The house, cottage or townhouse.

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24 March 2016

The house, cottage or townhouse. Choice Housing traditionally dependent on the desires, preferences and financial resources.All who have the ability to change the stuffy apartment in the city for a quiet cozy life in a quiet suburb, leaving close to nature.Modern real estate market is more than diverse.The most popular are private houses, villas and townhouses.What's better?

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  • features of life in the townhouse.Pros and cons of
  • features of the holiday home.Pros and cons
  • Features of life in a private home.Pros and cons

features of life in the townhouse.Pros and cons of townhouses

The house, townhouse or cottage - what to choose? Townhouse - the most economical option financially housing for young families.It is a complex of comfortable houses, each of which has its own small garden, garage and entrance.
townhouse Benefits:

  • cost .Price townhouse substantially lower prices for the apartment.
  • environmental factors. Although townhouse - it's almost flat, but it is outside the city limits.Accordingly, the air will not gassy, ​​birds wi
    ll sing, and probably will close and the river and the forest.
  • cost of maintenance townhouse lower maintenance costs of the cottage.
  • Location townhouse closer to the city than the location of the cottage village.
  • European Plan.
  • The house, townhouse or cottage - what to choose? transportation. Typically, towns townhouses are located in a convenient location from which to reach the city quickly and in different ways.As for the car, and the bus or train.

Disadvantages townhouse

  • small living area.
  • tiny adjoining land (from one to five acres).
  • neighbors. lack of privacy.Townhouse, in essence, is the same apartment, but outside the city and, as a rule, two-story.That is, behind a wall you will still live neighbors.
  • higher than in the city, the cost of maintenance and service of the house (security, utilities, waste disposal and so forth.).
  • lack of isolation .Deaf to put a fence around the town house is impossible, it simply does not provide the concept.Lots of decorative ornamental fence.And, given that in two acres of you will be in a deckchair neighbor, hardly a cup of coffee in his own "yard" is drunk with pleasure.

residence features cottage-PLUS and cons

The house, townhouse or cottage - what to choose? Compared to townhouses, more expensive and respectable type of real estate.Normally cottage is located on its own plot, it has a fenced area, and the area it is from one hundred and fifty to five hundred meters.Today, this kind of property can be purchased in many of cottage settlements.
Benefits cottage:

  • Privacy , comfort and individuality.
  • Unusual architecture .
  • presence of all necessary communications .
  • modern own infrastructure , offered a cottage settlement.
  • Ecology.
  • costs for connection to utilities less high (water, gas, electricity).
  • protected area of ​​the village.
  • more sophisticated facade design , compared to the private home.
  • Landscaped area , landscaping.
  • The house, townhouse or cottage - what to choose? Investments. Sell house is much easier than a townhouse or a private house.The cost of land is constantly growing, and if you choose the right village itself, then after a while the house can be profitable to implement.

disadvantages of living in a cottage

  • high cost. According to the practical experience of many owners of such real estate, buying the finished cottage less favorable than its construction.
  • Monthly payment protection , care for the village and so forth.
  • distance to the town, as a rule, very serious. Which, of course, it is inconvenient for those who have a need to travel to the city to work.

Features living in a private house-PLUS and cons

The house, townhouse or cottage - what to choose? advantages of a private home :

  • Own land .Not three or four hundred, like a townhouse, and from six to infinity, according to the financial possibilities.
  • independence from public utilities. only gas, electricity and land tax.Plus the cost of their own home.
  • Lack neighbors behind the wall, in contrast to the version with townhouses.
  • environmental factors.

Disadvantages private house:

  • absence of the protected area.
  • Lack of infrastructure (if the house is located in a remote location).
  • Smaller than cottage size. On average, no more than one hundred square meters.
  • Difficulties with painted communications .
  • Distance from the city.
  • unpredictable neighbor.
  • vulnerability to hackers.

The house, cottage or townhouse. Many are beginning to think about moving into your own home from the city after the baby is born.But before you decide to take this step, you should weigh the pluses and minuses .On the one hand your house - it is prestigious and comfortable, on the other hand - the problem to cope with which not everyone can afford.Are you willing to sacrifice comfort for the sake of health and the metropolis of silence?Not afraid of difficulties?Then move - this is your option.