Change yourself, or how not to lose mate

By Admin | Relations
27 March 2016

None of us is immune from such a phrase like - «I'm leaving you» Told loved one.

And if behind besides many happy years spent together.As a rule, very few people will be able to adequately react to this news.It is worth noting that the departure of a loved one significantly undermines self-esteem and, of course, great piercings pride.

It is worth noting that in the case of women, in this case offends them is not as physical betrayal second half, as the loss of communication and mutual trust and as a result of loss of control and an explosion of emotions.

Before you get used to the idea that next to you is no longer your loved one and start soberly and coolly assess the situation, it may take several months.Try to think about what had happened between you, your partner and why decided to choose another companion.

What is the cause of destruction of your relationship?Remember, as a rule, love and feelings do not fade bright - they simply piling family life.

Think - and worse than you her riv

al?Try to change yourself and make educated plan of action that can help you return to your beloved.

Change radically its image completely everything - from clothes and ending haircut - do not save the situation for yourself, if you, of course, want to get a positive result.

Start attending a fitness club, or if you do not have the experience now is a good time to enroll in courses on driving and a driver's license.You should use every opportunity to constantly be in sight but still in good spirits.And rest assured that your efforts will not go unnoticed by your second half.

Well, in order to understand your partner that he loses - change your habitual way of life.Instead of the evening sitting in front of a TV, go to the movies with friends, go to the theater and all sorts of parties.

is worth noting that in the case if you live with her under the same roof, and your relationship is starting to get upset very effective way to attract the attention of would be if you simply will not bother beloved inquiries about where he was going, constant phone calls and so on.d.

sometimes try to overdo or pereperchit cooked meals, make dreamy, pouring coffee by the cup in the presence of a loved one.You'll see - it works.