How to choose a good beautician - women share secrets

By Admin | Beauty
27 March 2016

today to find a good beautician - it's almost like winning the lottery.That is very difficult.And if such a person still is, then holding up for it, like a lifeline.Because of it it depends on your mood and the condition of the skin, and even success.How to avoid mistakes when looking for this important professional and what to look for?
How to find a good beautician

  • Reviews .
    best recommendation - a feedback of your friends and loved ones.They do not truthfully, talk about professionalism and other nuances.But if in your environment such information no one has, and you can search the global network.Typically, reviews on the Internet you can find almost any specialists.Of course, if negative opinions on the order of magnitude greater than the positive, it is better for such a specialist does not apply.But the complete absence of negative reviews should be alerted.
  • collection history.
    For good beautician is important to collect information about your lifestyle, diseases and so on. So if you feel like the interrogation -
    so specialist knows what to do.If, you just crossed the threshold of the office, you upset the couch and immediately begin to cosmetic procedures, you can look for a new specialist.Remember - the first diagnosis, and then treatment.All information entered in a special card, along with recommendations and information about the procedure.
  • Trust - one of the key selection criteria.
    If the expert makes you at least some doubt, feel free to look for another.Beautician must inspire confidence, as you have with him feel secure.
  • Qualifications.
    Before deciding on the procedure Polyubopytstvuyte of the qualifications of the doctor and his education.Of course, the usual cucumber mask can make the low-skilled and master, but for procedures such as laser requires mandatory medical degree and the corresponding qualification.It is also worth remembering that continuous training for a good beautician - binding process.But he acknowledged it could diplomas and certificates.
  • experience.
    sure to clarify this point.On how often the master, the procedure depends your health.It may be that you - subject "hamster" in the session deep peeling, the doctor who carries out the first time.
  • fee.
    good professionals different is that they will never impose on you expensive, completely unnecessary services.If the amount of the recommended course of treatments was too high, the master will always offer you an alternative version of (cheaper drugs or shorter treatment course).
  • knowledge, awareness of all the updates.
    good expert should not only have the experience and high qualifications, but also to be aware of all the beauty news, new products and procedures, and their actions and side effects.Throw the bait for his awareness can be directly during the procedure or prior consultation.
  • cosmetics.
    good specialist always demonstrate drugs before the procedure and explain - some of them the result of what a side effect, some possible complications, how to avoid them.Means without etiquette in such a master can not be.Preparations without any identification tags - this non-certified cosmetics.
  • Workplace wizard.
    specialist Cabinet - it's always clean and orderly, the magazine for customer records in which virtually no free lines, comfort and convenience, the tools are sterilized, sheets and spatulas - disposable and pleasant atmosphere in which you feel notthe table from the surgeon and in this fairy tale, after which you will become at least a princess.
  • Advertising.
    good beautician will never advertise any brand and you impose certain cosmetics.Professional always offers a reasoned choice, and inexperienced and "unscrupulous" Master often simply distributes products for promotional purposes.
  • indifference, insecurity, lack of responsibility.
    good beautician will not disregard your skin if it requires the intervention of other specialists (endocrinologist, a dermatologist, etc.).Movement specialist always confident, and the consequences of following the procedure in the form of irritation and allergies do not exist.
  • analyzes and detailed examination.
    Without them, appoint a good specialist treatments are not allowed.Moreover, to insist on tests "on the spot" expert also did not have to.
  • intimidation.
    good specialist never gasp at the sight of your facial wrinkles and pimples.He will not, and rolled his eyes in horror, scare you future universe problems, which allegedly turned these your shortcomings.Specialists are always mindful of professional ethics.His task - to delicately convey to the client list of problems to be solved, and treatment options.
  • defects on the skin.
    If beautician drew your attention to the rash or mole, resize, and sent to the doctor, then you get off to a good specialist.

And remember that once you make a decision.There are doubts about the professionalism of the master?I do not like his style of communication? Look for another health - more !