How to meet the Easter?

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22 March 2016

How to find Easter Easter - a great holiday that celebrates the whole Christian world.It is believed that on this day happened to the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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  • traditional meeting of Easter in Russia
  • Easter traditions.What consecrate Easter?
  • traditional Easter table
  • Traditions entertainment at Easter

How to find Easter Easter - a wonderful holiday, when a generous table the whole family, relatives and close friends.During a holiday reigns special, kind, compassionate environment .The church, which is decorated with beautiful rugs, towels, goes festive service .On Easter night is not accepted to go to bed, as it is believed that those who do not sleep, God gives happiness.

traditional meeting of Easter in Russia

How to find Easter In Russia Easter celebration took place lavishly rich.On the festive table be present 48 dishes .Traditionally, the most important of them were colored eggs, Easter cheese, cakes .Wealthy families who lived in big houses, Easter eggs painted a huge amount, even up to 1000

pieces to be enough for all without exception, and households, and workers.Also on Easter baked so many cakes.The most beautiful and great to stay home.Small cakes and painted eggs was taken entertain neighbors, friends .Also, eggs and cakes donated to monasteries, hospitals, almshouses .On the feast of Easter all class and social differences fully erased, reigned universal grace.
Easter traditions Preparing for the holiday was carried out long before its onset.In Maundy Thursday held in the house cleaning, wash the windows, thrown out unnecessary things.On this day, we trimmed beard, mustache and hair.On the eve of all the family members actively painted eggs, baked pies, cooked cottage cheese Easter.
Currently, as a few centuries ago, we are actively preparing for Easter : clean the house, bake cakes, paint eggs.

Easter traditions.What consecrate Easter?

Consecration of Easter As soon as the church bell rang, we go to church to sanctify cart , we fill in the tradition of the Easter holiday.According to the tradition that came to ancient Russia, we are putting to cart colored eggs, cottage cheese Easter, cake, salt, meat, red wine .Also, there can be put cheese, fish, fat and other products.Not only receive the Holy chicken, as in ancient legend, it is believed that the day of the birth of Jesus, his sleep was prevented chicken.When the church begins bypassing the church service, a basket of dishes sprinkled with holy water.After the dishes sprinkled with water, people returning home, and covered with a festive table.

traditional Easter table

Easter table Returning home, stepping across the threshold, it should be repeated three times: "Holy Easter in the house, all the evil of the house."Sitting at the Easter table, first be sure to try all the hallowed .The first cut made Easter egg, and then proceeded to Easter and drinks.
Nowadays, as before, the generous and decided to lay a beautiful table, where in addition to the love of God, there are many other delicious dishes.To the table look festive, decorate it nicely made mandatory attributes Easter Menu Easter - flowers and greenery .In ancient times to decorate the holiday table especially made flowers made of paper or fabric scraps .Then, these flowers adorned icons, cakes.Easter tables always look bright and beautiful.Today, as a decoration on the Easter table, you can choose Easter clearing , which is a symbol of spring and prosperity.On the meadow we can put colored eggs, put bright yellow chicks, nice tie colorful ribbons to plant flowers.
Gifts for Easter Usually at Easter made invited to visit relatives and godparents .If you go to visit, be sure to should bring colored eggs and Easter cake .There is a sign: a person who will taste 10 cakes that are baked different hostess, the whole year will be lucky and happy.

Traditions entertainment at Easter

Kata eggs for Easter on holiday Happy Easter Great for children and adults existed Entertainment , which were characteristic only for this festival.

  • For kids entertained as follows: they found a dry protalinki and turns rolled colored eggs .Whose egg rolled away beyond all, he is the winner.
  • Entertainment for Easter Of course, the current Easter tradition is «Battle eggs» .Each took for dyeing egg in his hand, knocking them to the eggs of the other participants, and the competition was chosen by the strongest egg.So, the winner turned out, the one whose egg "in battle" remained intact.