This popular BB cream foundation for the face - how to use Blemish Balm Cream?

By Admin | Beauty
26 March 2016

probably met many girls, Asian women photos beauties with perfect skin.Many believe that it tried to photographers - the processed images.But few people know that the secret weapon of all Asian women - BlemishBalm Cream.

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So what is this "miracle overseas" - BB cream, and how to use it?

content of the article:

  • What blemishbalm - bb foundation?
  • bb How to choose a face cream?
  • How to apply tone bb cream and the wash?

What blemishbalm bb tone cream that can be part of bb cream?

BlemishBalm Cream (or, as it is called in Russia - bb cream) - is very popular cosmetic innovation in the Asian market. This tool was developed in 1950, but became widespread only in the past ten years.

So, what are the features of this cream?


  • BB cream was originally used for medical purposes in medical centers in Germany.Components tool helps to quickly heal post-surgical scars.This attracted the attention of Asian cosmetologists, and they bega
    n to use the German development for their own purposes.
  • tool serves as a foundation, sun cream, concealer and make-up base.Also do not forget that BB cream perfectly nourishes the skin, evens, heals minor wounds and pimples.A great escheBlemishBalmCream moisturizes the skin.
  • BlemishBalmCream protect your skin from UV rays, which means that in the summer, you can not worry about its "integrity and security" and the natural hydration.
  • BB cream has a fairly thick consistency of a cream-mousse, that facilitates application.
  • composition of cosmetic products have very complex. It includes herbal extract of aloe, UV filters, pigments, silicone, collagen.
  • This new product is now very popular among the girls and can compete with even the expensive foundation.

How to choose a bb cream - tips on choosing blemishbalm cream

So, you already know what a BB cream.


But how to choose the tool that is suited to your skin type?

  • BlemishBalm Cream is available in four shades usually - it is not necessary to be frightened of.There is a pale gray, pale yellow, pale pink and dark color, suitable for the summer (when the skin becomes golden brown).BB cream itself adjusted to your skin color, but do not buy the pink cream, if you have a skin with a greenish tinge.
  • If you - happy owner of a normal skin type, you should choose a moisturizing BB cream.It will make your skin smoother and monochromatic.Also, you can use bleach (to align the tone).
  • For dry skin, suitable BlemishBalmCream, having a watery consistency.If you use thick cream, it can further dry the skin.Also under the BB cream moisturizer should be applied (but you should wait until it is completely absorbed).
  • for women with oily / combination skin is best suited BB cream with a matte effect.See means structure - it must consist of a maximum amount of natural ingredients.
  • There are many varieties of BB-creams , having different properties.Some creams have gloss, reflective particles (as highlighter), BB creams brighteners (allow even out skin tone), matting cream.All this will help to create exactly the image that you need.

bb cream How to apply and how to wash off - recommendations on the use of bb cream tone effect

Many girls believe that the bb cream - tonal basis, and it should be applied respectively.This is not true. From bb-cream most importantly - do not overdo it.


Therefore, you should figure out how to apply, and then - wash the tool.

  • first step is to find out what you prefer to use - sponzhikom, brush with your fingers.
  • If you decide to apply the bb-cream with your finger, then there should not be any problems. ofy apply heated on a finger a cream on the skin. better to put a dot (Make a point of cream on her nose, cheeks, chin and forehead) - this will help you to more evenly distribute the agent.Then begin to shade, from the center of the face to the hair.
  • If you decide to use a sponge, first moisten it with a small amount of thermal water. Then apply on the back of the hand bb-cream and wait 30 seconds until the vehicle warms up.Next, take the heated mass on sponzhik and start "painting over" problem areas, not forgetting carefully shade.
  • You can also use a brush.Here application process does not differ from how you apply concealer.It is warm in the back of his hand a little bb-cream and apply it on the face with a brush.First you need to put on skin using pat, and then gently shaded.
  • Rinse BB cream should be a special tool, which is called the hydrophilic oil.The usual makeup remover could not completely wash BlemishBalmCream, leading to clogged pores, and later - to the appearance of pimples and inflammation.After applying a hydrophilic oil should be used for washing ordinary milk to moisturize the skin. See also: The most popular means for removing make-up for women - which means you choose?