Someone close to you - a real man or a mama's boy?

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27 March 2016

If the husband - a sissy: what to do his image of the ideal, the best man for each woman develops in childhood.Growing up, one girl sees his future with the macho half the coast of Italy, and the other - Russian hero, and the third - a sensitive knight, and so on. But everyone wants her man was confident, courageous and strong.Read, who is a real man and that he should be able to do.Of course, when suddenly it turns out that your half - a sissy, little joy.How can a man mama's boy, or he's just a caring son?And what if it's still the first option?

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  • What is a mama's boy?
  • recognize a mother's son
  • man - sissy: what to do?

What is a mama's boy?

If a man - a sissy: what to do Everyone knows that the relationship between a man and his mother are formed in childhood.Often overprotection is the reason that the son said the main purpose of his life - thanks to my mother for what she has done for him and for all that gave birth.Such a sense of duty (often combined with the feeling of "guilt") certainly prevents personal life son.Moreov

er, if a career in such infantile men, most of all, all goes well, the relationship with a woman will always be invisible (and visibly) present mother.Having invested in the child "whole self" giving him "the best years of his life", love, health and anything else Mother begins jealously guard all sonny "predators" who want to get it fostered treasure.Even without considering the consequences, such mother interferes in any relationship son denounces all candidates and is unwilling to let go of the child to float freely , even if his temples already graying hatches.Read: How to please the parents of her future husband - Tricks for future brides.

How to - a man mama's boy or just a good son

If the husband - sissy Unlike a caring son, sissy always put my mother on the "podium», idealizing it in every sense, and maintaining a complete dependence on it .

  • Mama's Boy will be polite, gallant and kind, but in his life you will never climb a step higher than you were allowed - because there is already mom.
  • Mama's Boy constantly brings his mother to you as an example - «And my mother does so ..." "Mom says it's folly", "Mom says you have to ..." and so forth.
  • Mom callsit regularly, more than once per day, as he was to her. and phone conversations are not limited to - "How are you, hello, yet all is well" and delayed for an hour or two.
  • Mom this man knows everything about him, and about his every step. Including all the details of your life together, and secrets / problems of an intimate nature.
  • What if the man - sissy Mama's Boy does not want to grow up. He gladly will take your dirty shirt Mom, if you do not have time to wash them.Capture to work my mother's meatballs, not your dinner.Recommend to a new account with my mother, and not with you.
  • In case of conflict between you and his mother he always chooses her side .Because "it's my mom!".
  • You will never be ideal. Because the ideal is already there.And you do not make it to him, even if you become the best chef of the country and the hostess of the year.
  • Mom's desire or requirement of this man always carries instantly and without much legal wrangling.The word mother - law.Even if you're standing in front of a train in anticipation of landing, and my mother suddenly ran out of charcoal.Or when you started, finally, repair, and mum urgently needed to update the wallpaper in his living room.I wish it would be done, no matter how you stomped foot without roared and were not offended.
  • The man - a sissy or a good son Mama's Boy does not like quarrels and conflicts .With no one.He was not used to conflict.Therefore, to you it will not make trouble, and, at any cost, even with clenched teeth and almost bursting with indignation.
  • Even if you are living apart from his mother, it certainly lives nearby - you never know what ...

How can that be, if all signs your man - a sissy?

What if a man - a sissy?

If a man - a sissy: what to do

  • If you choose to associate with this man his life, be prepared for the fact that you have to be the best replacement for the gold hands of his mother .See also: Relationship-law and daughter - problems and solutions.
  • told him about the "three pillars" of your family happiness : that is, he should respect you, not to put my mother's principles before your family, not to involve her in your life.
  • advance to explain its position - that you need a real man , but not prim young lady.
  • Try to solve all the problems and issues in the family "in hot pursuit» - before he turned for help to his mother.
  • Limit contact with his mother to the maximum .As far as it's possible.Not demanding, but circumstances.Leave to travel more often, switch off the mobile phones.Climb to live "closer to the sea," because "there is a better climate, and you have poor health," and so forth.
  • If you have kids - often leave it to the children of one .Let them learn how to look after yourself.

If a man - a sissy, what do women If you can not change the situation and not able to come to terms with it, there is no reason to exhaust yourself and hope that a man matures, or in-law from you fall behind.Collect things and leave.If you really occupy an important place in his life, he will do everything to get you back and fix things .