Interesting ideas of bachelorette party before the wedding - as well as where to celebrate the bride's bachelorette party?

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26 March 2016

Interesting ideas of bachelorette party before the wedding Before the wedding, there are very few, fashionable wedding dress is ready, make-up hairdo thought out organizational issues also practically solved.But what about the bachelorette party - is unclear.I want something unusual, interesting and reckless fun.To remember the event for a long time, and has brought only positive emotions.How can you organize it, and what you need to remember?

content of the article:

  • best time for a bachelorette party
  • General recommendations for the preparation of a bachelorette party
  • How and where to hold the bride's bachelorette party

When to carry out bachelorette party bride - the best time for a bachelorette party and

Timeday of every bride pre-wedding celebration, of course, chooses itself.There are no hard and fast rules in this matter, and everything depends on the size of the purse and its desires.

But certain points worth considering:

  • Hen will definitely be more than the day before the wedding .You do not want to say 'yes', rocking from hang
    over?Not to mention the fact that you can even sleep through your marriage.
  • For a month or even a couple of weeks to arrange a bachelorette party, too, is not worth - too early.The event will become a classic party, and about the special atmosphere will be forgotten.
  • That is, ideal option would be to organize an event a week before the wedding. Moreover, "walk" must be as follows, to the morning after the bachelorette party to say goodbye to the "unscrupulous" past you could without any doubt.

When the bride

How to make a bachelorette party before the wedding memorable - general guidelines for the preparation of a bachelorette party

Traditionally, care of all bachelorette party takes on a bridesmaid.Because the bride herself and without enough worries.And to a bachelorette party was "a great success", bridesmaid need to remember the following:

  • 2-3 weeks before bachelorette party, record the names and phone numbers of all the participants of the holiday .About age also not forget that 17-year-old girlfriend did not go outside the door, for example, the club to which only adults.And that middle-aged friend did not stay there for the opposite reason.That is, bachelorette party, choose a place based on the age of participants.
  • Make a plan entertainment.
    Bachelorette party bride
  • Inform all participants of the event bachelorette party and introduce them to the creation of high-quality parties' farewell to freedom. "Alone, you still can not cope with the financial side of the issue.
  • Think over the plan with the entertainment that holiday created for the bride . Select a location and entertainment, is based out of her preferences and tastes (in color, dishes, pictures, music, etc.).
  • Enter a dress code for participants , choosing the original outfits.
  • befriended photographer. Pictures with a bachelorette party are no less important for the family archive in the future, than the wedding photos.
  • With regard stripper - discuss this point with the bride, and even better - with the groom.Perhaps it will be against the surprise before the wedding.
  • Gifts . Well, where do without them at the bachelorette party!Of course, it's not about expensive things, but of pleasant things - sweets, jewelery, tiny bouquets and other signs of attention for all participants of the event.See: How to keep cut flowers fresh longer.

Where noted bachelorette party bride

How and where to hold a bachelorette party - original ideas of bachelorette party bride

Ideas for organizing a bachelorette party - thousands.Some are satisfied with a variety of cheerful silliness in strip clubs, others - dance parties, and others removed cafe to beautiful music with live to spend a family friend in diving.How else can you spend a bachelorette party?

  • pajama-party pillow.
    essence - to gather all participants in a cozy apartment and view interesting movies and popcorn relax with a bottle of wine.Of course, no surprises (for the revival of the atmosphere) is not enough.
  • spa.
    And why not?You can come to the "Festival of Beauty and Body," a lot of fun and relax.And after the same cabin arrange pajama party.
    Interesting ideas of bachelorette party before the wedding
  • Club.
    One of the traditional bachelorette party options to choose from - a dance or strip club.See: All styles of clothing for girls club.Of course, hairstyles, dresses and bright makeup and bride can wear the veil in miniature.Dancing until the morning, a lot of positive and good mood guaranteed.
  • photos.
    For such a scenario need a professional photographer and will likely rent studio.After the photo shoot, you can escape the city, continuing a holiday close to nature - boating, fishing (it is certainly an acquired taste), the songs around the campfire, etc.
  • Bath bachelorette party.
    tradition more than men, but also girls, it is quite close.Suitable as a bath on someone's cottage, and a modern sauna in the city.Revive the bachelorette party can be surprises, gifts, contests, creative cuisine, and other amenities.
  • Goodbye, childhood - hello, family life.
    Party in the style involves the design of those attributes that will maximize a deep plunge into the happy time.What is the "Raisin"?First of all, clothing (all adults leave home), bright dresses and ribbons, karaoke favorite cartoon, a joint drawing contests, fun for a bottle of "child" of champagne, a huge cake and sweets wagon.
    Interesting ideas of bachelorette party before the wedding
  • East - a delicate matter.
    great theme for a bachelorette party, assuming the eastern atmosphere of celebration - from the interior to every detail.Transparent tulle, rose petals under your feet, instead of candles illumination, mesmerizing music and dance, dance, dance ... And, of course, dress code: no jeans and dresses - only on party.
  • Some Like It Hot.
    This hen require retro cars corresponding to the time of clothing, music and hairstyles.Of course, the culmination of the party - a visit to the restaurant and enchanting rhythms of jazz.

Interesting ideas of bachelorette party before the wedding
In general, it is only necessary to include fantasy to the fullest, move as far from trivial and organize a bachelorette party, of which you will remember the rest of his life with a joyful smile, sighing nostalgically - that there were times ...