Top 10 female cars in 2013

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23 March 2016

Top female cars in 2013 last 5 years show an increase in the number of women behind the wheel.The number of purchases of vehicles for the fair half of mankind is increasing every year.Women tend to gain independence, so decided on these "male" behavior.

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Among male motorists, there are those who love big cars.But there are fans of small and comfortable cars.And what principles guided the women when choosing a car?Very often they come in the auto and looking around a little bit, they say they simply need a "rosy out that machine."According to statistics, 25% of women are choosing the car that way.However, most modern ladies are very well versed in the characteristics of the car .Therefore, their choice is very deliberate and logical.

Stamps best female car 2013

Top female cars in 2013 main women customers machines - is ladies who a little over 30 .At this age, many women sit behind the wheel and no longer imagine

life without him.At the age of 35 years, many have already experienced enough avtolyubitelnitsy seeking to purchase a new car, leaving his first car in the background.
preferences change with age.So, fairly well-known car Volkswagen is in first place in the ladies middle-aged.And rightly so.Car conservative and reliable.But the model of car Citroen C4 prefer young girls.During the last three years do not lose their popularity Passat, Polo and Golf .
Another popular brand of cars in women is Ford .Very often it Fiesta .Not far behind and Ford Fusion .As a more practical car has gained popularity not only in women but also among their admirers.Business woman, successful in their careers, get Ford Focus or Ford Focus Coupe Cabriolet .

top ten female cars in 2013

So, call the 10 most female cars:

  • 10th
    BMW 1-series. Solid and intelligent car.As a rule, ladies prefer white cars.
    Top female cars in 2013
  • 9th
    Mercedes A-Class - feminine and modest.
    Top female cars in 2013
  • 8th
    BMW X3 - subtle and persistent cars for aspiring avtolyubitelnits.
    Top female cars in 2013
  • 7th
    Ford Fiesta - machine for young women.Preferred red color of the body.
    Top female cars in 2013
  • 6th
    Volvo XC 90 - a car made by women for women.
    Top female cars in 2013
  • 5th
    Peugeot 4007 , and Citroen C-Crosser - automobiles to taste not only weak, but strong floor.
    Top female cars in 2013
  • 4th
    Toyota Corolla - a reliable, affordable, and attractive in appearance to the vehicle.
    Top female cars in 2013
  • 3rd
    Mitsubishi Lancer - car as attractive in terms of price and quality characteristics.
    Top female cars in 2013
  • 2nd place
    BMW 5-series - has long had like women, even though considerable dimensions.
    Top female cars in 2013
  • 1 place
    Fiat 500 - girls love Italians.
    Top female cars in 2013

This distribution received cars for women.

What are the best women's cars in 2013?

Top female cars in 2013 Interesting fact: the cost of "female" car much less than the cost of the car for men .Women do not tend to buy an expensive car.Because of its economical and thrift ladies prefer cars more cheaply.For example, the average cost of "happiness on wheels" for women varies from 18 to 22 thousand. Dollars .However, over the last year average cost of female cars increased by 20 percent .Perhaps in the future it will be achieved equality between the weak and the stronger sex in relation to the price of purchased cars.