Social phobia - symptoms and causes: how to get rid of this scourge?

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24 March 2016

Fear of society prevents normal development, make money, after all, to live a modern man.This fear of public relations, public appearances, contacts with strangers got its name - social phobia.

Getting rid sotsifobii and live life to the fullest? The material

Social phobia - Symptoms and Treatment

content of the article:

  • symptoms of social phobia
  • main causes of social phobia
  • false and the correct way to treat social phobia

symptoms of social phobia - whethersocial phobia you or your loved ones?

For reference:
Social phobia gets its name from combining the two words "socio", which refers to society and "phobia" - fear.In other words - the fear of society.

  • Communication with strangers
    First of all, the face begins to redden, then it may be the head and limb tremors, tachycardia.Breathe heavily.You ponder experiencing this situation in my head - the internal dialogue.
  • talking on the phone
    Convulsively pick up the phone when you call your friends, even people.It's hard to talk to strang
    ers on the phone.More often than not you do not know how to respond or what to say.Thoughts are confused, worried, worried.
  • Public Speaking
    Any performance before an audience - a real test for the patient's social phobia.The voice begins to change dramatically, often to a lower, quiet.It becomes disconnected, hands sweat, and in the legs if flooded lead.Neck burning, and pulse rolls.Familiar?
  • Fear of criticism, condemnation
    anxiety, irritability and nervousness when dealing with the authorities, parents or others who supervise or you try to do it.For example: the fear of going to the exam when all learned, or fear of job interviews for a job.
  • public places banned
    in theaters, nightclubs, movie theaters, parks and bars overwhelm you thought that everything around you appreciate, and not your favor.As a result, the reluctance to fall into place with lots of people, limiting their freedom of choice.Denial of opportunities to have fun.

Social phobia - Symptoms and Treatment

main causes of social phobia - the age at which social phobia may be, and why?

  • Genetics
    Scientists suggest that social phobia, as well as a range of other diseases transmitted from parents.Currently, however, not identified a specific gene responsible for a mental illness.
  • The lack of chemicals in the body
    imbalance of a substance such as seratonin, may affect the development sotsifobii.The fact that seratonin regulates the level of emotions and as a consequence - the mood.
  • Children trauma
    Perhaps a child's parents or friends mock you when you tell a poem or tell a story that has delayed a significant imprint in the memory.
  • Parents
    Often a child who grew up in a family where he was not allowed to set foot step and without parental consent, to become closed to the public.A major role in the development of social phobia in a child playing constant persuasion from his parents in the form of direct suggestions that roam the streets of bad people that there is always in danger, and that you can not talk to strangers.
  • Sexual violence
    psychological injuries related to violence of any kind, as a result, become a cause of social private person.
  • Single stressful
    terrorist act, the death of a loved one, a car accident.
  • prolonged emotional stress
    may be associated with the work, as well as the loss of a loved one or friend.
  • dependent people
    Alcohol, drugs, overeating, not only lead to serious relationships, but are also "magic pill" for a man to hide his shyness, which has long turned into a social phobia.

Social phobia - Symptoms and Treatment

These different ways to overcome social phobia - the false and the correct way to treat social phobia

  • wrong way
    most wrong way to treat social phobia people find their own - it is alcohol.Often, normal people become hermits first, and then - alcoholics.We can not all the troubles and fears to suppress ethanol is - no way!
  • method of pronunciation of what afraid
    at the training on public speaking skills are taught to speak to an audience, and the right to build a dialogue with the audience, to present information and adjust the voice.If you are afraid, do something!Pronunciation of limiting beliefs allows to recognize a phobia, correct their behavior, and as a result - to get rid of the fear of communicating with strangers.
  • Therapist
    Doctors can always come to you for help, and not one dozen psycho.It may be just talk, perhaps - hypnosis that is used successfully in the treatment of psychological problems.
  • Visualization
    imagine a situation in which you are experiencing symptoms of social phobia: anxiety, fear, anxiety, sweating hands, etc.Surviving the state with a positive attitude.It is recommended to carry out under the supervision of a therapist.
  • Preparations
    used to treat antideprisanty, seratoninosoderzhaschie agents, beta-blockers.Before use, consult your doctor!
  • Confidence
    You must do what you are afraid of the most.The only way to regain the self-confidence, their actions, and have freedom of choice and the opportunity to do what you want.To do this you need to go to public places: bars, cafes, stadiums, make new acquaintances, to argue (to defend his point of view), and communicate, communicate and communicate again.

And what are the ways to overcome social phobia, you know?It is very important to know your opinion!