The effective removal of hair from the body of folk remedies - reviews, recipes

By Admin | Beauty
27 March 2016

For every woman hair removal - is the main part of the mandatory program of beauty and health.Considering that finance and time to beauty salons, many are simply not enough, the only option left home hair removal.What folk ways you can remove hair from the body?See also: How to remove a mustache woman at home?
Removal of hair folk remedies

  • Permanganic . procedure recommended spending the night.Potassium permanganate dissolved in hot water - to slight pink color.Moisten skin with unwanted hair.
  • iodine solution. Mix castor oil (5 g), pharmacy iodine (1.5 g), ammonia (a few drops) and medical alcohol (35 g), wait for complete bleaching.Apply to the desired areas twice a day.The course - 3-4 weeks.
  • Pine nuts. burn the shell of ash, hot water and knead the mass strike at the desired location.Suffice it to 4-5 procedures.
  • ammonia with flour. Mix flour with hydrogen peroxide (5-6%, 50 ml) and sal ammoniac (10 drops).Apply to the desired areas on 10 minutes.For the bikini zone, taking into account the sensitivity of the
    skin, this recipe is not appropriate.Read: What kinds of hair removal is best suited for a bikini?
  • sugar with lemon. Stir in 3 tablespoons / liter of water or lemon juice acid on the tip of a knife and refined (10 pieces).Keep the fire until the moment when the color is golden, and consistency - plasticine.The weight applied to the skin and removed quickly.Read: Shugaring at home.
  • Soda. permission or excuse in the cup of boiling water hr / l soda.After cooling the solution soak them a cotton swab (gauze), applied to the desired site and fixing, leave overnight.Hair weaken and disappear after 3 procedures.
  • Lime. Mix calcium sulfite with lime (10 g) to "sour cream" consistency, put on your skin and wash off after 20-30 minutes.
  • Tar nuts. Mix in the bank early walnuts with tar (1 tbsp / l), to insist 3 weeks, rub the skin on the night before the cessation of growth of hair.
  • One of the auxiliary methods - Wash problem areas decoction husks of pine nuts .After that, it is recommended to wait for the complete drying (not wipe!).
  • nettle. Rub nettle seeds (40 g), pour sunflower oil (glass), to insist 8 weeks in a dark place.Strain, regularly lubricate the desired areas.
  • Euphorbia. stems and leaves of milkweed overcome.The resulting juice (0.1 kg) was mixed with aloe gel (50 g) and lime (50 g).Rub in the right areas, wash off after 15 minutes, brush with fat cream.
  • cornrose. burn the plant, lubricate the problem areas of the resulting ash.
  • young wild grapes. wrung juice plant to grease the necessary sites, gently rubbing it into the skin.

Do not forget consultation with a physician before using any folk remedy!Considering that every body is different, the consequences can be the most unexpected. Make sure that your chosen tool will not harm !