How to remove dark circles under the eyes in the home - top 10 folk remedies circles under the eyes

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27 March 2016

cause of the bruising under the eyes can become anything - diseases of internal organs and systems, vitamin deficiency, stress, insomnia or fatigue.For a woman in any situation is a very unpleasant sight.There is a desire as soon as possible to get rid of the problem, and we will tell you about the best tools to help you quickly and easily get rid of the blue circles under the eyes.

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How to remove dark circles under the eyes at home

  • Massage and gymnastics for age
    Appropriate exercise in combination with a massage will help in getting rid of soon cyanotic circles under the eyes.After the morning washing takes a few minutes to give the skin around the eyes.She will answer you promptly sleek and fresh.
    massage to be performed as follows:
    • your fingertips to move the lower age-old line towards the nose, from the temple.
    • paw pads must fulfill Tapping movements.In such manipulation would be enough to pay for two or three minutes.
    • Next fingertips we put special eye
      gels and creams.
  • Tea refreshing compresses
    This method is considered the most renowned and at the same time the most simplistic.To prepare a compress take a fresh brew rich, dipped into her swabs (cotton, linen) and placed on the eye, for about fifteen minutes.
    How to remove dark circles under the eyes at home
    On the recommendations of cosmetologists, from time to time swabs should be refreshing.The effect is immediately appear because tea contains substances that contribute to the removal of inflammation and blood circulation.Your skin will be more fresh and well-groomed.
  • Potato funds from the circles under the eyes
    This tool effectively.
    • can simply put on the eyes for fifteen - twenty minutes boiled in the skins and cut in half the potatoes.
    • can chop half brushed raw potatoes on a grater, mix it with olive oil and apply the mixture on the skin around the eyes for ten minutes and then wash off with water or tea.
    • grated raw potatoes can also be mixed with a teaspoon of oatmeal and a minor amount of raw milk, put on the skin around the eyes and leave on time.
    • no less effective means of bruises around the eyes is warm and mashed potatoes.Gruel is applied to the skin around the eyes in the form of masks, wash off after fifteen minutes.
  • aromatic peppermint oil from the blue circles
    aromatic oils of peppermint is recommended to smear temples, neck and forehead.The maximum effect can be achieved if this procedure prodelyvat afternoon.After three days of dark circles under the eyes significantly reduced, and a month later they disappear altogether.
  • Sage broth
    To prepare the broth for lotions take a teaspoon of dry grass and sage brew in half a cup of boiling water.The broth must be insisted.When the infusion has cooled, it is used for lotions.The wetted tampons applied to eyelets for twenty minutes.The procedure is repeated twice - morning and evening.
    How to remove dark circles under the eyes at home
    not less effective in dealing with bruises under the eyes of sage broth acts as a cosmetic ice.The cooking process very easy ice.Sage infusion of cooled, filtering through gauze, dispensed into molds for ice and freeze.Get ice cubes lubricate the skin around the eyes.
  • Nutritious packs of parsley
    • To prepare a compress take the dining room teaspoon fresh parsley, pour a glass of boiling water and give the brew for fifteen minutes.The resulting infusion moistened cotton balls and apply a compress on the eyelids for ten minutes.The procedure is to be performed about a month, once a day.
    • There is another option parsley compress.For its preparation take a teaspoon of parsley and rub in any vessel, other than metal.Then, add two teaspoons of sour cream and apply slurry on the eyelids for twenty minutes.For the visible effects of the procedure should be done every day and a half months.
  • contrast dill or chamomile compresses
    To prepare compress taken a teaspoon of one of the plants and poured a half cup of boiling water, leave for ten minutes.The resulting liquid is divided into two parts - one part of the reserve of warm and cool for a second.We soak tampons alternately in the infusion, alternating cold and warm infusion, and put on the eyelids for ten minutes.
    doing this procedure is necessary before going to bed is recommended every other day for one month.
  • milk compress
    Take a cotton swab and impregnate milk.Applying it to seven - ten minutes to the eyes closed, and get rid of bruises.
  • wonderful remedy for bruises - breadcrumbs
    It will help to quickly and effectively get rid of the blue circles under the eyes.
    For the procedure take bread, soaked in cold milk and applied on twenty minutes under the eyes.
  • compress cheese
    little cheese wrapped in cheesecloth and impose a ten - fifteen minutes on the closed eyes.
    How to remove dark circles under the eyes at home
    When the time your eyes will be spared from blue circles.

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And what are the secrets of getting rid of the blue circles under the eyes, you know?Share your recipes in the comments below!