentle words of the beloved can not only warm the man, but to capture and inspire new heights.But the word - the greatest tool not only in the construction of relations, but also in the destruction.See also: How to learn to understand and correctly chosen to hold a dialogue with him?And sometimes one phrase can "explode", even those relationships that have lasted for decades.What absolutely can not say to the man?

  • «It's your fault!".
    Whatever happens in the family, the charges - the worst of reactions.Search perpetrators still no good end.And considering that the relationship - it is always "two" are both guilty.Therefore, when a difficult situation the first thing to look for is not the culprit, but the very solution.See also: How not to go off the relationship.
    What not to say to the man
  • «Maybe you've had enough, dear?".
    Under no circumstances should you miss the man's sleeve, if you are sitting in a company at the table.The result will be one - the quarrel.You can hint beloved that he has reached his "go
    lden mean" in alcohol, but only in private.
  • «Well, I told you!".
    wise woman never blame a man in his mistakes and failures, from which no one is immune.Especially since he himself wounded understanding this fact - that his wife was right.Be a man support rather than screeching saw.
  • «How can I get annoyed when he does that!".
    Such publicly spoken phrase for the benefit of the relationship will not go ever.And, in this situation you are putting down not only her lover, but also in the eyes of outsiders.Public expression of displeasure its second half shows disrespect to him and myself.What kind of love here at all can we talk?
  • «Forever you all through ...".
    This phrase - a humiliation for the man.She not only do you not inspire favorite for the next feat at home (repair, etc..), But also completely discourage his desire to do something for you.A man must feel like a hero, not a bungler, who can not be trusted with even a screwdriver.
  • Bed - a special "territory".With regard to sex and intimacy - is the line beyond which you can not cross, very fine.Never tell a man in bed phrases like - «Come quickly," "You're a thousand times better than my ex» (compared to the other, especially in bed - deadly for a man), "Well, when you are already over"" Let's first talk "and so on. Also, do not call it a genital organ" sweet tap "," kukusikom "and other words detracted from his dignity.
    What not to say to the man
  • «What are you thinking? '.
    most annoying issue for men.He is able to ruffle even the calmest of the stronger sex.Theories on this subject, there are many, so in order not to awaken the beast in his half, simply cross out the phrase from its memory.
  • «But my ex-husband ...".
    Just as in the "bed rest" the question: in any situation, do not compare your soul mate with former men.In addition to anger and jealousy, anything that phrase does not cause.
  • «Choose!Either I or the football! ".
    last part of the sentence can be changed in accordance with the male hobbies - fishing, car and so on. According to statistics, most of the separations occur after this phrase.And not because men fishing or football you more, but because he - man.That is, he would not tolerate that he be put conditions.Therefore ultimatums leave with them, and ways to change the man's attention to his hobby on - set.
  • «Nothing happened!".
    How often we women, we repeat this phrase, when a man in the tenth consecutive asks - "Well, what did happen, dear?".Forget the phrase or offended then that your man was "callous and unfeeling chump."
  • «Mom says ...."
    All of us, adults, understand that my mother - a man wiser.What opinions - more balanced and correct.But repeating this man every day is absolutely not necessary.If you do not have an opinion, but would not say aloud that "my mother said so."
    What not to say to the man
  • «You do not have time to go on a diet?".
    If you think that a man does not take offense when he loved a woman pokes his nose in his own shortcomings, you are deeply mistaken.A man can not show that he was hurt.But your opinion expressed aloud about it too big belly, age and other "defects" zasyadet in his head for a long time.Therefore, even loving and jokingly such phrases are not talking - a blow to the male ego.You run the risk that a man can find another, more wise woman who will accept it with any shortcomings.
  • «We need to talk."
    Whatever you said after this phrase, man is ready to accept all pre-hostility.Because after it typically should clarify relations.
  • «Why are you looking at me like you do not look?".
    How often women are asked this question husbands turning to another beauty ... A sense of hysteria?Well, look, what?He's not a phone number read out in her eyes.Man is always looking at other women - it is natural for men of his nature.Another thing - whether it looks the same to you?And it is in your hands.Be a man for his always interesting, beautiful and mysterious - and then it will always look at you adoringly.
  • «I is this dress?".
    No need to ask a man that question.What would he have said you do not, you are not satisfied with (in most cases).But for a man it does not matter - how is your dress, because for him the general impression is more important, and because you are already going to be late to the movies (theater, friends and so forth.).In addition, for men in love woman is good in any outfit.
  • «Well, why me this nonsense?".
    Even if his gift to you is not particularly useful, do not talk about it directly.Otherwise, you discourage his desire to do something to give you.
    What not to say to the man

And - the last thing you need to remember:

  • avoid talking about his past and his (this extra information in relation to two).
  • not torture a man with stories of cute little animals cousin of your grandmother (he is not interested).
  • not pour out his soul about the pain during menstruation , problems with family, colleagues and friends.
  • not criticize his parents and did not praise his male friends.
  • And do not tell him how much you fans (fans) at work.