Wedding in September - signs, custom, wedding calendar for September 2013

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27 March 2016

Wedding calendar for September 2013 Wedding, being one of the most important events in a woman's life requires a special approach: a certain sense become even the tiny, insignificant details.And if in normal life signs, and other symbols of tradition, we do not pay attention, it is for a wedding in September, details can not be.See: How to organize a fun bachelorette party before the wedding.

content of the article:

  • Folk omens and predictions for September
  • Pros and cons of marriage in September
  • Features wedding in September
  • wedding calendar 2013 September
  • Wedding Church calendar for September 2013

be or not to be a wedding in September: folk omens and predictions

Wedding in September - the signs and customs Whether or not superstitious woman, before the wedding, she will inquire about signs on this topic, listen to what they say oracles and check - graciouslyStar newlyweds this month, and day.This heritage of our ancestors has undergone some changes, but for the most part, still reached our days.

So what say signs of September wedding ?

  • svadba-v-sentbyare Wedding played this month, promises to be the beginning of a strong and long matrimony .
  • Relationship promise to be harmonious and warm , house - a full cup, to comfort and prosperity.
  • You can not play a wedding this month on borrowed money - sign of the promised prosperity will result in serious debts.
  • promises riches and rain , which will suddenly during the ceremony.
  • Windy weather during the wedding promises the same windy life spouses.
  • Reliability marriage depends on the time of day - better to choose the time before noon.
  • On his birthday, a wedding can not play.

Whatever signs telling us, the main thing - remember that they are true only if they give too much importance.

advantages and disadvantages of marriage in September

Wedding in September - especially Compared to the summer or winter, the September wedding has a lot of advantages :

  • No cold and scorching heat - perfect velvety weather.Warm enough to wear almost any dress and indulge in the pleasure of quality photography and walking.
  • Beauty autumn landscape significantly decorate the wedding album.
  • Paints September and help festive table decoration, hall and even dresses.
  • Wedding bouquets in September will be more diverse and original.See: How to keep a bouquet of fresh flowers for a long time.
  • September significantly lower the cost of fruits and vegetables .Which, by the way, and much more.
  • in September already back from vacation all the friends and relatives .That is, you can not worry that someone very important at the wedding will be.
  • cost of wedding services in September, will be lower.
  • will also not have any particular problems with queues at the registry office or √† la carte restaurant.

As for minuses September wedding , you can select only one - is the unpredictability of the weather .Sudden rain or cold snap may be slightly spoil the mood.

Features wedding in September, September wedding customs and traditions

Wedding in September - the signs and customs In contrast to the end of autumn, the golden September - the sun, warm weather, an abundance of fruit, leaves underfoot ... September wedding traditions.
What practices known at weddings this month?

  • sure - photo session against the background of colored deciduous foliage .Autumn Park, yellow and red hat tree, a light breeze, just lifts the dress - wonderful romantic pictures, which can not boast of any winter or summer newlyweds.
  • festive table - a solid still-life paintings from the artists of the 19th century.Decorations of pumpkins, apples, watermelons.Fruit composition.Dishes made with fresh mushrooms.Orange, yellow and red hues in the design of tables and space, including the autumn bouquets, etc.
  • When decorating a room used maple / oak leaves , decorative baskets with berries, branches of mountain ash, and even acorns with cones.And with the apple seedling cards can be issued.
  • Menu September wedding - this autumn vegetables and fruits in abundance.Of course, pumpkin eggplant is unlikely someone will be there, but they are suitable for decoration of dishes.Desserts - dish of berries and fruits, and a wedding cake made out in the autumn style by hazelnut and chocolate.
  • Wedding in September - especially For those brides who want originality in a wedding dress, you can choose not to classic white dress and dress autumn colors - bronze, gold, orange, red and yellow .Better satin or brocade.And, it is desirable that the sleeves were long (just in case).
  • September bridal bouquet - it teardrop shape and autumnal shades .Because the colors are usually chosen chrysanthemums, red calla lilies, yellow roses and gerbera in September of the same scheme.In the bouquet there are bunches of rowan, wheat stalks and leaves of the maple.

wedding calendar 2013 September - what will be the most auspicious day for your wedding

Days and wedding signs :

  • Wedding in September - auspicious days Wedding in Monday - prosperity for the future spouses.
  • Tuesday - good health for both.
  • Wednesday - harmonious relationships, well-being.
  • Thursday - will bind only money.
  • Friday - quarrel in family life.
  • Saturday - ¬ęStar favored."
  • Sunday - a perfect day for a wedding.

best days to get married according to the lunar calendar 2013

  • On the 11th (starting at 9.36) and 12 th (before 15.35) of September.
  • 22th of September (to 21.36).

But our ancestors for a wedding in September chose 3rd and 6 th day, 12 th and 17 th and 24 th and 27 th .It is these days, in their opinion, were granted a special mystical meaning, and families born in these days, accompanied by wealth, joy and warmth of the relations.

Wedding on a church calendar in September 2013

Wedding in September - the wedding in September 2013 If you are going to get married in September, all the superstitions, prejudices, "prophetic dreams" and the imagination - aside.Faith and superstition wedding - incompatible concepts.But for the Orthodox Church there are times when you can not just get married.It depends of course on the church calendar, church tradition and the number of weddings the selected day.

What says the church calendar on the wedding in September 2013?

Wedding impossible:

  • On Tuesdays and Thursdays , lean preceding days.
  • Saturdays , preceded by a festive Sundays.
  • In church holidays (days when the names of the saints are celebrated, these temples).
  • During monthly (do not forget to look into the personal calendars).

Favorable days for a wedding in September 2013

favorable time for a wedding in September is considered the entire month, except:

  • September 11th.
  • September 27.
  • days of the week, when the wedding is not carried out (described above).